MP Dzoole tells Parliament more Malawians prefer Chakwera to Mutharika: ‘MCP electoral motto kutchaya, kugwetsa!’

Lilongwe Msozi South MP Vitus Dzoole Mwale  told Parliament that president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lazarus Chakwera,has rapidly gained ground in the country, steadily eating into President Peter Mutharika’s grip  and that Malawians should not despair  of the plethora of crises “because in 18 months’ time, the MCP will reverse this trend once it goes into government.”

Dzoole Mwale (right) with MCP’s Belekanyama:  Chakwera is gaining the confidence of the citizenry

Making his contribution on President Peter Mutharika’s opening address to the 47th session of Parliament delivered on November 10, Dzoole Mwale,  said Mutharika is losing popularity among Malawians and that  his political opponent Chakwera is gaining the confidence of the citizenry.

He said  “everywhere, particularly in shops, hotels, public transport such as buses, people are just saying; Chakwera! Chakwera! Chakwera! Malawi Congress Party, 2019, Boma.”

Dzoole said Chakwera is the only hope for Malawi because he has got “good qualities of leadership” which will liberate economic hardships that Malawians are facing.

He also said the leader of opposition will eradicate corruption which is deeply rooted in the Malawian society when he takes over power “since he is a God fearing leader.”

Dzoole Mwale said the recent by-elections results have revealed that people are no longer interested in voting  in one’s favour after getting free cash and other hand-outs.

“ People want to be dignified by getting good government services ranging from good health, good education, good roads network services in cities and rural areas, good environmental services, good salaries and wages that will make their ends meet,” he said.

He said MCP “flexed its political muscles” in all the constituencies and wards where the by-elections were conducted.

“During the by-elections, our motto was kutchaya, kugwetsa and the true picture on the ground was as follows: in the Southern Region, Nsanje Lalanje Constituency, the MCP won the parliamentary seat, kutchaya, kugwetsa

“And in Ndirande Malabada Ward, MCP won the seat, kutchaya, kugwetsa! Similarly, in the Central Region, in Lilongwe Msozi North and Lilongwe City South East constituencies, the MCP won the parliamentary seats, kutchaya, kugwetsa!”

An Afrobarometer survey indicated  opposition Chakwera  can be Head of State in 2019

Afrobarometer, an African led, non-partisan research network in a nationwide survey conducted by the Centre for Social Research at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (Unima), interviewed 1 200 adult Malawians in both urban and rural settings.

But DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila struck a defiant tone saying PresidentMutharika is likely to win the 2019 presidential elections.

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C hibet
Inetu zikundidabwisa! Kwa inu mukumati Dpp ikumapangacha chitukuko, bwanji sunapite ku school kapena university yomangidwa ndi Dpp. Ndimesa ndinu nomwe mukumatumiza ana anu ku school zomangidwa ndi Mcp. Tirekereni ma university a mcp, tirekereni ma secondary schools a Mcp, chokakani mumanyumba a Mcp ku area ten chokoni muma state house onse a Mcp. Kakhaleni mumanyu a dpp yamangawo. Tilekere zinthu zathu zonse. Ndinu nomwe mwalowesa quota system muma university omangidwa ndi azanu. Mukuchita kukanganirana zinthu za mcp. Petera sanakuphuzinse amako unapita ku school ya mcp. Inu nonse dpp inakuphuzisani ndi mcp. Misewu mukuyenda magalimoto omwe ndiyathu. Anthu opusu inu a… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa
In 2019, your APM will be 80+ years old, if he is failing yo perform at 79 years will he perform at the former age? Those that have real or normal senses cannot cling to dpp, that is choosing the devil. Total blackouts, high essential commodity prices, very poor management, high level corruption shielding thieves inclusive, poor covil servants salaries paid on pa 45 of the month, lies and cheating. I believe those who are clinging to dpp are beneficiaries of cashgate or their relatives are! You may agree with me there no such a very poor performing president in… Read more »
Misozi Chanthunya

It is only a fool who can imagine that DPP in 2019 will be an underdog to one MCP which can hardly amass votes nationally as DPP can. Stay in your illusions. Ku MCP zikuoneka kuti akatundu ngati a JZU, Njovuyalema adatha. look at one prodigal Lazalo the way he plays a cry baby style.

Simeon Mkwembe

Dpp ndi yolephera basi mu godya za Malawi. MCP ndi chipani chomwe chili ndi maso mphenya kwa ife A Malawi Kuchaya kugwetsa kt buuu.

Simeon Mkwembe

Mwale ulemu wako ulandire inetu ukundivrtsa kukoma.


MCP’s MOTO is ” Kutchaya kugwetsa”.

Our DPP MOTO is “Chitukuko, Chitetezo, Chilungamo”.

Ndiye ife a DPP tikadzawina mudzidzati tabera? Ifetu ndife achikondi and we don’t value kutchaya kugwetsa as a philosophy worth selling in parliament.



DPP are failing malawians with the worst power outages ever experienced. Which person will vote for DPP when most people dont have power for 30 hours, DPP its time to go you had your chance and Escom will be the sole reason for your loss in 2019.


elections are not won in shops, hotels and public transport. MCP will never learn. 2019 the chickens are coming home to roost yet again


Ku Mayani in Dedza, also in central region; kutchayidwa, kugwetsedwa.


Please let our mumbling president serve his next 18 months peacefully. I remember he said DPP will win all 193 seats in 2019, symptoms of malaria and rheumatism.

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