MP Bon Kalindo hits back at Malopa, brands him coward: ‘Are you one of albino killers?’

The battle of words has just turned sour between Mulanje South Parliamentarian Bon Erias Kalindo and former State House official Bright Malopa over the former’s decision to march naked for the sake of people with albinism who lately have become victims of ritual abduction and killing.

Kalindo alightin from a tricles at parliament

Kalindo alightin from a tricles at parliament

Malopa, however, took it to the social media on Wednesday to censure Kalindo for pushing for death sentence for those implicated in albino killings.

The former advisor to President Peter Mutharika on communication and strategy argued on his Facebook that death sentence is already in the law of Malawi and Kalindo is clueless on what the laws stipulate.

Wrote Malopa on his Facebook: “Bon Kalindo is threatening to walk naked in an effort to put pressure on fellow MPs to retain capital punishment on albino murderers. Is the [honourable] MP aware that capital punishment has not been repealed from our constitution? Sounds like the lawmaker is not conversant with his own laws.”

And on Thursday morning Kalindo responded to Malapo, claiming the former Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) director general enjoys State security while people with albinism are being killed

Kalindo defended himself that he is conversant with the law.

”To one Bright Malopa. Am writing just to let you know, am a member of parliament with an oversight role to make laws that would favour poor Malawians and not the rich like you and that is the reason why you would want to civic educate me instead of you letting me to civic educate you on the laws of Malawi,” wrote Kalindo on his Facebook page.

Kalindo said he would continue to fight for all Albinos being killed ‘like chickens’ while Malopa is comfortably in his mansion guarded by police.

He  said: ”Its a known fact that death penalty is in our laws and that this law is not being used simply because of human rights issues and yet our people are being killed every day hence protecting the
rights of all Albino killers and not the victims! What a shame”.

Kalindo said that he is currently pushing that laws should be used to protect albinos.

”Where is my ignorance there if all what am doing is asking Parliament to agree that death penalty should be the only way to stop this barbaric act on Albinos once and for all?

”This kind of thinking is what is making our country not to progress and move forward! Should l say,you are one of the Albino killers and that may be you are afraid, you might get killed once this law has come to pass?” wondered Kalindo.

Kalindo  – popularly known as Winiko as a comedian – has since warned Malopa to stop making “silly arguments” on this sensitive issue that requires and collective efforts.

The garrulous Parliamentarian then labelled Malopa a coward who always try to practice cheap politics.

”Who do you want to please? Why are you trying to pretend , all is well when not? Get to know, am Bon Kalindo the legistrator not Bright Malopa the coward, who always try to practice cheap politics to gain favours from the authorities in order to get big positions in government!

”Who is supposed to censor who between you and the member of parliament who is obviously above you when it comes issues to do with the laws of the land. The issue at hand is very sensitive and requires speedy action. It is better for you to shut up if you have nothing to offer,Mr
Bright Malopa”.

Meanwhile Kalindo has vowed to go ahead with the planned ‘naked demonstration’ with date, venue and time to be announced later and said Malawians should be prepared to see his ‘member’ live.

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James Jiya

Bon Kalindo…………. I am behind u brother & i salute ur bravery……. Man Malopa is jst rubbish & very childish on issues of importance… I dont understand him anymore…… Zombie

john banda

Idzakhala it’s dzuka?

i dont see anything wrong with bon kalindo. its strange people think it is foolish for bon to threaten to walk naked. his nudity is harmless to the nation, but it is a strong call to all malawians who care about their brothers’s lives. mr bon is not going to kill anyone. yes walking naked is going to draw so much attention. it is obvious the 18 innocent lives that have been gruesomely killed have not aroused enough attention for malawians to support bon kalindo. or ,atleast, to understand those who are personally and affected by this issue. bon may… Read more »

Nenani tsiku tikavula zedi

Mario pei

This guy Kalindo is a waste of parliament space, the law doesn’t allow nudity. You will be arrested.. You look very very ugly with your suite on and now you want to show us your pile of protein unwrapped… Mama made you ugly thats fine but dont make it our business to see mama’s poor moulding skills.. Get dressed and stay dressed

manof principles

Mario pei ur the one who is a waste….ur name also sounds like an albino killer who is enjoying the weakness of our laws on this issue….why not just support someone who has taken a strong stand on this barbaric act….r u a Malawian?…..bomboclot!!!

Mario pei

Why should i support an idiot who doesn’t understand his on laws, why should my point of view be changed by a clueless less imbecile like you(”bomboclot ” meaning what?) He, winiko should take his battle to parliament,death penalty requires whose signature?


MOre fire Bon Winiko, we love so much. Lets join hands to fight these killers. Malopa sakuona cholakwikadi cos ndi mmodzi wa ma killers wo. Look at his mansion, ordinary malawian? How much was he getting at MBC? Silly Malopa

Kanthu Ako!

What is Kalinde trying to tell us?

We never know, going naked could be part of Kalindes whichdoctors CHIZIMBA to avoid being implicated in Albino killings.

Otherwise how does a sane person persist in “I will go naked this will be a sexy protest” seriously?

And people agree with him? and we blame politicians for being poor? with this poor mentality?

Kalinde is not concerned about the welfare of albinos, he is concerned about his own popularity.

Death penalty is already there, so what’s his point?

Bright Malopa is always childish when he wants to win favours from the above.What Hon. Kalindo suggestion is quite correct as according to my own opinion because if such law comes into pass all this shit will end. Malawians take note that over 60 Albinos have so far been killed in the country and in early days we used not to known their whereabouts knowing nothing that there were being physically killed. Many Malawians whether highly educated or not are today doing well such as driving posh cars, building up mansions because of such killings. Even those high profile people… Read more »

Am in support of Hon Kalindoos views.This country is not developing because of the people like Malopas who are unfortunately in majority and are in authority.Do you want to wipe out albinos in Malawi,What wrong have they done not to warrant state security.If you were an albino, would you have the guts to say such remarks, shame on you ,shame on peter Munthalika,shame on Hetherwick Ntaba.


Naked naked! Naked! This is how old women in Joni do when tired with nosense. We need to do that so long as tdzachotse gaga yense.

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