MP Msungama says Malawi young generation shall rise in maiden speech at Parliament

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  Lilongwe City South East’s member of Parliament (MP) Ulemu Msungama used his first speech in Parliament to say the young generation which he belongs shall rise to have an active role in trans-formative politics and governance.

Msungama: My generation shall rise

Delivering his maiden speech in the House, Msungama who won the recent by-elections after challenging the 2014 elections in court which ordered a re-run,  said he isn’t just proud to represent the people of Lilongwe City South East but he is also “proud to be a vibrant, visionary, ambitious, newly elected and newly married MP.”

He said he hopes to inspire the young generation to refrain from “cheap party politics” and to cease complaining about the blunders of the older generations  “who are now struggling to lead this country.”

Said Msungama: “It is my hope that instead of complaining, my generation will take up the challenge,  realise and accept that they are not leaders of tomorrow, but today.

“Malawi needs to see a new day and I want to be part of that sunrise, but I have learnt the hard way that those who need to take a bow and retire from politics, will not give up power willingly.”

Continued Msungama: “My generation must fight for our place in public offices where policies are made. So, I call on young people everywhere to rise and be counted. Refuse to be painted and as always, nothing for us, without us!”

Msungama said he had fought gallantly  to be in the legislative House and  has no plans to stop fighting.

“I have to keep fighting because while justice was only delayed for me, for the people of Lilongwe South East, justice had been denied,” he said.

The new parliamentarian said the “tragic thing”  about poor living conditions in his constituency is that,  it is  in the Capital City.

“In fact, the most amusing thing is that the State House [official residence of President Peter Mutharika, Kamuzu Palace]  itself is inside my constituency. This means that even though the State President is the nation’s Head of State, he is also my constituent. So, it is sad that his government has neglected the needs of the people that share the same constituency with him,” he said.

Msumgama said it remains “interesting” that the ruling DPP  even lost the vote of a polling centre at the State House premises.

“ This means that even Malawians that are immediate neighbours feel neglected by government,” he pointed out.

Msungama said: “Since the President is my constituent and I am his Member of Parliament, I look forward to persuading him to work with me as they say charity begins at home. My generation shall rise.”


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Talk is cheap. Lets wait and see what development you will do in your constituency. Reality will hit you hard. If you failed to do any meaningful business for your own development and you were putting up in a boys quarter what makes you believe you can uplift the lives of others?


Sanje, kaduka!


My my my a breathe of fresh air!!!! You go young man, break the stalemate …….we need about a few of you to shake things up and we will be fine…….mwabwela bwino ……. Do not accept the status quo and business as usual, stay above the fray and let people see that you are a different breed ……….love you already,


powerful message. DPP BECAREFUL MCP Youth taking over


But at the old men like the Chapondas, Muthalikaz, Gondwez, Kachalez, Mtaba, Days etc edged Imean edged!!!!!!!!




Great job, I really enjoyed reading your speech!!! it’s time for the young generation to rise up and take the lead, bravo young man!


My only advice to you my bro ,don’t forget that talk is cheap,talk less act more,usadzasiye mulomo


Mwanayo, Mwanayooooooh! Koma you must be serious. Remember chipani china chinagulidwa, chinanso chasalapang’ononso kugulidwa. This you must know that it will NEVER take Malawi anywhere.

Stand by the truth like Dr. Laz. call a spade by its name. Nothing for us without us. NO CORRUPTION! If you here people are going to DPP, they are corrupt and they have skeletons in their bed rooms.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!


This is well said. I cannot and I will not understand why one would to stand for presidential elections at the age of 81. I mean 81 years! you still cannot believe others will do it better after you retire. After all which office will hire a man of that age unless it’s a security guard somebody’s hawker but just to pass time of course somewhere in Nyambadwe. As Malawi we need decide and this is the time!


Tell them my brother! Ukutimvetsa kukoma! Gule kwao……adyelera kokwana akhwiri amenewa!


“My generation must fight for our place in public offices where policies are made. So, I call on young people everywhere to rise and be counted. Refuse to be painted and as always, nothing for us, without us!” Well said honorable Msungama. For how long are we the youth going to clap hands and paint ourselves our? Bravo Msungama, Keep up!!!

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