MP Botomani pays debt of gratitude to Mutharika for developing Malawi ‘under very difficult circumstances’

Member of Parliament for Zomba Chisi Mark  Michael Botomani of governing  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  has hailed President Peter Mutharika’s wise guidance and astute leadership that he deserves another five years mandate beyond 2019 to complete development projects which he said are being spread nationwide.

Botomani: Mutharika is bring development everywhere

Botomani said in Parliament when contributing to the Mid-Term Budget Review Statement saying  Mutharika government will continue to undertake major projects in various sectors of the economy ultimately contributing to job creation and enhancing the well-being of the people.

He commended Mutharika “for the way he is managing this country under very difficult circumstances.”

Botomani said despite challenges, President Mutharika is able to drive this country to make things work “and indeed we can attest to the fact that we are on the move to redeem this country.”

He said: “Mr Speaker, Sir, on behalf of the people of Zomba Chisi, Zomba district as a whole and indeed the Eastern Region, we are seeing development everywhere.”

Botomani continued: “When you look around, especially where I come from, the Eastern Region, we have development everywhere.  We can look at, for example, the Liwonde-Mangochi Road.  We look at the Liwonde Barrage, the Zomba-Chitakale-Phalombe Road, the new stadium that is being constructed in  [Zomba centra] and the technical colleges that have been constructed in the Eastern Region, Mangochi and Zomba, yes; of course, another one is coming up in Msondole.

“These are developments that are there for us to see. Our people, especially the young people, for example, are being employed in these infrastructure development projects that are taking place in the Eastern Region, particularly in Zomba.”

He said under the wise and dynamic leadership of Mutharika,  he is making sure to “equitably” distribute developments everywhere.

“ Mr Speaker, Sir, you can attest to the fact that when Members from each side of the aisle stand up, they mention a development or two happening in their own constituencies, either through the Constituency Development Fund, which is actually being distributed to each and every district every month. We are able to use that Constituency Development Fund to extend the things that are needed in our constituencies,” said Botomani.

But  Dedza North West MP, Alekeni Menyani (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) stood on a point of order saying the lawmaker should not praise Mutharika for development as it is tax payers money.

Another MCP legislator from Dedza East  Juliana Lunguzi also querried Botomani on

“equitable development” talk when dubious funding was exposed  of  86 constituencies given K40 million until government bowed to pressure to share it to all 193 constituencies.

But Botomoni  claimed she had met  Lunguzi  who privately  was praising government for the €7 million project that is taking place in her constituency.

“ I was with the Honourable Member yesterday and she can deny it if I am lying,” he said,

Speaker of Parliament  Richard Msowoya who jokingly commented “go deeper” asked Botomani “ where did you meet and what time was it?”

In response, Botomani said: “We were just discussing matters relating to our constituencies.”

He went on to comment the DPP-led government for the various development  initiatives that they have undertaken.

“We believe, as a country, we shall overcome one day and that Malawi shall be better tomorrow than what it is today,” he said.

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Koma tatopa
Koma tatopa
4 years ago

VP Chilima’s public lecture should be given to all members of parliament period

Mikango pa Thanthwe
Mikango pa Thanthwe
4 years ago
Reply to  Koma tatopa

Yes – the hyenas are whooping and giggling, grinning and groveling at the feet of their political masters, but when the Honorable Vice President leads his young lions down from the rock, it will be too late for the hyenas to learn to roar.

Gucci Grace
Gucci Grace
4 years ago

IT’S unfortunate and shameful that this MP deliberately chose to ignore the following:
1, No water
2. No electricity
3.. No drugs/medications in the hospitals
4. Poor infrastucture
5. People drinking water mixed with sewage
6. High infant morbidity and mortality rates
6. High maternal morbidity and mortality rates
7. Unequal distribution of worth
8. Nepotism
9. Negative trade deficit
10. Dysfunctional Parliament
11.. A clueless President
12. Pathetic Opposition
13. Abjunct Poverty levels
14. High cost of living
15.. High illiteracy level
16. Corruption i the highest order

Where is the development Sir????? 2019 VOTE WISELY folks

4 years ago
Reply to  Gucci Grace

A Grace gwirani ntchito inu simukuona anzanu akukatamukawa? The government provides a conducive environment but it’s up to you to work and open your eyes and indeed see that APM and DPP has transformed the country.

4 years ago
Reply to  Wemba

you are silly man , mbatama, mbuzi yotheratu; which environment is conducive? tell us; environment of fear, corruption or what? munthu wonunkha iwe zedi

Alfred Minjo
Alfred Minjo
4 years ago
Reply to  msalanyama

Mmmmmmmm! Izi ndi zinanso. Nanga ndi nkhani yomweyi? You can’t see the developments? You need further medical examinations for both eyes and the brain I guess….

4 years ago
Reply to  Wemba

Can you re-rebuttal my points PLEASE OTHERWISE KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT

4 years ago

At least you can afford a suit, but where is the development you are talking about in Malawi? are you sure Malawi has developed during the 3 years Mutharika has been in power. let us be serious. This is what Chilima was saying kunamiza mtsogoleri

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