MP Mzomera Ngwira rejoins DPP


Member of Parliament for Mzimba Hora, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira has rejoined Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) the party he dumped and joined People’s Party when it was in power.

Mzomera Ngwira: Now in DPP

Mzomera withdrew his PP membership and has been an independent member of parliament.

However, during the Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP) function the DPP Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey and the Minister of energy and mining , Bright Msaka presided, Mzomera’s announced his rejoining DPP.

Welcoming the controversial MP, Wa Jeffrey commended Ngwira for the decision to be back in the DPP.

“This is the best decision which you Honourable Ngwira has made to work with ruling DPP. Be assured that Government will develop your constituency to the fullest,” sAid Wa Jeffrey.

Ngwira said he decided to return to the DPP because it is progressive and only hope for Malawi.

“After soul searching,this is the only direction to take t bearing in mind that DPP is the only hope for Malawi,” said Ngwira.

Ngwira was formerly People’s Party Northern Region Provincial Chair but he was fired for insurbodination.

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47 thoughts on “MP Mzomera Ngwira rejoins DPP”

  1. esau says:

    I’m from same village with mzomera ngwira. But what u did today joining dpp, my vote is gonna go for kamchocho boy HENRY MUMBA coz I know wa henry mba pp

  2. mtete says:

    Revered? Really? And him of all the people joining DPP just to have his constituency developed? Shame
    Development is done using the National and not DPP resources and the thieving Jeffrey should not fool Malawians.

    While we are at it, A Malawi tanyanya. Kumatukwanidwa chonchi and we clap hands?

  3. vee says:

    I saw this idiot long ago that is a fake pastor. Look at this? Even a goat can think better than him.

  4. Mutumbuka Mwenecho says:

    Iwe Mzomera Ngwira chita waka Dhyera ngati batumbuka bose. Dhyera is our birthright….kkkkk

  5. ndondwa says:

    Chindere chakufikapo Mzomera should go indeed to DPP coz its where he suits mbava zokha zokha, but stop aligning development with a party aliyense amapereka misonnkho mnjira zosiyanasiyana ndiye mukamati chitukuko chizipita kwa phungu wa m’boma ndiye kuti chani? I dislike this lady called Wa Jeffrey she is bustard.

  6. Patrick Phiri says:

    MZOMERA NGWIRA WAIWONERA PATALI GAME. DPP is definitely winning again, while MCP confuses itself with ISIS Mia and Msowoya.

    1. Munthu wankulu says:

      Mzomela watha ma plan uyu. Mtumbuka wa feudalism!!!!

  7. a stranger from DPP says:

    Did you just say this mad man is a Reverend?

  8. Chimbirajembe says:

    Thats what we call “ndale”

  9. chipatso mbewe says:

    shame on u Mzomera. Why cant you be like Mwenifumbo standing by his principles? DPP want people like Mzomera omangowauza zochita.. Umphawi sizinthu abale anga. We shall see!!!!!!!

  10. joram says:

    most of these north politian they start nice on first 5years,but next 5years their only plan is to fill their pocket,to do chinyengo,as for now wait and see soon they ll apoit him as director or regional governor for north,so that he can fill his pocket nice,

  11. Christopher M N says:

    the stupid and the most foolish politician from mzmba,z M Ngwira. He z a toad in summer goes in water and during winter goes on land

  12. Thakodihno says:

    Mr Mzomera, my simplke question: Where is Vuwa Kaunda? What about Henry Mumba? Hon Luwe? This is your last term as MP and you will be forgotten very soon. Invest wisely. We Hora people dont want your coffins. Thats the only thing you do.

  13. winston msowoya says:

    We Northerners,have nothing to loose just take these political garbages because the DPP itself is full of junks including its leaders.We have totally nothing to loose when people like Jappie,Kachali,Mzomera are used by the Lomwes and its idiotic leader like Mathanyula.A person of integrity would not want to join the tribalistic Party mainly,the DPP.Mzomela himself had seen this when their so-called SG Jeffley lambasted the Northerners and Peter Muthalika remained mute not even reprimanded the prostitute SG.So Mzomela,welcome to the group of those people who betrayed their own conscience because of little Kwacha made by our exploited wretched workers.Do not think that when DPP accepted you into their tribalistic and confused Party,the Northerners will politically breakdown,No.AFORD will never be shaken because it has gargantuan history in our country and beyond.These three political nincompoops have no future in the north and must forget that 2019,will be bright for them.Hundreds from the North in North America,uncompromisingly,support AFORD and its political merits and come 2019,these three political rogues,will gnash their teeth.LONG LIVE AFFORD THE PARTY THAT BROUGHT DEMOCRACY IN MALAWI AND SHAME TO THE WORTHLESS TRIPLE OPPORTUNISTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Vukani says:

    Political Prostitute & Fortune Seeker At His Best. Rutani Makola Dada, Para Kwathukira Mwizengeso Yayi Tikumukhumbani Cha Jumpirani Waka Muthengere. Good Ridance.

  15. Mahera says:

    You deserve to join the DPP Mr. Ngwira. Yourself, Msonda, Even Harry Mkandawire,,, DPP suits you coz it’s the party of failures who have made the lives of Malawians so painful. You are fortune seekers, we will see you ditching DPP after elections.

  16. Welcome back.
    DPP is the only hope for this country. It is there for meaningful development.

  17. Roza Achitabwino says:

    Developing an area because the MP is in ruling party? Shame and mediocrity of highest order. Stupid nzanu when will you start thinking as human beings

  18. Keen Observer says:

    Unprincipled person, short sighted & indecisive person.

  19. Dr Tembenu SC says:

    Anyapapi umve mikongo yanu.

