Malawi President fires Civic Education Minister Kaliati

President Peter Mutharika has fired Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Patricia Kaliati.

The President has since replaced the out spoken Kaliati with  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) deputy secretary general Cecilia Chazama

Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson for  Kamuzu Palace, Mgeme Kalilani does not give details as regarding the firing apart from announcing “appointments.”

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45 thoughts on “Malawi President fires Civic Education Minister Kaliati”

  1. solomon says:

    mr president knows tat kaliat z dperndant him & dpp.sangavute awa catsala is dpriciating bax.big up mr p! aphuziseni weeding

  2. chancellor wa Chancellor says:

    Ndiye azibale ake analembedwa ntchito ku escom ndi mulamwake uja zitha bwanji?
    Nanga ana asukulu anangowapezela malo mmasecondale, Nanga za tourism ndi zina
    zija zitha bwanji.

    Ai tizikomana munsewu.

  3. chimwaza says:

    Malawians can we at once desist from making tribalistic remarks?

  4. peter says:

    samamufuna adona no: 1

  5. kapilikoni says:

    Pumbwa amugambatula pa kachere wonona hehehehehe mkwiyo wa a Malawi suphonya mayi.

  6. Ebuka says:

    Kwasala uyu mukuti obama, japie uja anagwidwa chigololo ku Us, Ghambi ndi ena

  7. Dumella says:

    Such as life! She will be back, of course Kaliati is a hard worker.

  8. Madam Chingolopiyo says:

    Basi agwirapo akapume. Tiwone zina

  9. gerald white watsopano says:

    lets think the bottom line why always think about tribe this issue is not tribe thus y malawi still poor because we are fight in trible we want change if KALIAT NOT performing well lets kick her out and replace those that can drive malawi forward

  10. Vinjeru says:

    Is Peter aware of how politically important Chaponda and Kaliati are? This firing should have been a post-2019 action and not a pre-2019 action as the case is. Ignore the Mulanje vote at your own peril.

  11. tman says:

    has next assignment,rebuild the party at grassroot. just wait!

  12. gadaffi says:

    uneducated minister amchita bwno

  13. big boy says:

    too late mr president

  14. gadaffi says:

    seven corrupted ministers .one of them is kaliati ndie awachosa pang”onopang”ono kut mwina msawadziwe kma we hv information yomwe tapeza ikuonesa kut kwasala five.namely Gondwe,nankhumwa.mussa.kalirani &kasaira.peter akukhuzidwanso kma paja ndi abwana ndie sangachoke pa mpando.he bought a house ku malawi housing @ 3 mita kma the house was worth 15 mita by then he was a minister of justice.peter want to bring back the confidence of malawians so that he can remain on power come 2019 elections,those who can investigate mpeza kut next three month 5 ministers wl b fired

  15. khanyiziral says:

    Akuti anakangana ndi Jeffrey wa Jeffrey ku msonkhano ku Mulanje guys chifukwa sanampange recognise pa her speech ..

  16. kampango mulamba says:


  17. Kingpin says:

    I don’t see any reason why we have to congratulate the president when in actual truth this woman should not have been there in the first place. With that being said there are many more who are deserving dismissals but we will just have to remove the whole lot through the ballot. Change is coming.

  18. ndondwa says:

    Bon voyage akweni life must go on bola osakalimbana ndi atsikana oyenda ndi amunanu kkkkkk

  19. Renford Chapita says:

    Alomwe kusupulana zikundu. Thats what this party is known for. Fighting each other. Munya nonse 2019, mwadya mwakhuta agalu inu.

  20. Zinenani Zoona says:

    Fire one foul-mouthed-cashgater lazy boned Patricia, hire another foul-speaking cashgater. No progress, Malawians to suffer more.

  21. Dum Magulajena. says:

    Its too late Mec has just release their electrol calendar, what have the president see in her?

  22. Waxy Jumbex says:

    not the first time for Kaliyti to be booted out. She is a fighter and always comes back if the issue is political but if it has to do with Chikangawa 6 million and her deals at Tourism Vweza then she has to play a extra game…all is possible

  23. mtete says:

    Should have fired Chaponda. He is the one wrongly advising APM. Nevertheless, Kaliati was becoming too self centred

  24. Wanjiko says:

    Kaliati akapumedi

  25. josephy mdoka says:

    Time mark

  26. Amon Zuze says:


  27. self centred says:

    Seems Peter is now getting good advise, am seeing now is serving better for the nation not for the lhomwe, these are pple who have been bringing in confusion to the party untouchable, slowly u will be finished 1 by 1 this is the sec lesson for lhomwe pple Peter is changing his thinking to serve this nation better

    1. Dongolosi... says:

      This has nothing to do with being Lhomwe. Oh, you are so lost. So its about fighting Lhomwes to you? You must be very foolish and stupid uphill

    2. cymru says:

      Self centred, just focus on the person who has been fired not tribe. Some of us who are Lhomwe are not known even by the president or anybody. There is no benefit in the presidency though he is Lhomwe. Please, please, not all Lhomwe are involved in the politics of Malawi. They are like any other tribe.

      But if you want to generalize things it is your choice and right, I’m just putting this on record.

      1. Chigwere says:

        Who cares Welsh twat; thats how you generalise people from North; you call them Atumbuka yet there’s non in Chitipa, Karonga or nkhatabay. On your face Multhako Mwa Llomwe

  28. WPM says:

    Chilichonse chili ndi nthawi yake

  29. Chimanga says:

    Mid night six falls apart

  30. Nigga says:

    She’s been earmarked for another position somewhere. Politicians don’t throw their kind under the bus unless if they had beefed with the boss.

  31. Walakwanji? Kapena ali kumbuyo kwa Chirima. Tiuzeni zoona.

  32. Gaga says:

    Well done our president this lady is a nuisance and denvil. Could you also offload misleading advisors

  33. be humane says:

    Nkhani yosapssa. Mukuthamangira chani why not have details first. Is she fired as Minister or fired ku chipani? Fired on which position the brief even does not tell

  34. Namalira says:

    Zantheka bwanji kuti a kweni alandile chipogwe ngati chimenechi

  35. Marx says:

    Kaliati was such a useless minister

  36. Wales Chiomba says:

    Mr President someone is misleading u pandale palibe mwachita .Ur now starting Chakweraism.Akweni take heart u r not mai wamba..

  37. Ndale says:

    When President was sick in the USA, she positioned herself with Chilima kuona ngati abwana atisiya. Mpaka pano kaliyati supports Chilima. Is that a crime?

  38. Bakuli Maluzi says:

    Akapume, wasokosa kokwanira.

  39. Chipasupasu cha angoni

  40. Makalanyani says:

    Zimachitika izi.
    Ena adyekoso.
    Big up Kaliat

  41. Jumani says:

    ohhhh ohhh

  42. John Phiri says:

    Band yayamba kugawana zida

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