MP Mkandawire hails deputy speaker for stopping Katsonga’s Ngoni regalia: ‘I’m Ngoni chief myself’

Outspoken Member of Parliament for Mzimba West, Harry Mkandawire took time to commend Second Deputy Speaker Clement Chiwaya for  his decision to stop Mwanza Central member of Parliament (MP) Davies Katsonga (Democratic Progressive Party-DPP) to violate the dress code as provided under Parliamentary Standing Order 104(c).

Katsonga: I am an Impi

Katsonga, himself a former Speaker of Parliament, entered the Parliament chamber clad in a traditional Ngoni head gear made from animal skin,  which led to Dedza South West MP Clement Mlombwa (Malawi Congress Party-MCP), to ask the Second Deputy Speaker if wearing Ngoni headgear in Parliament was in order.

After consultations, Chiwaya ruled Katsonga out of order, saying men were not allowed to wear headgears in the chamber.

Said the Second Deputy Speaker: “Parliamentary Standing orders clearly stipulate what type of dressing members have to follow. The freedom on headgear is only given to women; and not men unless it [the dress code] is reviewed by the Legal Affairs Committee. It is, therefore, my ruling that headgears or traditional wear by men should not be part of our dressing in this House, at this point in time.  I repeat, we have mechanisms in which we can change whatever Standing Orders we have.  These rules as we always say can be changed once a consensus of the whole House is reached.”

Katsonga who challenged the ruling, saying the Speaker was not fair in deciding the matter before consultations with the Legal Affairs Committee.

“All I am seeking is clarity from the chair from the said relevant committee before ruling on the matter, but if that is the case, Mr. Speaker, I challenge you. I will gladly accept Standing Order 105 and accept to leave the chamber,” he said.

“ I am an Impi for Maseko Ngoni, so appointed by Inkosi ya Makosi  Gomani Maseko IV.  I still hold that position in that culture,” said Katsonga before he walked out of the House in protest.

But standing on a point of order, Mkandawire  said Chiwaya deserved congratulations for his ruling on dress code.

“I think it is terribly out of order for [Katsonga] to think that because he is an advisor to a chief then he is entitled to dress anyhow.  Some of us are actually more senior than him. I am a Ngoni Chief myself. I receive money from government, for being a chief, and his position is very junior.  Now, if a mistake was made, I was going to wear a Ngoni gear, which is more superior to his,” he said.

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I have never heard Mkandawire being a Ngoni? Or does he want to become a Ngoni? Harry is not a chief but headman.

Akweni alipo?

Mukangomulola, muonanso. Ine ndivala full gule. Tiyeni nazoni. Asafuna kutchuka nda????

The Eye

The challenge is ambiri awa si angoni. Just read their surnames. They are othandizira chabe kutchukitsa ungoni – bootlickers of the so called ngoni.
Kodi aYao, aSena, aNguru, aChewa, aTonga atati amvale headgear yachikalidwe chawo in Parliament the chamber will be a forest of dead and stinking feathers, animal skins, dry leaves with soiled bodies.
Katsonga juat wants to draw attention. Akudzidziwa kuti watha paint.


@Gonapamuhanya …………………… You are a fake Gonapamuhanya!!!!!!!


Do people still trust ACB?




mutu unapenga katsonga

Alex Nyalapa

Harry Mkandawire is drawing two salaries where. Think before you leap and argue which ACB you are talking about. You think Harry is a fool as an Hon. Member of parliament to get two salaries. Fumu don’t get salaries it is a honorarium ask capital hill. Koma Ku Malawi mbuzi zachuluka


Kodi Simwana wa Chester Katsonga uyu wa pa Zomba apa? Pardon me if I am wrong. Ungoni wace wacokera kuti? These Katsongas are all the same! Show offs!


ACB are you listening???? Ntchito iyo!!!! Harry Mkandawire is doubling as a chief and an MP! Drawing two salaries from our taxes! Arrest him now!


Chiefs do not receive salary but honor-aria


He is not drawing two salaries. One of them is a honararium! Malawi has so many dunderheads who think they know!!!!!!

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