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The way George Chaponda responds to issues as Leader of the house makes me think that his quality of thinking is very shallow compared to how Henry Chimutu Banda performed as leader of the House or Harry Thomson,Mwawa,Thengo Maloya etc .Chaponda is leader of Government Business in Parliament not DPP business or Peter Muthalika business as such he should have been sourcing information from Government when issues come up in Parliament.As a matter of fact and in the interest of transparency and accountability, the point that Mhone raised was very valid to me, Madam Mcheka Chilenje should have asked Government… Read more »

Kampani iyi bwanji kodi!! Mbiri zoyipa zonsezi komabe chiwinireni ma contract. Koma abale dziko lapansiiiiiiiiiii

“ It is saying nothing about the allegation which was made that Malawi Government has sold Lake Malawi to Mota-Engil,” said Chaponda. “ This is a totally fabricated allegation and of no value. If we have to proceed like this then that means we are not Honourable Members and you are not fit to be an Honourable Member to represent your country,” Chaponda retorted Vs Mhone asked first deputy speaker to make an order that a public officer should bring documents to parliamenrt. “ These things are public knowledge. When things are in the public domain, within the Executive or… Read more »
Concession Agreement An agreement made between a country and a corporation based in a different country, in which the country offers incentives, such as reduced taxes and other “concessions”, to the corporation in exchange for the corporation investing in that country. What is wrong with that? Who doesn’t know that Mota Engil runs the steamers on Lake Malawi, and the locomotives on land, hardly a sale of the lake. as for leasing the North, is Lake Malawi only in the North. Mkandawire could not run a filling station, would he have run the services on the lake? Mwina mukudalira Bushiri.… Read more »