MCP demands stop on Sona debate, albino killing brought to Malawi parliament

Opposition legislators on Wednesday afternoon demanded a curtail on the debate of the President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address in order to discuss an emergency, the killing of yet another person with albinism that morning in Ntcheu.

Lunguzi: Albino crisis

Lunguzi: Albino crisis

Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi (MCP) was supported by all the opposition legislators to curtail the debate on the state of the nation address to slot in the ‘breaking news’ of the killing of 38 year-old Fletcher Masina who was brutally killed in his crop field at Zintambira Village in Chief Chakhumbira’s area in Ntcheu.

After a lengthy debate on the matter, however second deputy speaker Clement Chiwaya refused to grant permission for the debate, a move that has angered many people with albinism.

As Masina was being butchered, several civil society groups were at the same time presenting their petition to the Office of the President and Cabinet to stop the abductions and killings of people with albinism.

Masina was discovered in a pool of blood, his private parts, arms and legs had already been removed.

The killing of the 18th person with albinism comes during a week civil society groups are intensifying their calls to government to take the situation under control.

Hetherwick Ntaba, the chairman of National Technical Committee on Abuses of People with Albinism, the government committee mandated to look into the matter described the killing as a crisis.

“The country is in a crisis but it is not late to reverse the situation,” he said at a news conference on Wednesday, the first time the Peter Mutharika appointed committed has faced the media.

He said the blame should not only go to the government, saying the government is just one of the stakeholders in the matter, others, he said, included non government organizations and the church among other key stake holders.

“There is no way we can fail. We cannot go back, we will deal with this issue once and for all,” he said.

He said the committee is advocating for the speedy investigations of the killings, the speedy prosecutions of such cases and the regulation of witch doctors.

The committee involves officials from the ministry of Home Affairs, Justice, Health, Education and civil society groups.

However, Boniface Massa, President of the Association of People with Albinism said the government is not doing enough to stop the abductions ad killings as evidenced by Wednesday’s killing of Masina in Ntcheu.

This statement left Ntaba scratching his  head with no answer.

Government is expected to make a statement in parliament on abductions and killings of people with albinism

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There is nothing like development if our own people are being butchered mercilessly. We need to act and the time is now. Government has not spoken touch on this issue. The president has not been angered enough against the bandits in this matter. The only moment I have seen our president angry is when he is shouting at Chakwera. A 38 old man dying like that – so sad. He was a father, husband and many other responsibilities….he was a citizen of this country. He was a human being and deserved to live as long as God allowed, but we… Read more »

Sangapange chilichonse chifukwa amkhuzidwa ndi akuluakulu omwewo, akudziwapo kanthu.


This is the killing govt so far. We have spoken about this several times but of this country just don’t listen. No any single Albino was abducted or killed just two years ago when JB was on the seat. This tells me this govt is not proper has got full of blood in this good country of ours which was warm heart of Africa during our Ngwazi Dr Banda. Very pathetic Ntaba can’t do anything believe me and he is there just lie and get allowance.

Petre Mathanyula

Where’s Dausi the chief NIB investigating Officer??? Is he just swindling our tax payer’s money? If Dausi is indeed the chief NIB officer let him come out investigate and apprehend those who are responsible for shedding the innocent blood of albinos. This guy is very good at implicating opposition members in trivia matters. Come on Dausi work up and protect these innocent people

The Analyst
O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………O The causal attitude with which the authorities are handling this albino-killings issue; is quite irritating! Of course the govt cant do everything . . . . . . but why is it also not doing anything? Perhaps it is doing something . . . . . . but why is it not doing something right?; despite all voice of reason on what else it can do? Arguably, the govt is trying its best . . . . . . but is their best; good enough? What good does it do anybody to do their best; preparing for an exam… Read more »

Lakanika boma kuteteza anthu vomerani makape a DPP


An 18th person is just killed but Ntaba says “it is not late to reverse the situation” – are you sure you Ntaba? Do you fathom the meaning of what you just said?? Will you be able to “reverse” the lives of these 18 people who have already been killed? Or how will you reverse the situation??? Malawi in the hands of dogs – AND BIG DOGS FOR THAT MATTER!

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