MCP MPs plot Kabwila ouster

Some members of parliament in the main opposiiton Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as some are plotting for the removal of their party’s spokesperson Jessie Kabwila from the position, arguing she is causing confusion within.

Kabwila:  Inssists party District Chairmen should have gone through a normal disciplinary process as rules of natural justice state

Kabwila: Inssists party District Chairmen should have gone through a normal disciplinary process as rules of natural justice state

The  MPs behind the move who have started  a Whatsapp group discussion are  Richard Chimwendo Banda, Amon Nkhata and Peter Dimba.

They were irked by Kabwila’s stand to defend the suspended central region districts chairpersons.

The suspended District chairmen d include veteran politician Foloma Mwale from Mchinji North, a Mr Chisenga from Kasungu West, a Mr Sekani from Dowa West, Tengeletu from Dowa East, Chichitike from Ntchisi, a Mr Kachule from Lilongwe West and C.K Banda from Mchinji South..

They were being suspected to be the ones behind confusion locking the party with growing calls to call for early convention citing nepotism and maladministration as some of the key reasons.

The chairpersons were suspsended after they were allegedly been holding secret meeting  in Lilongwe.

“All along, some sections in the party have been saying some disgruntled party officials supposedly being sponsored by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are responsible for the confusion within the party and when Kabwila stood behind the DCs that’s when they felt vindicated and the plan is to fire her during the next meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC),” said the source.

The NEC meeting is expected to be held as soon as the party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera returns from United States where he is on a political tour.

In an interview, Chimwendo Banda denied that the three are plotting for a move to have Kabwila removed as the party spokesperson.

“Thats a total lie that we are doing that, all we are saying is that the regional committee which comprises of 90 people made its decision and we are now waiting for NEC to make a final solution.

“What I can tell you is that the confusion within the party is happening because of a few individuals who are trying hard to be in the party leadership. Some of them failed at the convention while others failed during the regional elections, they are failures and unknown by the party supporters. They are just using the DCs

“What I can tell you is that the party is very good and strong with the leadership of Dr Chakwera, we know that these people will not stop causing confusions until the next convention but they will achieve nothing,” he said without mentioning their names.

In an interview with Nyasa Times,  Kabwila said she has not yet received official communication for the plot but acknowledged that she has heard of the development.

“I have even been approached by some party officials informing me that they are planning to obtain an injunction against my planed removal as a spokesperson for the party. I also have information that some MPs through our Whatsapp group are claiming that I have received money from DPP to destabilize the party which is a blue lie.

“If they are disagreeing with my stand on the suspension of the DCs then its okay but I still stand by what I said. The regional committee has got no powers to suspend any DC, I was copied the letter they wrote and all I said was that fine, let’s wait for the NEC to meet, discuss and pass its judgement. I didn’t say that the committee or the DC were right or wrong but the party constitution be followed,” she said.

Kabwila said her stand does not mean she is fighting Chakwera  as the MPs are claiming, but she is standing on a point of principal.

“I am against the way we are treating the so called old people within the party leadership because they are the party and we are here because of them If they should go then let the constitution be followed and nothing else.

“I speak for the president, NEC, the youth, women and every party member and its not the duty of the party Public Relations Officer so off they want someone to be speaking for the party then they have to tell me,” said Kabwila.

She added that since the president is away, “let’s give him a chance, he will be back, will look into this issue and will advice on what should be done.”

Kabwila said what the some of the MPs are insinuating that she has received money from DPP to destabilize the party is messing with her political capital.

“This is not fair because the only political capital I have is my name and if someone is trying to mess up with my name then that’s wrong,” she said.

Efforts to talk to Nkhata and Dimba proved futile.

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not surprising at all…..Winayo Heallth Surveillance Assistant, winayo mere clinical officer and you know what papers they have . the only way they can do is to make a lot of noise so that they can be seen to be helpful members of the party without knowing they are destroying it. Kabwila fight on and save the voiceless.


MCP Please try to settle your differences quickly b4 the situation reach worsing point. I am not pleased with such conflicts within the party .


its very unfortunate that some people are still practising politics of single party regime when we are in multiparty era. if you dont understand the importance of principles of natural justice where one accused of any offence or misconduct has to be heard for him/her to defend oneself. Failure to adhere to this principle gives room for abuse of power and wrong judgments see

mphwache wa bingu

Jessie Kabwila will be president of MCP soon.


What is happening in the opoposition, MCP and PP, if it were a song, I could be dancing while laughing. Cursed opposition indeed. Mukukangana nokhanokha nanga DPP zikuwakhudza bwanji? Too much noise like Arsenal supporters basi. KKKKKKKKKKKKKk


MCP MCP MCP, I thought you said you are a force to reckon with? Why fighting Jessie? No wonder you don’t even know how to mount a formidable campaign, waiting for the Manondos to do it for you?

nyapapi mwapiya

Amoni Nkhata u r making noise today to distabalise MCP today .Do u know that your behavior may haunt u soon? I doubt if your hands are clean remember CDC is following u and will get hold of u very soon then u will feel the pitch of both MCP and ACB kkkkk.Concentrate on rebuilding the party not that nausty move .I wish u nice thinking over your role on this issue .


Opposition Parties in Malawi have to be careful and alert after being revealed in the court that ruling parties destabilizing the opposition parties using public money.In this case,MCP, PP, UDF and AFORD can be the victims of this dirt game by DPP. I think MCP is sensing something about sinister games.It a surprise to hear Kabwira accusing his fellow members in the media rather than in the house.Something to bear in mind is that money a weapon that can destroy dignity,loyalty, honesty and it has the power to create confusion and conflicts.

Ms Kanthiti

This is a world. Is this issue corcern Jersey Kabwila? Is this issue corncerning MCP? Is this issue corcerning Larus Chakwera? Goshiiiiiiii.
Please MCP finish this dunde, then finish Juliana Lunguzi.


Dont despise the elders in MCP. Remember the four cornerstones; Unity, Royalty, Obedient and….UMODZI, KUMVERA, KUKHULUPIRIKA NDI KUSUNGA MWAMBO. May these stones build our party until 2019 where we shall win and bring the lost glory of Malawi Nation. God bless MCP.

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