Minister laments over ‘more deaths in the roads of Malawi’

Minister of Transport Francis Kasaila has bemoaned the high rate of road accidents in Malawi, saying it is one of the highest in the region.

Kasaila: Wary with toad accidents

Kasaila: Wary with toad accidents

“Malawi is among the countries where people continue to die on the roads,” lamented Kasaila in Blantyre when Lafarge, a cement company was launching a K50 million road safety initiative in a bid to curb the high rate of accidents in the country.

He paid tribute to Lafarge for the enormous multimillion road safety initiative which he said will go a long way in saving many lives.

“Some of the accidents are to do with the behaviour of road users both drivers and pedestrians. There is no respect on the roads,” he said.

The minister said quality of vehicles on the roads also take a share of blame for the high road accidents rate, which statics indicate killed over 1000 people last year.

Kasaila also said some roads are in bad conditions hence causing some of the accidents.

Road Traffic and Safety directorate public relations officer Chisomo Chibwana noted most accidents involve men because they are mist of the times on the road as read winners of their families and also they are not more cautious than women when on the road.

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Very unfortunate!
Unqualified people obtaining licenses
Road unworthy vehicles obtaining COFs whilst the vehicle is at home.
Speeding of Drivers ignoring regulatory road signs
Driving under the influence of alcohol
Of course bad roads but this can be controllable by the Driver. Can not be an excuse.
Bad attitude by Drivers leading to road rage and lack of respect by other road users.

Increase speed cameras all along the roads.
Impose heavy fines.
Arrest the dangerous road offenders for criminality
Introduce demerit system leading to revoking the licenses from frequent traffic offenders.

You will see the difference.

Boyd Kilembey

Stupid minister. Repair the roads. Widen the roads. Put sign posts. Driving between Blantyre and Lilongw, one does not see all that much traffic as between Harare and Beitbridge. Put shoulders for pedestrians and cyclists. Shame somebody saw it fit to appoint this clueless man as minister.
And make efforts to build new offices for Road Traffic Department and provide toilets,. Where do all those people who spend days at Road Traffic go to relieve themselves? And you call yourself an hon minister? Shame.

elder wamkulu

Apart from road conditions, vehicle fitness and drivers behavior I think the Law enforcers i.e Road traffic Police Officers should understand why they are deployed on the roads because my experience has shown that these guys go on the roads to fund raise for their lunch and booze and this is contributing to road accidents because it allows unfit vehicles to be found on our roads.


Kusaila must be blind ,deaf or a stupid Minister to think that Malawi has the highest road deaths (accidents) in the region. Did the Minister ever think of Zimbabwe,Mozambique or even worse- south africa? Malawi road deaths are NOT caused by negligent drivers,but due to worse roads conditions in the region. They must stop looting gvt coffers and start maintaining our poor roads. Our poor Minister was supposed to say- Malawi has got the worst roads conditions in the region. Refresh your memory minister and come back better.


Speed Kills, most drivers who drive at high Speed don’t even know how to handle a vehicle when an accident looms. We need more defensive driving training..


A very humble man, may God bless you.


Collective responsibility for all road users. Most of our roads are indeed in pathetic state so drive responsibly. Don’t be selfish on the roads.

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