Miss Warm Heart of Africa talks to Nyasa Times

Exclusive: Aisha Chiwaula was last Friday crowned the first Miss Warm Heart of Africa (MWHA) during a glamorous pageant held at Golden Peacock Hotel in the capital Lilongwe. Nyasa Times(NT) caught up with the 18-year-old BMW car winner and in this interview, she shares her adventures, her plans as MWHA and the message she has for the Head of State, among others:

Aisha in one of her visits to the lake

NT: Congratulations for being the first girl to win the debutant Miss Warm Heart of Africa.

Aisha: Thank you.

NT: Tell us more about Aisha Chiwaula.

Aisha: Well, I am aged 18 and the last born in a family of four. My home district is Mangochi but I stay in Chigumula, Blantyre.

NT: Your education?

Aisha: I did my primary at Chisapi Private and Chichiri Primary School, before I went to Dedza Girls Islamic Secondary School and PACT. I have done banking at Malawi Polytechnic and currently am studying Business Information Systems at Zanzibar University.

NT: Getting to modeling, what inspired you into modeling and when was that?

Aisha: Well I’ve always loved the camera, since I was a little girl. My dad owned a studio and I was his model, he used to try out things on me, so I grew up knowing how to be in front of a camera and started having a passion for modeling. Last year I did an advert for Zain [now Airtel] and that was like my first big step.

NT: Being your dad’s model, is Aisha daddy’s girl?

Aisha: Not really, I used to be but not anymore.

NT: Not really because you’re now the Miss Warm Heart of Africa?

Aisha: [Laughs]… No, I haven’t been for ages.

NT: Now you’re the Miss Warm Heart of Africa, owning a BMW at the age of 18, are you living your dream?

Aisha: Yeah, most definitely!

NT: Did that come as a surprise?

Aisha: Yeah it did, I mean there were 72 beautiful girls and the last 13 were amazing. It was a tough competition.

NT: After being named Miss Photogenic, did you see the BMW keys in your hands?

Aisha: [Laughs]…No, I thought I won’t make it, I thought that was the end of the competition for me and that someone else was going to win.

NT: Now that you’re in that top modeling office, what’s you next step?

Aisha: Well I want to help the physically challenged, help promote culture because most people are forgetting their culture. I also want to help promote tourism and modeling because most people look at modeling with a negative attitude, they think modeling is associated with prostitution; but modeling is just a proper career.

NT: How do you intend to achieve that?

Aisha: I have plans, but they can only materialize if I get support from the minister of tourism, the public, well wishers and you the media by positive reporting. I’m a human being and I have a shortfall, so I would love you [the media] to focus on my achievements and not my shortfalls.

NT: Is modeling in Malawi advancing?

Aisha: Yes it is because nowadays most girls are participating

NT: What change would you love to see in Malawi’s modeling industry?

Aisha: Parents giving support to their children, people sponsoring girls, and modeling agencies should not oppress models.

NT: If you met the President of Malawi today, what would you ask him to do?

Aisha: I would ask him to consider reviewing the ban for government using lakeshore conferencing facilities. I am aware that these facilities are lacking patronage hence we have become white elephants and it’s suffocating the tourism industry. If reviewed, I believe it can earn the country the much needed forex. We all know that Malawi has the most beautiful lake and has the highest species of fish in the world, and if supported it can help the country.

NT: What’s your Malawian dream destination and why?

Aisha: Wow that’s a great question! My Malawian dream destination is Likoma Island. It’s a quiet lovely place.

NT: Your dream destination outside Malawi and why?

Aisha: Hawaii. It’s a beautiful place and the beaches are wonderful.

NT: I have heard you before, saying you are ‘an adventurous person’, what places have you visited both in Malawi and outside?

Aisha: I have visited Lengwe National Park, Liwonde National Park, Nyala Park, Lake Malawi, Kasungu National Park, Mulanje Mountain and Zomba plateau. Outside in Zanzibar, I’ve been at Prison Island, Salengete National Park, Mnemba Island, Kendwa Rocks and at Nkizimkazi Beach for whales and dolphin sighting.

NT: That’s fascinating, you are indeed adventurous. What else do you like doing for fun?

Aisha: I like swimming, chatting and listening to music.

NT: What’s your favourite meal?

Aisha: I love nsima with chambo fish and bonongwe.

NT: As a role model to Malawian youth, especially young women, what advice would you have for them?

Aisha: Well I’d advise them to stick with good behaviour. To follow their dreams and if they have a talent they should show it and not just sit on it.

NT: Who is your role model and why?

Aisha: My role model is Naomi Campbell, because she’s a black model who’s doing great. She’s sold herself internationally and she’s one of the top models.

NT: Are you single or hooked?

Aisha: I am single.

NT: And finally, who is your dream man?

Aisha: My dream man is tall, handsome, chubby and someone with husky voice.

NT: Thanks for taking your time to talk to Nyasa Times Aisha and all the best.

Aisha: Thank you

Cute: Aisha will now be driving her own Bima
Aisha: Miss Warm Heart of Africa

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