MCP, PP dismiss forecast backing Mutharika to win 2019: ‘It will be miracle victory’

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) have dismissed a forecast by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of The Economist magazine which says President Peter Mutharika is likely going to have an edge over the opposition in 2019 elections.

Mkaka and MCP gurus: Dismiss forect

The EIU—in its 2016 first quarter forecast report for Malawi generated on May 30 2017—sees MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera as Mutharika’s biggest threat with his anti-corruption platform but expect Mutharika to win.

Chakwera came a close second to Mutharika in the 2014 presidential race in which he swept the Central Region vote while it was the populous Southern Region vote that propelled the incumbent President to victory.

Reacting to the forecast by EIU, an internationally acclaimed risk and forecast think-tank, MCP deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka in an interview on Wednesday said with the performance of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in service delivery and worsening corruption, it will be “a miracle” to win hearts of Malawians to vote them back in power.

“But in the state the country is in, I doubt even God would be willing to perform a miracle for DPP,” Mkaka told Nyasa Times.

Mkaka said: “MCP will not be moved by this forecast. It’s unfounded.”

He also dismissed that MCP is fragmented, saying they will go to 2019 elections a strong force.

PP acting president Uladi Mussa said it is laughable for DPP to bank on the forecast.

“DPP should not take Malawians for granted. This forecast is non issue, the Malawian voter will speak through the ballot and you will hear them in 2019,” Mussa said.

Mussa said the findings were “deliberately cooked” to blackmail Malawians because it doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground.

He said that ‘statistically speaking’ the findings were not credible and the methodology used is questionable.


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Most of us who comment here we are not even a quarter of the majority of voters. The voters who messed everything on our watch are the villagers, and if you ask me i will just say let us wait and see, because you and me do not dream to voter for Peter but my question is, “what do the people in the villages say in their hearts not what they are speaking?”, People speak alot and do the opposite, they can say i will not vote for so so so based on these reasons. But soon after entering into… Read more »

Unless God will this time turned into JAMES then Mutharika will win and otherwise he will NOT.
Those people who are speculating the same ONLY wrote the article for personal gains over the Malawi soil.

Graciano major

It’s still night for opposition to win in malawi,and will never and ever bring new for malawi.That u should know,if such would be the case.Lets go forward backwards never.Yahhhh!!!!!!

Graciano major

you opposition do not wast time publicising that jelacy spirit,mcp ure good at killing physical and killing human right,the pp ure also good and common at using human parts since u failed to secure poor malawians,now malawi is quite secured,ibelieve malawians are aware of these.Why do u think of changing the ruling parties while only in few years?But our secriteriate is there for long time.It doesn’t make any sance,think twice,let dpp to procide ruling malawi don’t shake them,ure the same guies who regrate,knote this,mwala ogubuduka gubuduka suyanga ndele,obligado,thank u,zikomo,banja lokangana kangana silituka,sililemela,it don’t prosiper.


who can manage to be afool go & vote DPP with all these excuse,corruption cost of living


MCP and PP, it may be wise to take the counsel of the report. Opposition in Malawi is weak and focused on the wrongs of the current administration, instead of sharing what it is capable of doing to get Malawians out of poverty towards development.

Apao Kugola
UNITY, UNITY and UNITY should be the talk among the opposition front to bail out the suffering Malawians. I like that. Forget about these predictions which are based on insignificant samples. There is need for Unity of purpose in the opposition camp. In fact all basket parties must be dissolved if their leaders love the country and are true patriots. It doesn’t make sense for one to be a president of a political party that gets only votes from family members. I don’t think leaders of these basket parties can put such accolades of leadership on their accolades on CVs.… Read more »

Sorry Zipani Zonse,2019 palibe chanu.kukubwera pipipipipi odi Amai adutseko ndi Major 1


dpp kuwinaso 2019????? mtokaika mwee

Wilson Square

A chenji golo, ndiye mukuona kuti atadzawine ndi a PP?

Rift Valley

The ruling party is trying every thing to demonize MCP by parading all an sundry ( Chiefs, paid up mercenaries, phoney women’s league members, phoney MCP die hards, etc) on MBC to castigate Chakwera and preaching disunity in the party. I tell you there is more disunity in DPP. We don’t hear about it simply because there is no means the public can know about. The minute the private media houses attempt to comment on ills by DPP, MACR cries foul and MRA appears from nowhere

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