MCP MPs accept SG Kaliwo’s constructive resignation: Denounce ‘nkholokolo convention’

Members of parliament for opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have said party secretary General Gustav Kaliwo has constructively resigned from the position he was appointed by MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, saying he should voluntarily withdraw his membership, accusing him of insubordination.

MCP lawmakers at a news conference .-Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Addressing a news conference at the party’s headquarters in Lilongwe, 40 members of parliament out of 48 described Kaliwo an agent of political competitors to destroy the party.

Dedza North parliamentarian, Patrick Chilondola who is also regional chairman for the Centre, described the action of Kaliwo to go against the party’s constitution by calling for what he calls emergency convention as “insubordination.”

Chilondola said as a regional chair for the party in the centre there’s no single day he was asked by Kaliwo or any district chairman about the convention and as a region they are all against SG’s actions.

Lilongwe Msozi south Member of Parliament, Vitus Dzoole Mwale had some slurs on Kaliwo, saying he has “virus infected brain” that is affecting his thinking hence the call for a convention of frustrated individuals.

Dzoole Mwale called for voluntary withdraw of party membership from Kaliwo who he says already resigned as he left performing party task way back.

He said Chakwera appointed Kaliwo and should decide his fate.

Kasungu South East MP, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda wondered if Kaliwo is well conversant with the party’s developments and constitution.

She argued why Kaliwo can produce the list of members of delegates to attend the convention with some of the members appearing on the list passed away long time ago and some lost internal elections he himself sanctioned when he released a letter calling for district and regional elections.

Chiponda wondered if Kaliwo as a lawyer understand the party’s constitution by including even Chris Daza who is now with another party as one of the delegates and Secretary General of the party which means if the convention is to happen he himself cannot attend.

But Kaliwo, a lawyer by profession, insists the party constitutionally is supposed to hold conventions every year and he will hold it either in Zomba or Mangochi on July 7 to 9.

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Mopiya Mulupare
After all these comments what next? Kaliwo isn’t a complete fool. His convention may not be successful but he will manage distract MCP until May 2019. Politically that will have effects on Party performance some big way. A strategic decision must be made now to minimize his impact on the mcp. Keeping quite wont help the party. Kaliwo will not walk away without a political fight because his survival relies fulfilling specific targets that we were set by DPP. “Usokoneze Congress until may 2019 and we will pay you. This is an attractive I am also nervous with allegations that… Read more »

Being a lawyre does not mean to say that whatever he or she the lawyer says is right. Kaliwo is now tarnishing the image of this noble career of law.This is the right time for the MLS to evoke his lisence. Shame on you Kaliwo.


Some stupid comments from stupid people are saying that MCP is fearing kicking him out of the party just because him is smart and has not violated any mcp constitution by calling for a convention, guys know this that when you arguing with a mad person, you are also taken as a mad one, so kaliwo is mad why should we kip on wasting our time challenging him in court yet we know he is not going to succeed?

Malawian Citizen
Being a lawyer Mr Kaliwo was supposed to be the first person in MCP to Simplify MCP Constitution DPP second regime has ruled for almost three years. My question is when is last convention for DPP. When is the last convention for PP, UDF etc. Mr Kaliwo needs medical attention abroad, his mind is boiling every second. How could some one invite dead people to a convention. A living person can not talk to a dead one unless they are all dead people. Think of a mathematics teacher who is failing to solve mathematical problems on question paper. Mr Kaliwo… Read more »
Munthu wa Mulungu

If Cris Daza is one of the invited guests to the convention as a secretary general, then who will kaliwo be? The old man is really infected in his brain. How can he go so low? Mwatchera kumwezi, madala. Anzanu anaziyesapo zimenezi, koma sanaphulepo kanthu. Tayambitsani chanu chipani, tione ngati mungakhale ndi anthu. MCP ndi compact wawa!


Kungomva kuti MCP imagwiritsa ntchito Slogan ya Black Cock ndiye Black wake timanena wa a Gustave Kaliwo Ngati? Munthu kuda nkhope ndi mtima omwe….. Paliponse kwake nkusokoneza uyu. Anakanika u Captain wa Golf ku Zomba, Unawakanika u Director of Public Prosecutions, U lawyer umene anawinapo milandu ingati? This bloody Womaniser from Zomba Thondwe is a bunch of failures in everything including running just an ordinary drinking joint……….. Pa Bakery!! Awa kwawo nkusokoneza mabanja aweni nkugawa kachirombo kwa Azimayi otengeka ndi chuma. Chakwera is an Elected Leader for Five Years!!! How can you hold conventions every year?? Chimenecho ndiye chambacho!!

Looking at these Kaliwo issues,it seems Kaliwo is confused. One indication is his statement in which he accused MCP MPs coming to the media yet he was the first to address their issue thr the same media. Munthu wamkulu wasonekeratu apa.The second indication is that he included people who either passed away or joined other political parties.Apa ndiye za Kaliwozi zilibe tsongolo.May be he is in control LC hiz tactics in fooling other people. Another indication of how confused is the inclusion of Belekanyama who distanced himself from convention organising secreteriate.On this issue,its about who is fooling who but from… Read more »
Rift Valley

Take it from me this guy is sick and you can tell from the way he looks. This is affecting his thinking capacity.

I bet the so called delegates to the rebel convention are now deserting him one by one. Poor failed former ACB Director!!

Moya Mutharika

I have said it already that this Kaliwo thing is confused . Free advise to this old man is that let him enjoy the money he has been given by the DPP. He can NOT win any election anywhere.


go to hell kaliwo with your confusion

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