MCP says Malawians best judges on who between Mutharika and Chakwera should qualify for mental examination

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has faulted President Peter Mutharika for attacking leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera, suggesting that he  is mentally unstable and should undergo psychiatric evaluation, saying the citizenry should make their own choice who should quality for mental examination.

Mkaka: Did Chakwera lie when he said Mutharika is massaging corruption even at State House?

Mutharika speaking at Kasungu Boma during his road trip from Mzuzu in the Northern Region to his base in the capital city, Lilongwe, said: “I want to write the Speaker that perhaps ‘this man’ should be sent to Kamuzu Central Hospital [so] that his head should be tested to understand why he is speaking that way.

“It is embarrassing that a man who wants to become President of this country should speak so childishly and like a mentally challenged person.”

But MCP second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka described Mutharika’s remarks as unfortunate and regrettable.

Mkaka told Nyasa Times on Monday that Malawians who have been subjected to untold misery are best judges as to whether Chakwera who is speaking the truth on their behalf qualifies for psychiatric attention.

“We wonder as to who should qualify for a psychiatric attention between the State President and the Leader of Opposition,” said Mkaka.

“Is telling the truth equivalent to mental disorder?  Did Chakwera’s lie when he said Mutharika has broken lies all over him?  Did Chakwera lie when he said Mutharika mishandled the maize export ban?,” wondered Mkaka.

The remarks Chakwera made in Parliament last Monday, which apparently irked the President were: “The fact is that we Malawians are in the unenviable position of having a President and an Executive so incompetent at leading and so insensitive to the suffering of the people they govern that whenever any of us speaks here, we must speak not on behalf of our political parties, but at the behest of Malawians.”

Chakwer also made allegations of corruption and theft and wealth amassed by some Cabinet ministers and aides in his administration.

Mkaka said the MCP president  dared the President with objective facts on his statement.

“Did Chakwera lie when he said Mutharika is massaging corruption even at State House? Chakwera went a step further to give evidence of the rot in the ESCOM generator deal. Instead of condemning this he chooses to keep quiet,” said Mkaka.

He continued: “Well, if telling the truth is tantamount to mental disorder, then Chakwera qualifies for mental hospital.”

Speaker of Palrimanent Richard Msowoya, Chakwera’s first vice-president in MCP, on Friday  ruledthat the leader of opposition’s remarks that “the President is incompetent and insensitive” be struck off the Hansard—the official record of proceedings in the National Assembly.

Mutharika and Chakwera are likely to be main contenders for the  2019 Tripartite Elections .

MCP claimsMutharika won fraudulently against Chakwera in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

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Being mentally ill is when 1 at the age of 79 says is young while considering others to retire at the age of 65 for being old


Wathuyo Pitala ali bwino-bwino. Koma uyo Lazaloyo ndi amene akufunika ku Mental. Nzosatheka kuti Pitala angadwale misala asanayambe Lizaloyo. Ayambe wakatcheketsa kaye Lazaloyo kenaka mubwere mudzamutenge wathuyi. Pitala wanenetsa kuti dziko likuyenda bwino magetsi akuyaka bwino bwino, Anthu akefe olo kuba olo. Akumaba kwambiri ndi Atumbuka nchifukwa chake bwana anati mmipandomu ngati ku ESCOM ndi MACRA ndi enable otelowo tiikeko Achilomwe pang’ono kuti kubaku kuthe. Simwaona zasintha?


MCP ndi DPP zipani ziwirizi zonsezi palibepo chazeru zimene akuchita apa zikuwoneseratu kuti si azisogoleri ayi osewa kutukwana akutukwanaku Sichina koma kufunisisa kuti azikaba palibepo msogoleri apa mulungu atipasira musogoleri woti athandize zikoli amalawi izi sizitithandiza ayi tipephere kuti mulungu alowelere.


They are all mad, they know each other!


You can just look at the faces and know who is lying/Who needs psychiatric attention. Even kalankhulidwe will show you who is mentally challenged. If you need me to spell it out for you then its BWAMPINI


People are talking as if it is only DPP or the President who has seen mucous in Chakwera’s speech. Where do you put the Speaker’s order of not including abusa’s insane speech in the hansard?

Chakwera will never rule malawi
Chakwera will never rule malawi

Chakwera, the dirty new broom which is failing to sweep smartly, desperate to rule, he has resorted to develish and unchristian language, man of collar, slow down. The more you use angry and abusive language the more Malawians are realising that you want power due to bitterness and not necessarily to help Malawi. Hang with your bitterness while Malawi seeks solutions to its problems. After all there is nothing you have said you will bring other than american accent. Your nonsense MUST STOP.


Ngati chakwera walakwitsa apresident kubweza ndi kunyoza. Kodi apart from kune ”incopetent, ineficient” kodi a achakwera akunana za kubazo? ndiyankheni chonde abale


DPP are thieves and the president himself is the prince of thieves as said by the genius Chakwera. This pathological liar is taking us to great sufferings.


The whole MCP leadership is mentally challenged, including its followers. Making blunders out of hate and njala yofuna kulamulira dzikoli. Wait for 2019 when you will know the truth.

A Malawi tatopa ndi ndale zotukwanizana – ana anu akuphinzirapo chani apa?

Ayatolah Khamenei

Tell tht to MBC u brainwashed…

peter adafa ndithu leaderless
peter adafa ndithu leaderless

peter is mad

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