MCP ‘dissident’ Jumbe says can’t join DPP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker Felix Jumbe has said he is being deemed as party “dissident”, saying despite rank and file plot to to frustrate him, he will not quit for ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Jumbe: ts

Jumbe: Sad that all of a sudden I have become a dissident

Jumbe who was campaign director of MCP has been demoted in recent executive committee shake up by party president Lazarous Chakwera, giving him new role as second deputy director for strategic planning.

“This is a demotion and I will now be reporting to people who even failed to get a constituency,” said Jumbe in an interview published in the Weekend Nation on Saturday.

He also gave an interview to Times Television, saying there is a deliberate move to frustrate him in the MCP.

Jumbe said fellow members from MCP unsuccessfully championed his removal from the chairmanship of the parliamentary committee on agriculture.

“ It’s sad that all of a sudden I have become a dissident and my colleagues have completely forgotten all my contributions and sacrifices to the party. For your own information, I was the only one who was not being financed with fuel during the campaign period,” said Jumbe.

Jumbe described his relationship with the MCP president as “quite normal; that of a junior and his senior.”

He nonetheless said he is not a type of a person who would want to praise somebody.

Jumbe also dismissed speculation that he has joined DPP and described his political flirting with governing party leaders as relationship above petty politics.

“I haven’t joined DPP and I will never be DPP. All my parents were MCP and my father was a senior member of the party and he attended the first MCP convention,” said Jumbe.

“ When you see me with DPP ministers, it’s because I want the government to fix problems in my constituency like roads and hospitals. Most DPP ministers like Goodall Gondwe, Francis Kasaila and Patricia Kaliati speak highly of me because I am beyond party politics and when I am talking to them we discuss issues and policies that can develop this country.

“The problem is that the country is operating on an old operating system like a computer using Windows 95 in 2015. Party issues should not define us.”

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Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi
Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi

FISP ivuta kwambiri. Jumbe has been promised to be a supplier of seed maize under FISP programme on condition that he disstabilizes


Kindergatten politics by Jumbe


Jumbe has no wisdom. No Party can accept you unless that party wants to lose number. Politics is a game of numbers. You made MCP lose in 2014 coz you could not take advice from the wise

Jumbe should not have gone to the media for internal issues. He needs to grow and get matured. Political issues are blown out of proportion because of the media. His links to the DPP are not health either and he better stop keeping grudges against his own party. His future is in MCP and not DPP any longer. DPP is sinking Titanic ship loaded with cashgate and financial problems and hunger lingering around the next of the DPP president. Wait for January and February, then you will agree with me that Peter inherited huge and unfathomable problems beyond his reproach… Read more »
food for thought

Before anyone was a party member or supporter, we were all Malawians with common interests concerning our nation… politics should not dwarf the interests of Malawi collectively.

Fatsani Boyilo

Felix Jumbe, this is not Farmers Union, this is politics, and know you that you are playing on a slippery surface. You are an MP in an alien land, you don’t belong to Salima Central, you won the seat because of MCP. Let me remind you of the results.

Felix Jumbe (MCP) – 12,526
Samuel Tembenu (DPP) – 12,322
John Chitimbe (UDF) – 11,527

Be careful Felix with Salima Central, you nearly lost to a DPP candidate, and yet you are making friends with the same DPP, you will be surprised.


This is the boy Lutepo was talking about. He got blood money to confuse MCP convention. He lost. Now he is busy pleasing his nocturnal masters all over the place. They will be please but you will be a goner sooner than you expected. Play politics in MCP not radios and newspapers. first time MP yet too talkative. Loser zip your mouth shut and eat the DPP blood money and lets see for how long you will chew.

Che Ngana

Heheeeeeee Windows 95 Kkkkkkkkkkkk Sukunama Jumba Dont Praise Anyone.

Bollingers Mowa

#11, Commentator, you are good. I hope this chicken called Jumbe has read and understood you. Jumbe listen, otherwise you are finished pa ndale. DPP uses fools like you till you realise you are nothing but a condom filled with dog semen.


Congrats Hon Jumbe that’s sober decision!

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