Mia rides higher in Malawi Congress Party

That the joining of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) by Muhamad Sidik Mia has sent shivers down the spine of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is palpably clear. Since Mia’s move to MCP some two weeks ago, the ruling DPP has been behaving like a hysterical and confused rabbit.

Mia and his wife are MCP

Mrs Abida Mia clad in MCP cloth

A week after Malawi Congress Party’s President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera welcomed Mia at a massive and one-of-the-kind political rally held at Nabu in Chikwawa, the ruling DPP under the tutelage of embattled Secretary General, Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey, organized a political rally in the same area, which was meant to defuse the political ‘movement’ that Mia had ignited,.

As it turned out, the DPP rally dismally failed in both attendance and message; it paled distantly in comparison to the MCP rally which it was meant to defuse. The ruling party and its cabal of lieutenants attempted now to turn the heat on Mia and Chakwera through the traditional as well as on social media.

The DPP’s strategy was to sow seeds of division in MCP by taking advantage of what appears to be constant shadow-boxing and resistance over Mia’s coming. The strategy appeared to be working when MCP’s Vice President and Speaker of National Assembly, Richard Msowoya held a political rally in Mzimba with some party members christened as ‘rebels’ in the party.

At the rally, Msowoya and the ‘rebels’ appeared to throw salvos at the ‘other camps’ and chided the coming in of Sidik Mia to MCP as unproceduaral and not really deserving the fanfare that came with it. The seemingly in-fighting was a cause for celebration by the DPP crows such that it was a shock when not before long, they saw Dr. Lazarus Chakwera sitting side by side with Msowaya and Sidik Mia in another hugely successful and massively patronized political rally held in Nkhotakota, in the central region.

The DPP strategy is now off-balance because, contrary to the notion that MCP is divided (as propagated by DPP), the coming in of Sidik Mia appears to have had a magnetic effect on the party. Mia has brought together all the warring factions and the party seems to be gathering political momentum by the day. This is what is giving the DPP sleepless nights

Now Jeffry Kapusa, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television personality famous for his ‘ Splash On’ music slogan has been unceremoniously removed from the television section and relocated to the radio section of the broadcasting house apparently for questioning why MBCTV appears to be throwing all caution to the wind, and going into overdrive in its propaganda against Sidik Mia.

According to a source who opted for anonymity for fear of losing her job, Kapusa asked what he thought was a seemingly harmless question during one of the routine ‘news’ meetings about about why the station appears to be losing sleep over Sidik Mia.

“Kapusa only questioned why the news content was all of a sudden about Sidik Mia and MCP . He was of the view that we need to balance propaganda with hard news facts, but it appears the powers that be at the station were not happy, and he received his marching orders immediately thereafter,” Said the source.

This only underlines the fact that, contrary to pronouncements that the ruling party does not fear Sidik Mia, evidence points to the fact that the DPP is scared stiff and has been rattled by the political tidal wave that has been triggered by lower Shire giant when he joined MCP.

According to Blantyre based political analyst, Charles Charles Minole: “the election in 2019 is MCP’s to lose. The Mia’s wave seems to have brought about some good fortunes upon the oldest political party in Malawi, and the party can only take advantage of his popularity to win votes in the populace southern region.”

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Hahahahahaha…MCP competes with DPP even in districts like Mchinji, KU, Salima, LL…and they are beaten in KK while MCP can’t do the same in MJ, TO, CZ PE BT ZA even NU.. Mia with Atupele were thoroughly beaten by DPP in the Lower States during the last election…so what are u guys up about here… DPP is brand with strong foundations…keep dreaming

Read what Oky is saying. MCP had had two big coalitions in the past which could take it into govt. Now tell me, does Mia command the majority which can outnumber that which Chihana gave Gwanda in the MCP-Afford alliance? Can Mia command a majority which can outnumber that which Atcheya gave JZU in the MCP-UDF alliance? MCP is just cheating itself if it thinks it will go into govt with a few votes in the Lower Shire given by Mia. DPP got a considerable number of votes in the Lower Shire when Gwanda was alive and kicking in the… Read more »

Santana is indeed a confused DPP die-hards.

mathews malata

chilungamo chidziwike, inu akapusa musakhale chete chifukwa cha nkhanza zomwe akukupangilani a dpp, khalanibe pachilungamo,,, kwaenanu amene mukuikila kumbuyo this dpp,dziwani kuti mukungolakwila azibaleanu ali kuzuzika kumudzi komaso sakuvelani olo, ndipo dziwani ichi anthu ambili akuona kuchedwa kuti avote anthu awa achoke pa ulamulilo. muziona 2019


History reminds us of the coalition that existed between MCP and Brown Mpinganjira who had command over Mulanje and Thyolo…MCP lost
History reminds us of the UDF-MCP coalition and still MCP lost…Lets not forget the Ngwirizano coalition.

yosefe mateyu

mcp/aford alliance


For sure 2019 will bring the great political tag of war between TAMBALA WAKUDA (THE KWACHA PARTY) vs CHIMANGA CHOYERA (THE BLUES PARTY) Let’s all start asking GOD for a peaceful electral period, and that PEACE should preveil for which ever party wins. But may I humbly ask these small parties to join these two big political parties so that we only have to vote for either LAZAROUS OR PETER, and for your information this will work well with the coming in of 50+1% winning calculation.

chaponda mchimanga

Verily verily I say unto you, wina agwa ndi kadya karits this year. Kkkkkkkk


Ayamba kale kunjenjemera a DPP


This is the Party Malawi should embrace and celebrate that it come into power again with full force revitalize the country’s lost glory. No doubt about it MCP in govt whether Jeffrey and her dpp dont understand zawo zimenezo ife tavaya basi.

chodziwadziwa Mjojo
I do not think government will benefit anything in muzzling the journalists and press as the whole. This government took a dangerous lane in fighting against Times and other media outlets. The strategy of winning in 2019 is not mugging the journalists or press…every Malawian knows and see what is happening. As the ruling political party DPP should strive to restore confidence in Malawians through developmental projects and provision of other basic life safety nets which are lacking at the moment. I think Mia’s move to MCP is good for everyone because it has waken up this government from a… Read more »

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