MP Gowelo, Chilomoni Councillor Kametah fight over Constituency Development Fund

A tag-of-war has ensued between Chilomoni Ward Councilor and Member of Parliament (MP) for Blantyre City West, Thom Gowelo over the use of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Gowelo: Fighting with councillor

In an interview Chilomoni Ward Councilor, Phillip Litchowa Kametah said there is lack of transparency as to how the fund is being run by their MP with people being left in the dark.

“Since I entered office as Chilomoni Ward Councilor, I have not taken any part in the operations of the CDF. Even the Area Development Committee (ADC) or the Village Development Committee is not taking part in the CDF operations; a development which simply shows that in our area, the fund is used in a wrong way,” said Kametah.

Kametah added that the MP is using the funds clandestinely because even the Group Village Heads in the area are not aware of how the money is used.

“Even the City Council does not know clearly how the fund should be used which shows that all the powers towards the use of this money is in the hands of the MP. In other words, the fund is being taken as pocket money for MPs who do not wish their constituencies to develop,” highlighted Kametah.

According to Kametah, the money is supposed to be shared amongst councilors of the constituency for them to develop their areas but the MP is using the money alone.

“Sometimes we see that the money has come to the City Council but we do not see how it is used. It’s my plea even to the government to have proper procedures on how these funds are used and even for the people in our constituency to follow how this money is used, not just leaving it to the councilor and the MP which sometimes creates conflict between the two and at the end the community suffers,” said Kametah.

Responding to the accusations, the Blantyre City West MP, Thom Gowelo said there is a lot of development that has been done using the CDF in his entire constituency  and not only Chilomoni Ward.

“There are a number of wards in my constituency that I have developed including the Chilomoni Ward, so I do not know what the people are complaining about. There is Sigelege Primary and Jordan Junior Primary Schools; the few blocks that are there I was the one who built them,” said Gowelo.

Gowelo added that Chilomoni Ward should not complain for it is not the only ward in his constituency, but there are other wards that need development and the CDF has been used in developing other wards like Manyowe and Nantcholi as well.

“Four projects in the 2016/2017 financial year were approved and the contracts were signed; come June 30 they will be accomplished. These are Nancholi Primary School, the construction of Mkoka Bridge, Mudi Bridge and Milo Primary School,” highlighted Gowelo.

Answering on the involvement of local structures, the MP said he called them and asked them what they want in their wards and they presented the projects which will be accomplished in June.

“The money is not that huge, it’s K18 million and the councilor is supposed to work with the ADC in coming up with projects that are needed most in their areas,” elaborated Gowelo.

However, speaking to the ADC Chairperson for Chilomoni Ward, Maxwell Chagoma said the MP did not meet them to break down the CDF as it was supposed to be.

“As Chilomoni Ward, we just hear that there is CDF but we are not aware how it is being used. We just hear that there are such allocations but we do not see what that money is doing here in our wards,” said Chagoma

Chagoma said they already have draft projects to be presented to the MP but he does not come to hear their needs as people of his constituency.


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Rift Valley

If I hear. Gowelo right, the so-called development has been confined to Manyowe, Nancholi, where he stays, and Sigelege. I live in Chilomoni, somewhere near MDC ground and have never seen any development. Perhaps I expect too much. The last time Gowelo was in the area was in the runup to May 2014 elections. He is probably busy chasing skirts.

Gowelo Mthalika

DPP Woyeee. Muzativoterabe Ife ndi DPP. Tizakunyengererani.

Proundly Mulunguzi Citizen
Proundly Mulunguzi Citizen

Sorry Gowelo you are nothing but a coackroach. A mosquito to development. It’s very pathetic to note we have men of your calibre in this modern world. Are trying to lie to the blind? Shameless hegoat you have failed to develop your constituency. Chilomoni can not even match Kachere township in terms of development. Aaaa inu musatitkwanitse apa!!

Reh Juwa

How come a an MP is busy building school blocks instead of forming laws. Maps must learn to understand their role. Their role is framing regulation and not constructing school blocks. This is a misunderstanding of their role.

One question to the hononarable when he says i constructed schools blocks, did he use his person money or CDF? If it was CDF then he should say I facilitated construction of school blocks using CDF which is tax payer’s money.

Wait a minute people. MP are supposed to be law makers and councilors are implementers of development at ward level. Our lousy MPs fear that they will be forgotten by the electorate therefore they resort into gate clashing in management of CDF. This is one reason why this country continues to retrogress. Little wonder that you even see the whole State president inspecting a half kilometer road. What do you expect from MPs? Its sickening. I like the RSA politics. You do not vote for individual MPs but parties select representatives of the August House based on the proportionality of… Read more »
I am surprised as well as to which Nancholi the MP is talking about. In fact he has never been to Nancholi since being Elected and even the Road going to Nancholi is very very pathetic. He does not even care about us people of Nancholi and I wonder if he will ever get a Vote from the people Here in Nanchuli. He stopped existing as an MP in Nancholi Long way back. Do we really have an MP in Nancholi? If he really exists and will read this let Him visit Nancholi and he will see for himself what… Read more »

The MP does not come to hear your needs in the constituency, mmmm, he is coming next year when the elections are around the corner and you will be clapping hands while women are ulutatings garnering support for Gowelo to be voted back to parliament. That will be after he has palm oiled you, members of ADC colour paint his achievements in the constituency.


This Gowelo guy is useless during the two terms he has been in office he has done nothing for chilomoni ward! come and visit Nthukwa road from the market center to nthukwa stage up to the main market during rainy season kumakhala matope ngati si ku town and yet mukafuna kukonza mumagothira madothi ndalama ndi izo mukungoyika pa lilime mxieeeeww dunderhead

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