JZU Tembo calls for discipline in MCP:  Rubbishes Kaliwo’s convention

Former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader John Zenus Ungapake (JZU) Tembo has  advises party  structures and organs to maintain discipline and not to be misled by people who want MCP to disintegrate, accusing secretary general Gustav Kaliwo for planning to hold a convention without following the party’s constitution.

Tembo: Let Chakwera lead the party and call  MCP convention according to procedures of MCP

Tembo said this on Monday in his home district of Dedza in an interview which was aired on Zodiak radio.

He said MCP has structures and organs to handle issues in a dignified manner.

Tembo said grievancies  or differences in the party were inevitable  but must be dealt with through properly laid down MCP procedures.

He also disputed  party secretary general Kaliwo  who declared that the MCP constitution gives him powers to call for a convention even without consulting with the party’s president.

Tembo said Kaliwo has no mandate to call for  a national convetion.

“I was not expecting this to come from people like Kaliwo. He is a senior member of the party who knows the party’s constitution  apart from being a lawyer. I am very disappointed,” said Tembo.

Adding that “I think he is an agent of MCP competitors. His plans are aimed at destroying the party not unite it as he claim.”

He then asked Kaliwo and other disgruntled members to respect the current MCP leadership and give it the deserve support.

Kaliwo planned to hold a convention between 7 to 9 July this year claiming the decision comes after pressurized by the party’s district chairpersons.

MCP has since  blocked Kaliwo’s decision  to hold a convention with  a court injunction.

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15 thoughts on “JZU Tembo calls for discipline in MCP:  Rubbishes Kaliwo’s convention”

  1. Fedson Chimbende says:

    Ufo. Ankolo angawo angawo akunena zoona. Akaliwo adagulidwa ndi mbava za D D P. Ofunika Kungumuchotsa.

  2. sapota wamkulu says:

    Munthu wamkulu wayankhula..fullstop.Chibanzi cha Pitala sichigwiranso ntchito.Leave MCP alone.

  3. Good luck says:

    Paja adagulidwa ndi DPP. Mchotseni ameneyo aluzire kumodzi ndi uja opanda mano uja

  4. Atonga says:

    Good advice from jzu tembo ,what I know is that timagenda mtengo mmene muli mango ,mukakhala kuti mulibe zipaso anthu sagendamo

  5. GONANI says:

    Thank you HONOURABLE TEMBO. This is 100% true

  6. the advice from the experienced Technocrat is enough for the wise. Tembo knows better.

  7. Jah se NO says:

    Honourable JZU. Is my uncle. He is a man of the past, living in the present and trodding into the future. He is the greatest demagogue in Malawi history. Salute !

  8. “I was not expecting this to come from people like Kaliwo. He is a senior member of the party who knows the party’s constitution apart from being a lawyer. I am very disappointed,” said Tembo……………………………………………..kuyankhula momveka bwino

  9. youna says:

    Big man wamkulu walankhula zoona. This man called Kaliwo is indeed working for MCP competitors, Wadya zaeni, ndiyetu paja ma Kadeti ndi nyerankuleke……samusiyatu….

  10. Leonard NDHLOVU says:

    I see kaliwo’s plan will be remembered, if he took it wrongly why did the hand picker(chakwera) not fired him,and hon Belekanyama avoid double standards,so if there was no court injunction, what was going to be stance.Mr kaliwo follow what is rightful.

  11. justin phakamisa says:

    Obaba oyankhula

  12. Bravo Jzu Tembo, Please don’t fold your hand when there is divisons in MCP, You are the only remaining pillar of the party.

  13. Maunits says:

    Katundu wa Ndale Mmalawi wa lankhula palibeso Mmalawi muno watsala who has political experience than JZU then are cheated. What the former president of the party has said must be adhered to other we dont want disintegration of our mighty party that stands a chance to win 2019. Put down jealousy lanulo yanga’anani kwa Prof Chakwera kuyendetsa dziko lino. He is the only hope for Malawi.

  14. kaliwo says:

    Kaliwo should be fired. After all he was not elected.

  15. Thanthwe says:

    Then let those that speak nonses about MCP and Chakwera respond. Let that agent Kaliwo react again. Mwalemba Mmadzi Nkhanga Zaona. MCP is a party with full structures and the only party that has Office in Malawi, this is the most trusted party by many who love their country, Viva Hon. JZU, Viva Hon. Chakwera, Viva Mighty MCP. 2019 Boma we are booting this refuge out!!

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