Mob kills Kabaza man in a case of mistaken identity

A yet to be identified bicycle taxi man –Kabaza – was set ablaze and killed when a lynch mob mistook his for a thieve in the Capital City Lilongwe Saturday night.

Innocent Kabaza man killed in mob "justice": Just another face of crime: it is lawless, violent, cruel, and arbitrary.

Innocent Kabaza man killed in mob “justice”: Just another face of crime: it is lawless, violent, cruel, and arbitrary.

Onlookers who were found at the scene told Nyasa Times that the Kabaza man was cruising to his bicycle rank at Gologota after dropping a passenger near the famous Kafita Church.

Seeing how he was cruising, some people blocked him and shouted that there is a thief who is believed to have stolen a bicycle.

“The man explained that he is coming from dropping a customer but that did not yield anything,” said an eye witness.

She added:”People mistakenly identified him as someone who wanted to steal an electric metre from a certain house but he that was another person.”

A crowd had no sooner begun to throw blows at the poor fellow and set him on fire.

Malawi has become synonymous with vigilante justice due to rise in crime, weak justice system and irresponsive Malawi Police Service.

Police spokesman for Lilongwe said the case is a serious indictment of mob justice.

He said such jungle justice simply gives sadists a feed day and that “it shouldn’t be condoned.”

But others argued that though mob justice is not correct or fair, it is effective and efficient.

“People take the law into their hands because the justice system has failed them. When you take a thief to the police station, you hardly reach your house again before the thief is set free by the police who have collected a fee from him,” noted one resident of Lilongwe.

He said most people have resorted to mob justice because they are frustrated.

“This has reduced crime a bit. Although mistaken identity may result in the death of someone innocent, most of the time the mob is right and this is actually yielding fruits,” he added.

He said mob justice is simply the easiest and fastest way of choosing jurors to serve justice.

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Amulakwira munthuyu nanga banja lake asamala ndani?mabungwe achitepo kanthu. Rest in peace



zopusa zuipa ezi

apa palibepo zangozi,balengozi sapindila chati enumunakozeka ndichifukwa munayamba ndewu mphaka kumupha chiweluz chiyende molondola,pena abale tikayambana kumaugwila ntima osangoyamba ndewu2 simanga mudzi

mary pwere

It’s indeed very sad story.people who participated in the killing of that may die as it is said in genesis that no one shall kill human being as he’s made in the likeness to God and that who kill human wil be punished by death.


Remove Mr Loti Dzonzi from the position of IG and replace him with a man with strong character like that of Peter Mukhito,, believe me this man has failed his job and Malawians.Osati kumangolankhula mbwerera pa radio with no action seen on the ground.

Am sory. May his soul rest in peace as I speak v anger of God upon all v participants in v murder. Why treating creation in vs maner. May God act on them. However lets all get set for v coming of the Lord as indications of his coming r now enough. Lets admit w r sinners Rom 3v23. Believe Jesus died for us John 3v16 and commit our lives to him John 1v12 so vat w have a place in v house he has prepared. I just asume that the house is almost over and vat he is just… Read more »
kombusha Vs matokoso

wina aliyense amene anamenya munthuyu….wapha…..pali ena amadzitenga madolo pa gulu…God hates the killing of innocent ppo…… whether it was done mistakenly or not the word of God in the bible will never change…

Bright kampaundi

are we becoming a lawless country. this is too bad. tighten up security the state security apparatus


Malawi going to the dogs. No rule of law pafikapa adzaphedwa mwana or mubale wa mabig men.


Mwaziveka tchimo lowopsa chikumbu mtima chikuvutani.

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