MP Kamlepo missing, gets court order stopping his arrest: MRA, Malawi Police ordered to return impounded vehicles

The High Court in the commercial capital Blantyre Sunday ordered the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) to release vehicles it impounded belonging to firebrand Rumphi East parliamentarian and People’s Party (PP) vice president for the north Kamlepo Kalua pending a judicial review.

Kamlepo Kalua: We have thieves walking freely as ministers and boasting with Cashgate money but they want to harass me

Last week MRA escorted by heavily armed police officers stormed Kalua’s house in Blantyre where they reportedly searched for documents to the vehicles which they allege were acquired through wrong procedures.

But an order signed by the High Court registrar and seen by Nyasa Times, “orders” for the release of a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 registration number KA8966 and a Mercedes Bend registration number RU5437.

In an interview with Nyasa Times one of the lawyers representing Kalua, Wanangwa Harawa, said he was happy that justice had transpired.

According to him, the Mercedes Benz in question was bought by Kalua’s son, Penjani, –popularly known as Fredokiss in music circles – and was cleared by parliament in August 2014 while the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 was also locally bought by his son in 2008 from an Indian who bought it from Toyota Malawi in 1997.

Kalua did not mince words to describe the development as part of government’s ways to “deal” with people with opposing views.

“The MRA plot is a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration’s tactic to politically persecute critics,” said Kalua.

The injunction was granted after Blantyre-based law firm, Ritz Attorneys, acting on instructions from Kalua filed with the courts a certification of extreme urgency and order granting leave to move for judicial review and relief, among others.

Meanwhile, the  Kalua family expressed fears over the life of the MP saying he has been missing.

“He was invited to go to police in Lilingwe but since then we have not been able to communicate to him,” said his daughter.

She said they were afraid of his life because there has been rumours that regime thugs were after his head.

“We pray he is fine. But we fear a lot [these regime thugs] can attack him,” she said.

Lawyer Hara said last time he spoke to Kalua was Friday when he instructed them to launch an application to the High Court to stop an arbitrary arrest.

“We moved the court with a certificate of extreme urgency for judicial review for the the decsiion of the Inspector General of Police and commissioner genera of MRA and their officers so Judge Rowland Mbundula has granted an order that the decisions by the two State institutions in respect of this matter should be amenable for review,” said Hara.

Kalua said the raid by scored of MRA officials accompnaied by armed police at his house whereby they were breaking the house doors as well as at his son, was a political witchunting aimed at intimidating and harassing him.

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18 thoughts on “MP Kamlepo missing, gets court order stopping his arrest: MRA, Malawi Police ordered to return impounded vehicles”

  1. Keen Observer says:

    Zoti he is missing I don’t buy that story. If he was called to go to police station why he was not accompanied by his lawyer??????? There is stinking corruption inot Malawi but the way Kamlepo behaves is questionable. Is he the only opposition MP???

  2. 2019 Voter says:

    I love God so much and I have full hope that mdima ukachuluka ndiye kuti kwatsala pang’ono kucha. NdithU, our true God is in control.

  3. chiweta chitimba says:

    if ever the vehicles clearences went thru parliament, they were bought by MP Kamlepo Kalua not his son who is not an MP. if indeed they were bought by his son and cleared duty free thru parliament, there is a case of perjury by the MP or tax/duty evasion by the son. This is revelation that relations of people elected to parliament import goods including cars duty free. There must be immediate investigation theft thru parliament.

  4. truth says:

    A thief has 40 days to be cornered.

  5. santana says:

    Is Kalua’s son an MP? Why should he have priverage of free clearance? Why should his vehicle be cleared by Parliament? And this son bought the other vehicle in 1997. Where was he working by then that he can have money to buy such a car? So this Indian sold this vehicle without papers? Why is Kamlepo hiding now? Why should he hide if all the allegations on him are not true? So the lawyer will be in court without him? I thought he has been challenging that he does not fear death or imprisonment? Kamlepo be a man enough, bring the papers which MRA is looking for and free yourself from the silly hideout.

    1. Gome says:

      Will you read the article again it appears your emotions are dictating your reaction without scrutinizing the content of this write up.

    2. Nzika says:

      Santana, you are missing the point, and your ancentral povert should not limit the ability of others, we dont make money thru working only, the young man has an entreprenueral attitude, komanso chizungu chakuvutanitu apa, the vehicle was bought in 1997 buy an Indian, and Kalua bought it in 2008. And who told you kuti always anthu amapatsana MRA documents when selling used cars here? Furthermore if Kamlepo did not exceed his required limit to buy personal cars, who cares whether the car belongs to his son or not? Zitha kutheka kuti anagulitsana pachibale.

  6. stop accusing opposition party pliz

  7. Dave says:

    Shame on DPP…

  8. Solomon says:

    DPP yayaluka zonsezi ndi Chaponda ……court siliona nkhope zikanakhala ndi zoona silikananena kuti ma pepala abwenzedwe…..

  9. Mvahiwa says:

    Tonse taona ma pepala a MRA kuti Kamlepo paid duty kudzela ku parliament. Pezani nkhani ina apa a DPP

  10. Peter says:

    We all know this is DPP Propaganda. Kamlepo is giving these guys a tough time so they want to create stories. MRA system can not be tampered with. First it was tax evasion ….then stolen cars….akungosintha nkhani. I can see the govt loosing money on this case. All because of Chaponda.

  11. Flamingo says:

    So mumati anthu akuvutika inu mukuyendera ma V8 and Mercs. Hypocrites!

  12. phiri taulo says:

    Let MRA do their job. Why is Kamle po scared? He will resurface in parliament so that he has immunity. Silly MP!!

  13. Mphwiyo says:

    So the benefit of buying vehicles without paying duty by MPs extends to sons and daughters? A Kaluwa munene bwino apa.

  14. Powell says:

    The people of Chilumba Karonga are missing their own true son Kampunga Mwafulirwa. Kamlepo is our only hope.

    1. lux says:

      There is this mp James Bond Kamwambi the guy is more illiterate than the word itself illiterate. 2019 interline bus company woyeee ( mwanyongo)

  15. Confessions says:

    Please our journalists, learn to write concisely and review the stories before publishing. Try to make sense. Parliament does not clear vehicles. What do you mean by “the vehicle was cleared by parliament”? It is only MRA that “clears” vehicles. The Customs & Excise law empowers MRA to seize vehicles that it believes were fraudulently cleared regardless of where one bought it. It is the duty of a person buying the car to make sure that indeed the vehicle was cleared by MRA.

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