Miss Malawi Ireland bullied on Facebook, organisers say unacceptable to call beauty queen ‘ugly’

Organisers of Miss Malawi Ireland have expressed concern  with brutal and cruel criticism  the winner of the contest Grace Dehora Phiri, 20  and her runners up have been receiving on Facebook.

The Beauty queen franked by the first and second Princess

Miss Malawi Ireland Dehora Phiri horribly bullied

Dehora Phiri, a nursing student, was crowned Miss Malawi Ireland last Saturday after judges  who included Sheira Tobie Banda of Face of Malawi UK , were convinced  with her confidence, charm and brains.

Yamikani Chikaoneka, 22 was named a  first runner up  while Shayna Irfan Shariff ,  22  came the second runner up. They are all accounting students in Dublin.

But the trio has been subjected to jibes on Facebook with others calling them “ugly”  even “aliens” and other disparaging names.

But the organisers said they will turn the jibes into self-confidence, accusing the “cruel bullies” of being insensitive.

“A beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, although some contests have evolved to also incorporate personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria,” Grace Mserembo, one of the organisers said.

She condemned the “awful bullying” of the contestants as retrogressive development.

Organiser  of Miss Malawi UK, Kondwani Bowoyeke Munthali defended the  Miss Malawi Ireland winners, saying he sees  nothing wrong with the crowned queen and the runners up.

“Am not surprised by the hate and the negativity that is coming out from our people,that’s who we are. In a contest like this,you work with what is in front of you, there is a set criteria that the judges look at on the day, in my competition I give the judges free reign and whoever performs the best on the day gets the crown,” Bowoyeke posted on his Facebook page.

“I applaud these young women for having the courage and guts to take part in the pageant, it’s my prayer that the negativity surrounding this outcome doesn’t discourage future participation from other brave and courageous young ladies,” he added.

Miss Malawi Ireland queen kept her reaction close to the chest, saying she could not dignify all the  crass remarks  with a comment.

Facebook users have been trending with status and comments on the female contestants but there was no criticism on Mr Malawi Ireland contest for men.

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Haggis Basher

Is it not possible for the judges to say we have failed to pick one?


A nyasatimes munayesetsa kuti ndithu tione beauty ya anthuwa koma apa mwana wakana phala. Malondawa sagulidwa. Malondawa has ugly written all over it.
Thank you for trying though.

Free up black people

Lets call a spade by its name, nthawi zina tiziuzana chilungamo a Malawi. This is not the crop for a beauty contest. The girls are average in my view and should never ever be near any beauty pageant anywehere in the world.


Infact all of them are ugly


but they are cute when it comes to cash, they got brains man..

John Muyaba

She is realy ulgly… No question about that..

Jesus is LORD

Broad shoulders and jawbone. Looks like the guy they caught in Lilongwe dressing up as a womam


Anthuwa ndi onyasa osaikila kumbuyo za ziii.


Stop worrying about being beautiful. Just focus in intelligence, talent, and answers to judges, then you will be a beauty queen.

Sibwino Choncho

It always pain my heart when I hear people labelling each other ugly just as if they went into a certain shop and deliberately picked their ugly face. If you are handsome or beautiful just thank your God but the moment you start laughing at other people’s physical anomalies God will punish you. I have seen very beautiful or handsome people having children or grandchild with very horrible physical defects…..


Indeed these girls except for second runners up are not even worthy to participate in beauty contest because they are disgrace to Malawi, however am not surprised because most judges seem to be Tumbukas so they wanted their fellow Tumbuka to be crowned as miss Malawi, very shameful act, these Tumbuka’s are putting Malawi on Shame and we should not allow them to hold top positions or as part of judges any where in the world.


I think you are getting this very wrong. Do look down upon people of a certain tribe.

Kholowa mkabudula

Anthu opusa inu,kunyansa kwachani? Inu ndinu ndani kuti mukanene kuti munthu olengedwa mchauta ndionyasa? Umbuli munakali nawobe? Moti atati akuvulileni ameneyu inu simungatote? Iya zopusa basi! Mukamalemba kumaganizila kuti iyeyonso ndi munthu,atakhala ndi mayi ako ungalembe choncho? Ana obadwila kwa azambanu kuvunda maganizo kwambili. Inuyo mukaziona mmaziona kuti ndinu okongola mukavula? Mtumbuka mtumbuka wachani? Im yao but this is a disgrace, shame be on you, twat!


even you , you are a disgrace for this comment, mbatama tama

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

It is not proper to bring in the issue of ethnicity on the beauty contest. It is much better to look at the citizens as Malawians. This animosity has deeply divided Malawians who have forged that mentality. It portrays us outside Malawi as a divided people. Let us not stereotype publicly other people whom we fail to understand or who we have never interacted with..


Are you crazy? Leme guess. You are one of those who finds excuse in all misfortunes in your life. You blame everyone but yourself. You have low self esteem and because you hate yourself so much you try to paint people and label them the way you do to yourself. Girl tell you what. Wake up. Be happy. Life is too short. Be happy for others. There’s enough cake for everyone.


shaaaaa!!!! cheMuhakiwa, apa ndiye mwalalata, tu 🙂

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