Men dodging voluntary circumcision in Ntcheu

Men are reportedly shunning the voluntary male circumcision (VMC) campaign, since it was launched in Ntcheu district two years ago, a development that has stamped a feeling of worriedness on medical staff.

Mvenya. VMMC Programme cordinator Ntcheu District Hospital

Mvenya. VMMC Programme cordinator Ntcheu District Hospital

Research conducted in the recent past has unravelled that circumcision reduces men’s vulnerability to contract HIV/AIDs plus such other terminal illnesses like cancer. Hundreds of millions of men, world over, have been circumcised and a lot more continue to including in Malawi.

But Ntcheu VMC coordinator Jane Mvenya told Nyasa Times that only 200, mostly youths, have undergone the exercise which defies Ministry of Health’s target of 300 per week.

“We haven’t gone full throttle since we started,” said Mvenya, attributing the low turnout to – among others – understaffing and lack of awareness.

“There hasn’t been enough awareness done. Most of the areas are hilly and thus hard-to-reach.”

Some men who talked to Nyasa Times through snapshot interviews blamed their failure to undergo the operation on the environment at the hospital.

“The minor theatre which they use for the exercise is not private,” said one. “Once they get one, we will go.”

Mvenya was, however, upbeat that their partnership with the International Training and Education Centre for Health (I-TECH) will improve matters.

I-TECH, according to Mvenya, will be providing VMC equipment and help renovate a bigger room within the hospital premises for circumcision.

The Centre will also fund advocacy and sensitization meetings.

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Kkkkkk educated savages. Anthu ambiri aika ma comment awo apa ndi mbuli za ma degee. Tamveran akunena azachipatala apa. Mukufuna mukadzapanga phemosis nde mudzadulidwe? Kapena mukadzapatsira akazanu human papilomavirus ndikudwala nayo ca of cervix mudzadulidwe bwino? Xool sinakupindulileni


Thanks to Ntcheu Men for Objecting Satanic things.
Getting ready for prostitution is sinister move.
Vulnerable Men Mentally Chopped (VMMC)
So BIG UP Ntcheu Guys and God Bless Ntcheu

Makolo anthu sanatenge HIV or Cancer bwanji
Makolo anthu sanadulitse ndiye ife tidulitse?????????????????????????????????
Tikhala ana opulukira.


HIV is very high among circumcised Men than uncircumcised.
This is according to latest research Conducted in East and Central African but being
kept as a secret finding.

The few circumcised are HIV positives and I totally agree with the findings.

maganizo wa maganizo

Thats good Ntcheu men. Just imagine,Mangochi and Machinga people have always been circumcised from time immemorial.But look,HIv rate in these districts is high.Why?


How can man be ‘dodging’ circumcision if it is voluntary? If they had a real choice, wouldn’t they simply be exercising that choice?
Circumcision doesn’t prevent HIV. Condoms prevent HIV. Nearly a million mostly circumcised American men have died of AIDS.

Original Woman

I want my man to be complete with all parts. If God had intended it to be removed, he would not have put it there in the first place. Or it would have been dropping off on it own as do milk teeth and the hair.

Big up men, those circumcised have a rough edge and the senses are numbed.


VMC is important,even if its not a 100% POSSIBILITY of protecting one from hiv it helps.These are not he times when we should still be in denial,its for our own good..circumcision is not only for protection from hiv but csncer to women.think about it,umbuli suupindula..only those that love their life will venture into this if not then so be it

ulendowu ndi watonse

pajatu anthu akufuna ziwalo ndiye circumcision imeneyi osati achipatala akusonkhanitsa foreskin kuti nawonso akagulitse. chifukwa aliyese atha kutenga hiv wodulidwa ngakhale wosadulidwa.

makape alero

zopusa basi


.Mantha akulatu apa

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