MP Mwenifumbo bemoans intraparty democracy in Malawi

Karonga Central Constituency parliamentarian Frank Mwenifumbo has expressed his discontentment over the state of intraparty democracy in the country saying it is deplorable.

Mwenefumbo:  Independent MP

Mwenefumbo: Independent MP

Mwenifumbo, presently an independent Member of Parliament (MP) since the fall of the People’s Party (PP) from power in the May 2014 tripartite elections, disclosed to Nyasa Times that the phenomenon is hampering the country’s socio-eco-political progress.

“There is no intraparty democracy in our parties,” he said. “Members, including MPs, are mere hand clappers such that they fail to voice out their concerns on issues of national importance for fear of displeasing a few in party’s top notch positions.”

According to Mwenifumbo, this appalling nature of the country’s politics that makes him remain independent.

“None of them convince me,” he said. “That’s why I cannot convince them.”

The politician-cum-entrepreneur, however, hinted that should a certain party convince him as far as the ideologies he is rooted in are concerned, he “will join.”

Said Mwenifumbo: “Some MPs behave as if it is their parties that sent them to parliament. The problem is the lack of democracy within the structures of our parties.”

He further blamed the country’s litany of problems of the manner in which the country’s affairs are run, opining that a complete overhaul of the system is way to go.

“We need to empower our people,” he opined. “People must work hard for themselves, and not because government will have to pay them at the end of the day. That’s how we can end our problems of employment, food shortages et cetera.”

He showed Nyasa Times more than three hectares of land which he has leased out to subsistence farmers in his constituency to grow rice under his Mikoma Greenbelt Initiative.

“I used to give them seeds and fertilizer but I’ve since stopped for sustainability’s sake,” he said. “Now I ask them to save some money from their sales and buy on their own whilst they are using the rest for survival.”

The initiative has 120 men and women benefitting.

Mwenifumbo has been active in politics prior to the May 2004 elections when he was first elected MP for Karonga Central Constituency. He lost to Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda in the 2009 general elections only to reclaim it in the May 2014 tripartite elections.

He was strongly attached to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and People’s Party (PP) where he is also believed to have been a financier.

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Arthur G.M. Mtambo


Loyd Mtila

“Better remain an independent than being a hans crapper” kkkk. Thus real maturity in democracy

Straight Talk

Anadya ndi Bingu, Anadya ndi JB and thinks Pitala Mbyofo mbyofo will silence him with a position in Dpp.Palibe chinanso apa he is crying for Unduna.basi.Just concentrate on your mikoma lodge and distributing rice seed to povos around your area.There is nothing to school us about Malawi politicians.They are all handclappers,Stooges and opportunists.No wonder Malawi is ranked the poorest country in the world.Ntchito ukhuluku ngati Zeni Zeni apa.Pitala don’t reward this crooked man with any position.Musiye azitokota choncho mpakana atopa.Anadya zambiri za mchimwene wako.


He was minister in ministry of agriculture there mwenyes gave him lots money to get order for them ACB CHECK HIM OUT giving fertiliser order to mwenyes….he has lots of properties in Malawi ndi SA…where did they come from short time

Let’s face it socio political development in Malawi has retrogressed since the advent of multi party democracy in Malawi partly because of what mwenefumbo has said . Politicians need to offer alternative views especially in a democratic desperation . But sadly views that are opinioted in parliament are homogeneous and luck substance . Let mps freely express their views that represent real issues that affect our people day in day out . . These arei the crop of leadership that we need in Malawi not yes bwanas
Shaft Saachapandimadzi
Shaft Saachapandimadzi

A Mwenifumbo we knw wat u want. Ukufuna kuwoneka ovuta cholinga akupase uNduna. Wangomva mphekesera ya Cabinet reshuffle uyu & he thinks he may b appointed if he proves to b ovuta


Ma mp ambili dyela


Mr. Mwenefumbo you’re right. All the Goodall Gondwez, Jean Kalirani, George Chapondaz and the most stupid Nankhumwaz cannot develop this country. Their mission is to be in power and plunder. Neither can their give their own opinions on national matters. They are the best followers or loyal members to the party.

But the best is to speak your mind whatever the result will be.

Bola Mozambique

I didn’t know that Mwenefumbo has such wits. We need MPs like him not the bitching handclappers. Unfortunately we only have less than 10% of them in Parliament…I agree almost all parties lack intrademocracy this is why at macro level our democracy is failing to mature coz our parties are full of bullshit…another reason why we are poorest

Andy moses

Kaya mweee?

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