Chinjoka Bus lands in a valley of Bua River: Driver avoided head-on collision

As Malawi continue to experience rising occurrence of road accidents, on Monday a Chinjoka Bus Servicen landed in the valley of  Bua River in central region district of Nkhotakota as the driver was avoidning a head on collisison with an oncoming track on a single lane bridge.

Bus in the valley

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi said in statement issued last week that government is shocked on the occurrence of accidents on the roads of Malawi that have claimed lives and left many others injured over the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE) has said it is ready to work with the Malawi Police Service, Traffic Department, the Department of Road Traffic and Safety Services and other stakeholders in reducing the road carnage.

In a statement signed by MIE executive secretary Engineer Martin Chazalema, the local engineer’s body said it is deeply concerned with the recent spate of fatal road accidents in all three regions of the country in the recent past.

Said the statement: “MIE is mandated to, among other objectives, protect and assist the public of Malawi on all matters touching, ancillary or incidental to the engineering profession. Transportation and highways are incidental to the engineering profession.”

The body has since called on stakeholders concerned with these accidents to work closely together by carrying out thorough investigations into the increased occurrences of road accidents, immediately implementing whatever interventions necessary to curb this trend of fatal road accidents and looking into addressing the various root causes of these accidents which represent a major loss to the nation as a whole.

MIE has also called upon the  general public to take part in this drive to improve safety of our people by among other things adhering to service requirements of vehicles, not driving or using vehicles that are not roadworthy, avoiding speeding at all times, never driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol or other drug and avoiding careless driving.

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13 thoughts on “Chinjoka Bus lands in a valley of Bua River: Driver avoided head-on collision”

  1. King wa king says:

    Misewu ya lakeshore yonse ndiyowola thats y ngozi zikuchitika chitika magalimoto akulephera kupatukana pliz owona ndikukhonza za misewu gwilaponi ntchito

  2. malawi amoto,1974 chakwamba ndiemwe adamenya mafumu 19 kuwatibula,including amfumu achikumbu kamba kosachangamuka,

  3. concerned Citizen says:

    These so called Governments since 1994 are busy constructing misewu y kwao yopanda ntchito kwni kweni leaving very important roads like lake shore road. This road is very small not meant for dual carriage and most of the bridges are single lane especially from Benga to Dwagwa ind Nkhotakota. All these multi party Governments have done nothing to improve this road. Accidents are common along this road because of its condition. In addition to that, there is Nkhotakota Kasungu road, is half way not tarred up now. What sort of development are they doing? They are busy developing where they come from yet all Malawians pay tax which is used for development in their areas. This is not fair at all.

  4. ndadabwa says:

    dzina la bus la satana. what do you expect.

  5. Diphiphi says:

    Kodi iwe Gutete bus zones zikuchita ngozi ndi za satanic AXA, Matuors, Future Tuors ndi magalimoto enawa

  6. Cholasa says:

    Are you sure guys of all the names? one choosing that name? Again, should really one board a bus called chinjoka and except to be at peace? mhhhhhh! Its the same as having a restaurant called ‘Vanyansi”

  7. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Its normal to drive a vehicle in Malawi while highly intoxicated from cheap liquor like midori and sachets.We are so good in blaming satanic on everything forgetting we are our owndevils ourselves.The state of roads are too bad.Potholes are all over everywhere.Unqualified drivers are on a steering wheels or some with no licences as longer as they can dish some money to some hungry traffic policemen and are a free people to drive anyhow.
    I remember this other day i was in a minibus which was travelling at hair raising speed like some formula one car.I later learnt that the driver was a mere conductor as he was trying being showy to his friends how he could manage to travel to old town within a very short time. He was even proud that as to why was speedometer calibrated with such figures.It needs to be completed.I thought this thug was playing a russian roulette with our dear lives.Malawian roads have become killing grounds. Koma tulukufa ku Malawi..Koto ifeeee…….

  8. Maunits says:

    See the main road that goes to Kasungu very sad. The has been very small now in that when you cross with a truck with heart break. we dont have leadership in this country. President uses the same road to Mzuzu but he cant see the road is almost finished no one is taking heed. DPP becomes very happy when they see people dying like that they are killers. If they are not by now they could have sorted this mess

  9. Mzika Yeni Yeni says:

    Ayi zachuluka ndizibwana pa mseu. Ma Driving Licence a machita ku pangitsa kenako kuyamba kuyendetsa ma Galimoto ndi Ma Bus onyamula anthu.

    To those that are Old Enough, in the old days the accidents were assessed and if they trace any careless driving on part of the drivers , they were sent for another driving test in Zomba. Unless if it was mechanical fault. In the case of PSV Licences they were either trained at Zomba Ministry of Works or at UTM ( Stage Coach). All this is gone to the dogs. Katangale wachuluka even to those carrying lives of the people.

    Secondly, ma Engineers ndi a Road Traffic alibe ma plan. Tayambani kukulitsa miseu yathu and put in speed trap cameras. Mukungogona pamene mtundu wa A Malawi ukutha ena akuvulala.

    Mulungu atithandize. Ndarama zambiri mbiri zikuthera mumathumba awanthu mumalo mothandiza dziko ndikuteteza myoyo ya a Malawi.

  10. Pres macron says:

    MIE my foot ! Mukumanga miseu yo nyasa kwabasi. In two months nseu wagumuka inu mungoyang’anila. Kanseu koti big cars cannot pass each other, tawonani ka nseu kaku limbe ,ntaya, chinyonga

  11. Gutete says:

    Ine sindingakwere bus yotchedwa Chinjoka. So za Satanic zimenezo!

  12. Flex says:

    Let’s hope there are no casualties

    1. Clement makawa says:

      There are retired Traffic Police Road Traffic and Road safety officers who with the Investigations of these enquiries. Previously there were Commission of enquiries why is the Government failing to constitute oneto look into these accidents how is MIE going to help into this if we want road signs what they will want is money do they have the resources to conduct the assistant that is required there is something wrong at RTC on issuing of driving Licences the courts are there again do they suspend anyone involved in careless driving or driving under influence of drugs if you want that I assist you can contact me.

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