  20. Gutete says:

    Atumbuka simudzalamuliradi dziko ndithu!

    1. zxo says:

      trust me we might not rule the country but we are deep pocked…plus we will run you in to ground GUTETE…..From the dack side to ur side,,,we will get u, and send u to the gallows just for this comment alone….

  21. alex says:

    Fotsek!! nxiiii.

  22. Harawara says:

    That is typical of northern politicians. They always want to be government. To them politics means being in government. They cant wait in opposition. Shame to the Hora constituents? The years he was in political wilderness taught him hard economic lessons. These are called political vultures who prey on rotting dead carcasses.

    Malawians can we get ride of such political prostitutes in 2019. Lets us do it to straighten their political minds. They play with our freedoms and misuse our trust in them

  23. jj says:

    Hey, what do these parties mean when they say, you have joined government and now we will develop your constituency? This is nonsensical, it must be changed and corrected! Do they mean they develop by their party finances? If it is the money from the budget, every corner of the country should be developed without party affection. This nonsense must stop, Malawi is one nation.
    Unprofessional professors together with some dumbest sg’s.

    To my country with love!!

    1. mabusa says:

      This is brilliant bro! i also dont understand when they say if you join DPP then you are in govt and your constituency is gonna develop. Is govt ran by DPP money or our money as a country through taxes and loans which are paid back by us through taxes not dpp. why our so called professors are so dull? this pains a lot to see our leaders are the dullest

  24. chatonda Mvula says:

    This pastor is very silly indeed. He was the one advocating for Chitaganya in the north. Wa Jeffrey tells them no president from the north until Jesus comes and he goes to join DPP really??? Hey, some people are dead while walking and he is one of them. To which university or secondary or primary school did he go to? He behaves like a primary school pupil and not a mature MP EVEN THOUGH HE HAS KA M’BAMBE MMUTU but betraying the whole northern region for his corrupt tendancies. he has swindled money for a clinic in his area and he wants to hide behind the corrupt DPP also? Wake people from the north please, get rid of such stupid MPs come 2019.
    He must go and rot.
    God bless northern region and Malawi.

  25. Tafwauli Chipalamandule says:

    Rolling stones or Recycled politicians without knowing the actual direction to head to every time.
    Rejoining DPP are Mzomela Ngwira’s last kicks of a dying horse. Ndimwe mukutipangiska tawatumbuka kuti tiwenge nge tilije zelu. Muzamukuwa cha gada ngeti ni pusi! Uku wanjilila uku wanjilila ngeti chiwala cha Phanana – Chihana style!! Shame and too shameful!!!!!

  26. Abiti says:

    Bravo Mzomera. That’s the way to go,That’s maturity. Even church members leave their churches to join other churches later they return.
    Mcp and p.p are dead parties
    Dpp woyeee

  27. Kilindabwite says:

    Ngati kuli mbuzi ya mbuzi ku North and a greedy pig is thi one Mzomera Ngwira. Which progress are you talking about? This is controversial and dunderhead person. Is not stable, objective and principled. Pepani anthu aku Hora Mwafwa tafwa

  28. Cipo says:

    Foolish guy wanted to mislead us.

  29. santana says:

    The writer says Ngwira was fired for ”insurbodination”. If Ngwira was in DPP joining any other party after being fired from the DPP the writer would say the DPP fired Ngwira ”for saying the truth”. Che jumu ndi ameneyu. Ken Msonda said there are more to follow. Wotukwananu mutukwana atumbuka angati chifukwa cholowa DPP? Ntchito muli nayobe chifukwa sizinati uku nkuyamba chabe.

  30. s phiri says:

    yes, dpp is winning 2019 without mercy, who can say no !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Advisor says:

    DPP, be very careful with such characters. He may be another Nkholokolo, I warn you. There is no harm in rejecting Judas like him.


  32. maseko says:

    Constituencies should not be developed because someone is in the ruling camp. Tax money used in such development projects is from tax payers who may be members of the ruling party, opposition or those that have no political affiliation. So this idea of aligning political belonging to projects must stop at once.

  33. Dr Manga says:


  34. Mr.Bambo says:

    Maddest man ever living on planet earth.

  35. Maunits says:

    This is useless man I have ever seen in Malawi. He is foiled man for sure, someone like him mentioning that this is progressive and and hope for Malawi really is he mad or what. Progressive with closure of Chanco for 7 months, progressive with power outrages, progressive with teachers going on strike for leave grants, progressive for no water in taps, progressive with maize gate, progressive for Teveta gate, progressive for killers of Chasowa and Njaunju, progressive for poor economy leading to the suffering of Malawians. Go to dpp to die there.

  36. Roza Achitabwino says:

    Uchitsiru, uchindere Ukape usaaavi. That’s your political end ngwira

  37. Mzika says:

    Aaaaaah mahule azipani away……. No difference in making

  38. Frank says:

    Achita bwino kulowa kumeneko, tinachotsa m’chipani mwathu chifukwa chopanda khalidwe, 2019 chawo palibe Ku hora

  39. Ayuzy says:


  40. Ma Blantyre says:

    Aaaaaaaa-ka ngwira ndi kachaninso.

  41. kagame says:

    Mzomera you as well start packing as that’s your final term as an mp.

  42. Observer says:

    If there is one stupid and useless politician from the north, then it is Mzomera Ngwira. mzake ndi khumbo kachale. so the dpp thinks it can only develop areas with a dpp mp? do you use party`s money or government`s money which is from our tax of which every malawian contributes? koma chipanichi anthu mumaganiza?

  43. Sidik says:

    Umphawi utivuta ndithu. A Mzomera zavutatu apa

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