MP claims Mulanje, Thyolo people destroying the beauty of Mangochi in Kudzigulira Malo Project

People from Mulanje and Thyolo districts who are relocated in Mangochi as part of  resettlement land development programme called ‘Kudzigulira Malo’ are accused of destroying the beauty of lakeshore district,  Parliament has been told.

Kaliati: Those who are looking for land are not only from Mulanje and Thyolo

Mangochi Nkungulu member of Parliament (MP) Aisha Mambo (United Democratic Front-UDF) said in the House that the natural disasters the country has  been experiencing in the recent years are due to climate change of which in one way or another is a manmade problem.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, in Mangochi Nkungulu, we used to have very beautiful hills but now the beauty has disappeared due to our colleagues from Mulanje and Thyolo through the Kudzigulira Malo Project.

“These people, Mr Speaker, Sir, have cut down all trees and killed all animals. If there are any animals left in these hills then they are human beings with axes in their hands ready to cut down the remaining small trees,” Mambo said.

Mambo asked for government to find other ways of helping them to allow the baby trees to grow so that the  forest can be reforested.

“ Mr Speaker, Sir, the people of Mangochi Nkungulu and I would want the beauty of Mangochi Nkungulu to return the way we used to see when I was young, before these colleagues were moved to this constituency.

But rising on a point of order, MP for Mulanje West Patricia Kaliati (Democratic Progressive Party – DPP) querried  Mambo for alleging that  those who are cutting down trees are those on the programme of Kudzigulira Malo.

“She is also alleging that those who are there are from Mulanje and Thyolo, yet those who are looking for land are not only from Mulanje and Thyolo.  And when we go to Mangochi, Machinga or across the country, there are different people mongering around and not only from Mulanje and Thyolo.  Is it in order to do that?” Kaliati asked.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya ruled that “ it is perfectly in order” because the Mambo was  talking about her constituency.

“I am sure she has done some research and she knows where those people come from,” he said.

Land remains the most significant productive asset for the majority of Malawians, yet it is far from being equitably distributed.

The Kudzigulira Malo Project is a direct beneficiary of the land reform process resettling people from areas of high land pressure to other areas, thereby increasing people’s access to land and thereby increasing agricultural production.

The pilot project seems to have been implemented without any element of social amenities or community facilities.

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The Israelites in Egypt were being persecuted because they were multiplying. I see the same backward thinking in many. Has chikangawa, Dzalanyama forests been destroyed by people from Thyolo and Mulanje? All Malawians should be responsible for environmental protection not attacking tribes


Iam afrom Thyolo but to be honest it is true when i see i tree i think of firewood or charcoal.It is inborn.Iam married to a northernor and that was noticed!Even my own children noticed my behaviour of always seeing firewod in trees.I think we just need to plant trees and move on.Congrations the courageous MP for calling a spade a spade.


Koma nthu atchopawa ayamba kubowa tsopano, akutionongera dziko. Tiyeni pamodzi timuthamangitse pitala!


its good that this comment has come from someone from Mangochi and people can’t say much, ndipachisuwani alomwe ndi yao. But to say the truth, alomwe are one of the useless tribes in Malawi. ntchito kuberekana basi ati movuti achuluke azikhala m’boma. They should not be allowed to settle in other districts, Wandale ndi uja munamunamizila kuti ndiwas misala.


Its high time now Malawi adopts one child a family policy

Michael Edween

Yes those pple they destroyed the beauty of mangochi, not only mkungulu, chief mponda area place called Njeleza. Government must react as quick as possible coz those areas wll be desert years come.


Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk true story,Wandale maybe mentally disturbed but ……. Bingu knew pipo like Wandale will came in thats y he and Muli were busy relocating pipo from Thyolo and Mulanje to mangochi and machinga,y didnt they pick pipo from Ntcheu,Balaka,Lilongwe,Kasungu,Chitipa etc for v same programm?????????? Inu open up ur eyes n c v future,,me pheeeeeee pa home


Well Done Mangochi Nkungulu MP. We need leaders who can point out when something is wrong, calling a spade by its real name. In fact your worry should not just be the beauty of your area. Deforestation without replanting has worse effects. Anthu ena anangobadwa oononga, kunonso ndalama zaBoma anthu omwewa akuchita nazo. Their leaders like Kaliati will always defend such stupidity. Osalola zopusazi. We also need MPs to point out this unwelcome population boom and urbanization.

Nkungulu girl

MP Mambo is very right, people from Thyolo & Mulanje are very distractive, they’re lazy, all they know are trees as their source of income. Come and see how they have destroyed Mangochi Nkungulu………………


What do we expect as a country if we have destroyed the whole vegetation/forest.. These desasters are here to stay unless we replace our forest.. Govt shd encourage pple/invester to start planting trees that are economical (fruit trees) rubber trees.. palm trees.. if we can someone invest in palm plantations it wd be great coz it has so many benefits..


Anthu okonda kubeleka awo ngati bona

I am one of coming from Mangochi; the MP is saying nothing but the truth; These people have literarily messed the hill side; And some chiefs on top of the people mulanje and thyolo finishing off the beauty of mangochi have sold hills and mountain to siku;; All the areas of hills are controlled by the strangers beacuse of corruption; And Sund and Sun have bought peace of land sewerage; I do not know Environmnet guys from government impact assessment; All the effects will cover areas like Chindongo Village, Mpeta, Maudzu, Mpale , Masanje, and Nndala Chikowa; ; People from… Read more »

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