MCP wrangles: Njobvuyalema hits at Msowoya for ‘uncharismatic attack’ on Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe Mapuyu North, Joseph Njobvuyalema, who some viewed him as close ally for Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya,  who is also MCP first vice-president,  has condemned Msowoya for fermenting leadership wrangles in the opposition party.

Njbvuyalema: Condemns Msowoya

This follows a letter which Msowoya and secretary general Gustav Kaliwo, among other top brass penned the MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, accusing him of flouting the party constitution.

Njobvuyalema faulted Msowoya for “uncharismatic attack” on Chakwera.

“Msowoya as Deputy President is second in command in the party, if  anything goes wrong in the MCP, it means him is also responsible,”  said Njobvuyalema.

Njobvuyalema said Msowoya being the Speaker of Parliament again has put MCP members of Parliament in an awkward situation because they cannot access his office.

“Anyone accessing his office will be assumed of having plans to discuss plans on how to remove Dr Chakwera from his position, in other ways he will be viewed as being his sympathizer because most Parliamentary chairs are those from MCP as well,” said Njobvuyalema.

Njobvuyalema said he is also worried on how he will be accessing Msowoya’s office him being vice President of SADC- PF.

The veteran politician has since urged the two to quickly mend their fences and bring down the tension other than practicing “cheap politics”.

He asked the Msowoya faction  which also has deputy secretary general James Kaunda and Tony Kandiero to  end the current myopic frenzy of attacking and insulting Chakwera.

Political commentator from University of Malawi, Ernest Thindwa , observed that the endless infighting in MCP was an indication of a leadership lacking direction.

The Chancellor College-based political scientist faulted Chakwera’s style of leadership which has failed to harmonise the two warring factions and instead is fanning the flames by calling for a meeting excluding other senior members of the party executive.

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A Thindwa achitsilu what kind of direction r u taking about we want Mia

The article is confusing. It suggests that Hon Njovuyalema and Rt. Hon Msowoya are not allies as widely believed. I got it differently. Njovuyalema was unhappy that Msowoya’s attack was ‘uncharismatic’ meaning that the attack lacked power. This means that Njovuyalema supports the attack and wished it had a killer punch to knock Chakwera down. Njovuyalema bemoaned Chakwera’s attitude of practicing cheap politics characterized by calling for the unconstitutional meeting of directors that ignited Msowoya’s attack. Njovuyalema conceded that Chakwera is a dictator in the officing characterized by his intolerance to alternative views. All MCP MPs who would appear associating… Read more »

Adada msowoya mukawa mu PDP and nobody blocked u from joining mcp. U contested for any post. Was the party constitution different from the current one. Open your eyes and see that Malawians want chakwera and MCP. Don’t mislead James is only him who stood firmly and strongly with MCP and not you. Does people at nyungwe agree with u? U will lose ur seat

Tikuuzeni zoona

Don’t say Malawians want Chakwera, I am a Malawian but don’t want him. That’s a fallacy.


Malawians dont want someone who criticises a leader when he is wrong. People want Chakwera to be treated like Kamuzu; Ukamuzuzula kuphedwa. °Olo atandithila DOOM mkamwa sindingavotele MCP° anatelo a Bakili Muluzi

Wapsa tonola

Achidzimidzi shut up your mouth coz you know nothing about this scenario, Njobvu yalema is vice chairman of sadc pf so on national assembly issues he can meet Msowoya in his parliament office not In mcp offices


So just tell Njovuzalema to relinquish his vice chairmanship as he has no balls to meet Msowoya


MCP is a failed party don’t even thinks that you will lure this country any more was done DPP they are finishing there term of they go all these two parties makes Malawi to be poor as we are today no more these two parties new party is coming in which DEPECO the only hope party to change the life of Malawian DEPECO 2019 boma!!!!!.

Mwati chani?

Koma ku DEPECO ko kuli chizungutu osati chingerezi. kkkkkkkkkk

Kanthiti Mzandu

Mr Thidwa a well known political scientist why going so low in ur judgement? Why shieding Msowoya? The issue her is that Msowoya ndi m’nthila kuwiri anatenga nkhani from M C P kupita nazo kwa Godall Gondwe timadziwa ife zimenezi, musawelunze ngati munthu osaphunzira. Msowoya wanuyo it’s the end of his political ambitions.. Kauzyanga nifwiti yayi kweni fweti mtilinganenge. YEBO

Che Duli

Achipeta agule mbali ya Chakwera, Ntumbuka yekha mbali inayo. Next Achipeta agule mbali ya Lazalo, mkaladi wachichikunda yekha mbali inayo (atamunyambitira makwacha ake)…kkkkkkkk

Jon Jon

A biased opinion from political commentator for not contrasting the root cause of the current wrangles. Richard Msowoya has power struggle crisis to introspect & his phoney allies. Every wrangle is premeditated from his camp to dislodge Chakwera which is so evident in his parallel structure, missing a picture of a common enemy which is ( the dirty DPP) probably he belongs to the hideous government. Check mate!!

Mr Gome, The foremost mistake MCP is making is to blame Msowoya in the 2014 loss. Chakwera was the flag bearer for MCP and if the party failed it is because of him not Msowoya. Why is the MCP mean with the truth? Chakwera has invited Mia to help the party financially during campaign but the problem is that he came with insults to the number 2 man in the party. Why did Mia feel free to insult Msowoya despite being a new comer? Why didn’t Chakwera reprimand Mia for his actions? This gives impression that it was Chakwera himself… Read more »

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