Mia drums up support for Chakwera’s ‘Operation Reboot’:  Says Callista has vindicated MCP 

Former  Cabinet minister Muhammad Sidik Mia has  said  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has been vindicate by former first lady Callista Mutharika who has bashed the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  that it is infested by beasts of prey  and thieves plundering government entities.

Mia and his wife Abida: ‘Operation Reboot 2019’

Mia, who has ddclared his interest to contest as vice president for MCP, has urged Malawians to welcome aboard “Operation Reboot” with the party’s torchbearer  Lazarus Chakwera in 2019 Tripartite elections.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Mia hailed Callista, widow to president Bingu wa Mutharika, told Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) her courageous views  and  sauing some people in are going in rural areas with trophies and cash handouts, masquerading as philanthropists, “yet these so-called philanthropists are thieves, stealing from your government, stealing from public entities.”

Wrote Mia: “There is undeniably high unemployment levels among the youth in our country. In fact his administration has recently released a circular that government has stopped both recruiting as well promoting its employees.

“This, my fellow Malawians, shows how clueless DPP is in as far as job creation is concerned. University students are languishing, leading a lifestyle in Chikanda (Zomba) and Luwinga (Mzuzu) as if they are ‘Standard 8 self-borders’ in remote areas. It’s pathetic.”

According to Mia, Malawi has crashed because of the current mediocre leadership and that the majority of Malawians are suffering and only few people connected to power are happy because most of them have become instant billionaires posing as entrepreneurs.

He said it is high time the cartel was stopped from advancing their selfish interests at the expense of the nation.

“My fellow Malawians, our system must be rebooted in 2019. We must get rid of such crooks. The system has been infested with liars, corrupt and unpatriotic leaders. Our government is no longer functioning the way we would want a properly called government to function.

“Our youths will tell you that when a computer has crashed, it actually stops working and the computer becomes useless. Rebooting—putting the computer’s operating system to start the computer for a second time or third time—allows the computer to restart and get back to working normally.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard ‘Operation Reboot’ in 2019. Let’s start a fresh with Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera as President of Malawi in 2019,” asserted Mia.

He said rebooting the system will to get rid of thievery, executive impunity, cronyism and nepotism in government in 2019.

“If we can’t do  this for ourselves, who will do it for us? Who will do it for our children?  Let’s reboot the system! It’s Operation Reboot, ” concluded Mia.

The battle for the country’s Presidency in 2019 has apparently been narrowed to two camps, ruling DPP and MCP.

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Spot on Mia! I however doubt if MCP or DPP for that matter is the answer to the issues and challenges you eloquently raised. In fact Mia, I may just remind you that you were part of the problem that got Malawi where it is today. You have ben in politics for decades in leadership positions; have you shown results, nooooo; have you been stable with your ideologies, the answer is empathic noooo; Do you deserve to be sidelined by MCP or any other party, the answer is a resounding yeeeeees!! Create space for young and new leadership. You were… Read more »
Silica gell

Those are all campaign gimmicks, the one with more strategies will score next year kkkkkk


Mkazi wa Mia abida ubvala nsalu za zipani zosiyana zingati? Osachita manyazi? Greed banja ili. Political prostitutes

Mia has proved to be an opportunist and political vagabond, like many politicians in this country, he lost credibility a long time ago. People just do not believe that he means what he says. It’s like he’s thinking “my days are numbered, I have to try MCP now so I can get closest to a President.” Tough luck, Mr Mia. oChakwera won’t be the next President – another political miscalculation of epic proportions, by Malawi standards. The North will simply not accept Mr Mia at the expense of one of their own “sons”. And the Central Region is getting fragmented… Read more »
Kunena Mosapsyatila
Liar! Which North are you talking about. Mwayesa anthu akumpoto amatengeka with useless regionalistic politics, zero, Nada. We vote objectively and based on who can help us realise and good development agenda for the country. If our sons are behaving as rafians, the way Msowoya and his friends are doing; we boot them out. Sitinyengerera ife. The late Tom Chihana was taught a big lesson when he made his greedy oriented alliance with UDF. One thing is clear, come 2019, the North is going for MCP, whether you like or not. We aren’t dragged anywhere or anyhow the way the… Read more »

O Machemba, northern region does not have the illiterates like southern region. Samatengeka ndi zilizonse, olo chitakhala chakwao ngati chakwaocho is full of idiocy amatha kuchikana. Likewise if Peter was from North but as idiotic as he is, they would have voted for Chilima who is better placed not minding kuti he comes from central region. Umbuli ndi omwe ukukupweteketsani kummwera


Fake accent guy you are correct. Very irritating to hear him speak, alibe manyazi? MA LOZA! Someone who stayed in US for 6 months only.

Fake accent guy

Let’s us start off by rebooting Chakwera fake accent! This will enable him to speak with his mother tongue! Chichewa English,


Nsanjeeeee olo mutakhala 40 years ku US, u cannot speak like him. Pitala Mathanyula speaks like wadya chimbatata chootcha mkamwa, analidi ku US kapena anali chabe mu border with US?


AM READY TO REBOOT CME 2019!!!!!!!!!!!


Probably Mia should reboot himself because he has been part of the rotten system over the years through UDF, DPP, PP and now he is trying his luck with MCP. No one with a reputation like Mia can reboot Malawi. He just wants power so that he can have his time to eat and steal.


Operation reboot kkkkkkkkkk mu DPP mwalowa ma virus koma ndiyedi akudya bomaa kkkkk . koma calista ukuwaonongera zochita alamuuuuuu iweeee kkkkkk let ant virus wa latest MCP 2018 /19


Callista has repeated what Mia and others have been saying. So, it means she is being paid by the Mias….. But Mia is another opportunist who has destroyed MCP.

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