Miss Matofotofo speaks out, denies sex scandal

Lilongwe’s Miss Matofotofo 34-year-old Florence Banda, says she was not caught red-handed having sex with a married man in her bedroom on Sunday.

Banda, who stays in the capital city’s Area 18B, told Nyasa Times she is not having an affair with the man, Joel Phiri, who is her workmate at Mota-Engil.

She refuted the sex scandal report following an article published by Nyasa Times but said she was aware of a consipiracy to discredit her honour by another jealous woman.

“It’s not true that I was caught sleeping with Mr Phiri and there’s no affair between me and him,” she claimed. “There’s no proof.”

Florence Banda: It's a conspirancy

She added: “Yes we’re close because we work hand in hand. We’re in the same department and since I’m the secretary to the Board Director [for Africa], he can not get to him without reporting to me and there’s some work that I can’t do without him and people think we’re dating.”

Miss Matofotofo, a single mother of two, claimed there is a woman named Ethel Gondwe who is trying to destroy her reputation.

“We used to date the same guy, Victor Mhone, who got me pregnant just after he had made her pregnant as well. I left him when I learnt there was another woman who was also pregnant for him,” she said.

Banda went on to say that the woman has become a problem in her life because she thinks she is still seeing her ex-boyfriend and that she is a threat to her.

“I’m not seeing Victor but he calls me when he wants to see his daughter…he is my child’s father and he has the right to spend time with his daughter.”

She further told Nyasa Times that a week ago, when she went to get her daughter at his father’s place in Area 18A, she found his other child (Gondwe’s son) there and Victor asked her to drop the child at school, which she accepted.

“I met Ethel on my way to drop her son at school and she wasn’t happy with it. She went to confront Victor afterwards on why he let her kid with me…she caused havoc and destroyed stuff in the house and since then she has been trying to paint bad pictures of me in public,” explained the Matofotofo queen.

Banda also alleged that after the incident, the woman went to her house “to cause a scene but I managed to leave the compound by my neighbour’s car.”

Banda was crowned Miss Matofotofo Lilongwe on October 29.

Organiser of the pageant who is also known as Florence Banda and works at Zodiak Broadcasting Service  said they are aware of what happend on Sunday  but said they will still need answers from the queen.

“My comment is still the same that we will do through investigations, we still need to meet with her, we will have to hear from her as a committee after which we will come up with a decision,” she said.

She conceded that the pageant has been left with a public relations dilemma over the scandal.

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