MCP’s Belekanyama double standards exposed: Backs Kaliwo’s convention, faults Chakwera

In a twist turn of events, opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) executive member and legislator, Lingson Belekanyama has, contrary to earlier media reports, been revealed to be playing double standards regarding to an emergency convention Secretary General, Gustav Kaliwo called for in April, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Belekanyama: Had backed Kaliwo’s convention

Recently Belekanyama told the media that he had removed himself as nominated deputy secretary for the convention’s organizing committee, branding it unlawful. Kaliwo’s convention is slated for July 7 to 9th in eastern region.

However, Nyasa Times can expose through audio conversation Belekanyama had with MCP rebelling member Chatinkha Chidzanja-Nkhoma soon after he made his stand against the convention public, that the Parliamentarian is wholeheartedly supporting the meeting.

In the conversation, Belekanyama vehemently pledged his support for the convention and even suggested for some members of the party to pressurize their president, Lazarus Chakwera to endorse it.

Belekanyama, who sounded to be in mutual terms with Chidzanja-Nkhoma, confided in her that he is one of victims of Chakwera’s challenged reign while agreeing with grievances some of the party members including district chairpersons have had against the party’s leadership.

“Zinthuzi Tikungovutika kuti ma decisions athu amakhala azibwana; timachedwa pochita zinthu, timafuna tizikhala ndichidani ndi anthu (the problem is our decisions are usually childish. We delay in doing things. We are just creating enmity), while those people (the rebelling faction) might be saying the truth,” said Belekanyama in the conversation.

“I am one of the people who happen to be a victim; I am one of the people who think those concerned districts were wronged. I am one of the people who believe that matters should be resolve through a convention.”

When Chidzanja-Nkhoma put to him that he is supporting the July convention, Belekanyama responded: “Ineyo am for the fact kuti convention ipitilire koma ikakhale yamtendere (I am of the fact that the convention should proceed but should be peaceful.

“We shouldn’t defer it koma ikakhale yamtendere (but it should be peaceful). Everything should be in place, we will accommodate that all fired chairpersons to be allowed to attend the convention. Lest discuss that, we have delayed but we should position ourselves for our enemy should be one.”

When Nyasa Times contacted him, Belekanyama tried to brush-off the conversation before conceding to have talked to Chidzanja-Nkhoma.

He tried to play down his support for the convention while insisting Chakwera should champion it rather than Kaliwo.

“So the convection I am hoping for should be by the whole party and the one which is good for the party,” said Belekanyama

In the conversation, the two agreed for the two camps to meet and iron out their differences prior to the convention and also agreed on number of delegates to attend the convention.

Belekanyama then suggested the party’s main enemy should be the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (MCP) and that should be the main agenda of the convention.

Chatinkha then accused Chakwera of manipulating the party inorder to dominate the convention once it held.

Belekanyama said there was a need for the controversial convention to be held without noise makers, and expressed fears that it might be characterized by violence.

“We need to agree on delegates, and that should be done through discussion. There is a need for convention to be peaceful, we go there as one. And our discussion should be that our enemy is DPP, that’s what we have all been discussing in our conventions. You can’t hold a convention where there is no peace,” added Belekanyama.

He then urged Chidzanja-Nkhoma to use Nkhoma Synod of the CCAP church to push for Chakwera to endorse the convention to avoid chaos during the caucus.

“You people calling the convention should be the ones advocating for peace during the convention.”

He further revealed how he fought hard for former MCP president, John Tembo knowing how he would be victimized once party leadership changed especially once Chakwera took over.

Chidzanja-Nkhoma replied: “I know in politics we don’t have permanent enemies. We practice politics but that does not affect our way of life. It’s unfortunate some are emotional. Let me appreciate that you have agreed that first and foremost the 7th July convention should proceed; that you want it to be done after we all reconcile and move together. There are some grey areas we need to iron out.”

Last week, Chakwera’s camp obtained an injunction stopping Kaliwo from proceeding with the convention.

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3 years ago

This comment is a failed plan by the reporter to discredit Dr Chakwera. It’s not giving sense

Moses Kusanga
Moses Kusanga
3 years ago

Your comment reveals ignorance of true reality if not vendatta to crucify others without evidence.
Berekanyama zake ndi izo tamvazo.
How does Mzaza Nkhata appear not supportive of Chakwera now?
You include chankwanta too. That young man who has taken out an injunction against Kaliwo?
What differentiate Mkaka from these two? Is it because Mkaka is everywhere in the media? Do you know that the system can deliberately choke you if you are deemed a threat by those with self-gratification motives?
Check you facts again

Zander mutiuze
3 years ago

MCP is failling apart and this is weakening the chance to win 2019 elections. It happened during Tembo. I think these People have taken money from DDP to make confunsion and to remove Chakwela. How can a party fighting DDP start fighting themselves? Is there any sense? What is wrong with Malawians? Is little money means alot? Koma KU mpuzila has not taught Malawians a thing. I hope someone just pop up and stand as independent to save Malawi. Kusekendwatu uku. Chao chinapita ndi Kamuzu. Kwakala mbuzi basi.

Mutumbuka Mwenecho
Mutumbuka Mwenecho
3 years ago

Kupusa achipeta onse ngati lazaro. Vagule basi. Vinyau.

Chosadziwa Chakwaremamunda
Chosadziwa Chakwaremamunda
3 years ago

Chakwera Ali mmadzi ..We have been saying there are many who are on the other side of the line . Like Mzaza Nkhata , Chakwatha . rev Chakwera is with only Mkaka on his side .the rest will be nkholokolo as Chakwera saying . convention Juky 7, 2017

3 years ago

2019 yabvuta anthu akufuna kulowa m boma atagawikana hehede koma mpaka pano simunaphunzirebe kuti kuwina chisankho anthu amayenda lomodzi . Ngati a Malawi akubvutika ndi chifukwa cha anthu osusa boma anthu adyera that’s why olamulira Sawopa kanthu amadziwa kuti kulibenso uku.

wilson square
3 years ago


3 years ago

How could DPP be the enemy? My language taught me that is a difference between an opponent and enemy. I guess that Hon is referring to the former but he has chewalise the sentence.

Cash Gate
3 years ago

A Belekanyamanso ndi nkholokolo

3 years ago

If it is true then this MP is not worth to be trusted by MCP let alone Malawians. How can we be represented by those that serves two masters at at once? This guys is not principled and if he is not careful this could end his political career. And for his information akuluwa timangowasankhira chipati osati kuti iwowo ali ndi nzeru za utsogoleri.

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