MP Kalindo defiant, says ‘facts do not lie’ after being chased at DPP rally and castigated

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislature, Bon Kalindo, who led a group of protesters who marched “half-naked” through the streets of the capital, Lilongwe against continued abductions and killings of people with albinism says he does not regret his actions despite being chased by party cadres at the rally addressed by President Peter Mutharika in Mulanje on Saturday.

kalindo: Let's accept the fact

kalindo: Let’s accept the fact

Despite being chased, DPP top officials took turn at Mutharika’s rally at Limbuli in Mulanje district to castigate Kalindo calling him all sorts of denigrating names.

Setting the ball rolling was DPP regional governor (South), Charles Mchacha, said Kalindo “naked” demonstration was not sanctioned by the party of the people from Lhomwe belt.

Mchacha, who is also an MP for Thyolo West, said “Let me say on behalf of the people of Mulanje that we did not send Kalindo and his naked people in the streets.”

The DPP Secretary General, Ecklen Kudomtoni, also denigrated Kalindo, saying that he was behaving a man with dementia, saying  he is not part and parcel of the party for going ahead with the ‘naked’ demonstration.

“That demonstration was for his own dwindled mind but as the party we are satisfied with what our President is doing to end the attacks on  persons with albinism,” added Kudontoni.

The DPP secretary general said Kalindo was not part of the DPP because he was doing something contrary to the party’s position.

The cadets chased Kalindo in presence of other senior party officials.

But Kalindo who wore small red shorts, a red vest, a red scarf and red cap during the match has said there is no regret for his actions, dismissing “overzealous” DPP official  for suppressing his expression and plotting to kill him.

The legislator, who was a popular stage and TV comedian, said DPP is reacting badly because he accused some unnamed politicians of being part of the albino hunters’ syndicate, hence their failure to act decisively.

“I don’t know what my crime is,” said Kalindo  who claimed to be in hiding.

The MP, who is also DPP deputy spokesman, claimed  there is a plot to kill him by regime thugs.

“This  issue [albino killings]  the way I am looking at it is a national issue not political issue and I wonder why they [DPP] want to kill me for exercising my rights,” he said.

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.

Kalindo said “facts do not lie” and knows he has provoked some for his demand for those convicted for albino murders should face the death penalty.

Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati recently ruled out the implementation of the death penalty against killers of people with albinism.

She said it was possible to mete out stiff punishment while respecting human rights.

“Life imprisonment is also a strong deterrent punishment,” she said.

President Mutharika has also rebuffed calls for the implementation of death penalty.

While laws in Malawi provided for death penalties, the country’s leaders have, since 1994, refused to sign death warrants.

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chief activist

@ boza lamnanu…………i conqur with yu,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when hitler was in power he had best ten hench men on of which was Ruddolf hess…….he spoke sth against hitler but neva got fired like wise mussolin nd enstranged controvesial Tony Blair……………….wat daz that entail……?


Don’t worry mr kalindo sangakupheni akangotelo dzionetselo dzadzikolonse adzadziona,and adzaonekera kutidi ndi boma lakupha.

Peter Kaunda

Kalindo akuti walakwa chani? Koma DPP Death Public Party eish.

Kalindo is very stupid. When Kaliati said albino killers will not be killed while he insisted that the albino killers should be killed, he was fighting a war with Mutharika and should have taken a different The man was simply seeking cheap popularity, but by parting ways with his party position which is also a ruling party he shot himself in the foot. He cannot not say he has no regret when in the actual fact he is. The next thing we shall hear is that he is no longer the deputy party spokesperson and this will be the beginning… Read more »
Bodza la n\'nanu
Democracy, one can express different view points to the party. Learn from UK politics. Gove is justice minister in the Cameron government and his views were different from his prime minister on Brexit. Did Cameron fire Gove? No! What has happened, the “Leave” camp led by Gove and Boris (mp to the ruling government) has won whilst the “remain” camp led by the prime minister Cameron has lost. As a sign of democracy the PM is resigning. DPP and other parties in Malawi take a leaf from this. DPP mps have a right to express their views contrary to the… Read more »

A Gogodasi, i think zitsiru za dziko sizidzatha wina ndiwe, so you mean evryman should seek expensive popularity by praising the head of the house or the state and ndikumangovomeleza zilizonse?? SHAME!!. Malawi singatukukuke ndipo sidzatukukabe chifukwa cha anthu ambiri nngati iwe. Kalindo ali momo mu DPP ndipo mwina wina alipo wamkulu yemwe adamupemphapo kuti ngati phungu wachinyama akuyenera kumapha nao ngati Mr Mchacha, Kudontoni ndi ena. ndiye kuti kalindo anakana zimenezo. Bola likupha basi tivomereze. kalindo or kudzaiimira ngati independent MP tidzamuvoterabe.

finale wa kabaza (cargo rider)

Gogodasi ukuonekeratu kuti mmutu mwako muli mamina okhaokha ndi nsete, a pure dunderhead who has nothing to contribute to his nation, shame on you buddy!!!


Gogodasi i think you are very mad and stupid, inu ndamene mumapha anthu galu iwe


Iwe ufuna utayitse bwana mita panopa akutumiza ziwalozi ku ulaya ndiye iwe ukuti chiyani ,mkulu wake paja adali ndi Nachipanti and A tcheya amadula ziwalo monga maliseche azimayi ,maso ndi zina zotero


If I were Kalindo, I could have used Kamuzu word: there is no way to beat the bush, Killers of albinos have exposed themselves. DPP is the culprit. Pipo in 2019 vote wisely and remember Kalindo

The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O NOT BEFITING THE TAG Some of us expected Malawi to breath some fresh air of politics and the DPP to be different under APM and Chilima. Alas! . . . Paradoxically, APM is a whole-package of a professor of law (who cant be cheated on issues of democracy – intra-party or otherwise). As to why he chooses to behave the kanyenya-wa-nkhuku or mang’ina vendor he is not, and not the professor he is; only the devils he surprisingly surrounds himself with, can explain. . . . People like Kudontoni are everything that Malawi does not need, anywhere. I now… Read more »

If nothing is done Mr Bon Kalindo will now call for the resignation of the president. At least it will make sense.

Am just watching.







MF Jones

Shame on you Mokowa. What does tribe has to do with this. I’m a Lomwe and I share Kalindo’s views in this case. So do not generalize anything about the Lomwe. Can’t you contribute something constructive?You smart alec!



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