Mia says DPP just makes empty promises as Chakwera brands MCP a ‘govt-in-waiting’

Lower Shire political giant Sidik Mia said many people in the area has been supporting ruling Democrtaic Progressive Party (DPP)  but they promise and promise and never do, saying all they have got left is Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Chakwera drumps up support of MCP candidate Lawrence Sitolo in Nsanje Lalanje

Mia with Chakwera

Crowds of MCP supporters at Bolero

Mia, a former Cabinet minister in DPP regime under late president Bingu wa Mutharika, recently joined MCP and is building support for the party in the Lower Shire and some parts of the south where the main opposition has been a no go xone area.

Speaking on Sunday at a rally at Bangula Ground in Nsanje ahead of the October 17 by elections, in Nsanje-Lalanje constituency, Mia said Malawians are fed up with empty promises and need a government that will bring positive change.

“ There is poor governance  and that affects delivery of services and development. Corruption is legitimate concern and we’ve got recognise that and talk about it,” he said.

He called on people in the area to vote for MCP candidate Lawrence Sitolo “with pride”.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, who is also Leader of Opposition in Parliament, drummed up support for Sitolo.

Chakwera promised to deliver “power for the people”  when MCP is ushered in power and calls on the DPP  to “make way”.

He said there will be “radical programme of action” in 2019 when MCP is given the ballot’s mandate to govern.

Chakwera asked people to vote for MCP’s parliamentary hopeful Sitolo as a member of “government-in-waiting”

He also asked Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) to conduct credible, free and fair  elections, pointing out that most Malawians have lost trust in the electoral body as indicated in an Afrobarometer survey released recently.

Chakwera added that the 2014 tripartite elections were full of irregularities fraudlent.

“This is a litmus test for Mec to restore trust Malawians lost in 2014 elections. At least when the 17 October elections are credible and fair, people will have an idea of the 2019 tripartite elections,” he said.

Describing MCP as a “united party advancing in every part of Malawi” Chakwera claimed they are now “winning the confidence of millions of fellow citizens” as Malawians need change of leadership as the current one has presided over a period of grand corruption.

The Nsanje-Lalanje by-election has three contestants Gladys Ganda of DPP, Lawrence Sitolo for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Winnie Wakudyanaye standing on an independent ticket.

The constituency fell vacant following the death of the then member of Parliament (MP) Sam Ganda on May 16 2017.

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Mr Kaitano, what will make MCP president win the state presidency with the help of Lower shire people when it failed during the Chakwamba time. Mind you that Chakwamba was the MCP candidate not a tied note like Mia. People of Lower Shire voted overwhelmingly for Chakwamba because they knew that their son would be the State President. But MCP despite this help it failed completely and was given a consolation seat of Leader of Opposition. There were rumours that time that JZU decampaigned Chakwamba by telling people that a southerner must not take the state presidency under MCP ticket.… Read more »
Here we go Mr Santana. Santana, you are a Malawian with full legal and not under aged. Tell me the Arithmetic that we used in 1994 when the U.D.F was taking the Government, if it was by winning? Was it not because people were saying we are tired of the one party system? it will happen with your D.P. P my friend.For your information D.P.P did NOT won the last Election, now i don’t see any reason of talking of winning of your party, i can just agree with you that D.P.P won the heart of people during the Bingu… Read more »
Mia if you think that the pple have forgotten the attrocities that the mcp inflicted to people of lower shire and you can use them for your own personal benefit,i think you will cry come 2019.The memories that mcp put our own mbuya into detention without trial for 13 years ,are still fresh .Mcp killed solobala the true son of Nsanje ,without any wrong doing are still fresh ,come 2019 all these will reminded to pple ,dont think people are fools to support you ,because you want to fulfill your ambitions ,what new thing can MCP bring to lower states… Read more »

Zako izo ukumbukila ndiwe wekha ife tidaziyiwala zimenezo, you think we dont know kuti Chasowa anachita kuphedwa, Njauja nanga? leave people to choose themselves what they want mwanva O Manyi?


Gladys, leave politics. lirani kaye maliro. Manyazi mulibe.


show as crowds in sanje lalanje not borelo because the lary was in bangula


How many constituencies have attended this rally? How many people were attending Gwanda’s rally when he was MCP president? Did he ever win the presidency on MCP’s ticket? He was a real giant who commanded the whole Lower shire and part of Blantyre and Mwanza but never made it to presidency. Nanga Mia adzaimira u president wa MCP kapena wongothandizira basi? Ndiye anthu adzafere kuthandizako? AMENEYUTU ADZASIYA NDALE 2019 ngakhale adzawine u MP.


Ndikuona Muthalika kuthawa ngati amayi 2019


MCP is a government in waiting forever!


Looks like Msowoya and the rest of Atumbuka have been left out of the equation, very sad


Ndiye bodza limeneli, ku north kulibeko by election, tisaonge zithu. Ndale zoipa izi love your country pls.

Patrick Phiri

Ndi zoona. As VP for MCP, the absence of Msowoya in the by-election campaign speaks volume about the north being left out.


Bodzanso lili pati? Ngati kumpoto kulibe by-election bwanji osatitenga atumbukafe tikathandize kwinako kwinako tikaphunzire ma tactics?

Once again we have been used like condoms! Tingochoka ku Malawi tikhale ndi Nyika Republic basi. Achakwera satithandidza ndiponso chonchi sadzalamulira ku Malawi.

Kanthiti Mzandu

Sitolo watenga kale Nsanje Lalanje constituancy kaya wina afune kaya asafune Sitolo woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee M C P woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee Chakwera and Mia woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2019 Boma kale

Patrick Phiri

It is DPP that brought tarmac road all the way to Nsanje Boma. All other previous governments had failed.


Kuli gule

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