MP ‘Winiko’ Kalindo says Chilima-for-presidency movement won’t retreat: Dares DPP ‘crocodiles’

Mulanje South legislator Bon ‘Winiko’ Kalindo has said a movement with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) pursuadimg Vice President Saulos Chilima towards a presidential run under the DPP banner at the expense of incumbent Peter Mutharika will not retreat even though are facing threats of expulsion from the party.

Kalindo: I am Team Chilima

Mbewe: I am Team Chilima

“We will not leave DPP, but we will fight on to have Vice-President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima to lead the party in the 2019 Tripartite Elections,” said Kalindo on Daybreak Malawi program monitored by Nyasa Times on Capital Radio on Tuesday.

Kalindo, who is among many DPP officials supporting proposals to have  President Mutharika pave the way for Chilima, said their  call for change of candidate is based on “research.”

He did not indicate the methodology of the research but stressed that “we have found out that for DPP to win, we should have a change of candidate and the  person who can lead us to victory is Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima.”

Kalindo added: “We will persuade Chilima to contest for presidency but if DPP will maintain Mutharika, I can see MCP winning the elections.”

He dares what he called “crocodiles” in the DPP, referring the top brass, to fire him for his straight talk.

Mutharika has since expressed interest to represent the party again in next year’s elections, saying he will win with landslide.

But Kalindo said the DPP “crocodiles” were misleading the President on the situation on the ground.

“Those desiring to prolong Mutharika’s rule beyond 2019  are living a lie, on the ground people expect a new era,” he said. “There are many voices of discontent at the grassroots.”

The former First Lady Callista Mutharika was the first who touted the Chilima-for-President crusade under the DPP banner at the expense of incumbent Peter Mutharika—who is her brother in-law.

Callista argued that her in-law,79,  is “aged”; hence, Malawians should not give him their vote and install Chilima,45, as President instead.

But on Saturday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on arrival from the United Kingdom where he had gone to attend a Commonwealth meeting, Mutharika rubisshed assertions  that he is old to continue ruling the country, saying that is being propagated by “Judas Iscariots” who do not wish him and the DPP well.

He added: “These Judas Iscariots would like to give MCP the presidency on a silver platter. I will not allow that. That is why I say let us stop the betrayals, tiwanyenyanyenya, tiwapondaponda, tiwangonjetsa.”

The President called on the members in his party “to stop the habit of betrayal and aim at working together to build the party”.

Some senior DPP members, such as director of youth Louis Ngalande and deputy regional governor (North) Afiki Mbewe,  Allan Ngumuya and Noel Masangwi have also come out in support of Callista’s sentiments.

But party national campaign director Jappie Mhango (Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure), deputy secretary general Grace Chiumia (Minister of Civic Education), regional governor (North) Kenneth Sanga and national governing council (NGC) member Khwauli Msiska say Mbewe is fired for openly supporting the Chilima-for-Presidency  crusade.

Mbewe described his dismissal as illegal because he was duly elected during the 2014 convention unlike most of those who made the decision to fire him.

“We will not relent. I am Team Chilima all the way and will make sure he gets that position. They can in no way intimidate me,” the local press quoted him as saying.

Newspaper columnist Golden Matonga points out that  DPP might ignore the voice of reason, now, because a change of guard means loss of top business contracts or jobs for people close to the President.

“But in a few months’ time, the elections will be a moment of truth of what Malawians think of APM (President Mutharika). Maybe DPP may win again the elections, thanks to whatever explanation. But, today, it is so obvious that the DPP has failed the aspirations of Malawians; failed to develop enough infrastructure, end the scourge of corruption, connect more Malawians to clean water, ease our perennial electricity crisis, build more schools, and pay workers a decent wage.

“Shamefully, DPP has failed to deliver the constitutional reforms it pledged and while for a while the Public Sector Reforms, then headed by Chilima, appeared like would be a success story, political considerations ended up messing that good programme, too. And save for being remembered as Bingu’s brother, history will struggle to remember this presidency. This plane has been on autopilot for some time,” Matonga wrote.

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I think Winoko is a confused gay, ife timadabwatu kuti Munthu asameta osapesaosapesa I think hr had a serious mental problem. Get me right, l do not dislike any of the two DPP leaders. Both APM and Chilima are good. But I hate washing dirty lines in public. As an MP I hope Winiko has access and channels to advance his proposal koma surely its not on media. Kwanthu kuno kwa a Chewa Munthu akamatulutsa za m’banja kumayalutsa akazi ake or amuna ake kuja kwa banja we call him/her a fool. So Winiko is. I think ndinkana analephera kukhala ndi… Read more »

Muyang’ane mbali zonse boss. As much as your voice might true the opposite carries more weight. DPP top guys have deaf ears thats why anthu akubwera panjaa. If you say Winiko is insane how many shall you call with that title?? Caster? Ngumuya?? the list is endless….
pachichewa pali omati wamisala anaona nkhondooo….. uyu ndikhulupilira akudziwa chomwe akunena


Never draw Chilima into commenting on this. He is just a VEEP and notan aspirant to any position, even being a runningmate sakudziwa kuti he will or not

Does Winiko kowns that what he is doing its vote of no confidence to the his party President? Apart from the youth agenda as he propagating, does he wants to tell us that his president hasn’t performed? If I may ask him, Mr Winiko have you of late visited Ntcheu district where the VP comes from? Do you know that MCP has taken control of the district now as far as popularity is concern? Mr Winiko do you know that most of people who supports ur Movements are opposition supporters who behind they have their own parties? Mr Winiko, Do… Read more »

So whats your point here?


HAHAHAHA/ You cannot get the point, for sure. However, you can rest be assured that Winiko nows his pay masters. He knows that he is supporting MCP whiule inside the DPP. Tha explains the silence from both Peter and Chilima


Mphepo izi zingodusapo! In 2013 former Speaker Chimunthu Banda was making similar noises barking all over the show. Come elections at Comesa Hall from a 1339 electoral college Chimunthu could only manage a paltry and sickly 73 votes only. Party leadership sitimasintha ngati panty aKalindo. The Veep Chilima should ‘wait for a signal’ from Mutharika. With his blessings only can he lead DPP not these comical stunts from Kalindo. Chilima is fueling this by keeping quiet akanawawuza anthu kuti ndlipa mbuyo paBwana settle this once and for all.




Winiko keep on dreaming with your friends, we can see last kicks of a dying horse. Chilima is a civilised fellow and he will not tow the line of stupid people like you and your silly friends. Mumwa madzi ometera ndevu Chaka chino.


If he is civilized according to your meaning of civilized he could have pledged his allegiance to Peter by distancing himself from all this.


Truth pains….Its you the likes of Napoleon that z dreaming. You will be shocked time is fast approaching. Confused people



Pamsana Pake Mutharika
Pamsana Pake Mutharika

Vote for visionary Chilima. Entire Diaspora is behind him. Ndiponso mubwereko kuno ku Diaspora mudzachititse msonkhano a Chilima. Scottish government would happily hoast you. Osati galu mutharika. Pamsana pake mumuuze!

M'Malawi Weniweni

It’s a waste of time to advocate for someone not showing interest in contesting. The next you will hear Chilima pledging allegiance to his boss. That will be the end of the Chilima 2019 movement


And end of DPP as well if Chilima decide not to stand hahahaha


A DPP inu muzalira 2019 by a winning MCP with landslide zoti tiwanyenyenya,tiwapondaponda zizathela pompo. Malawian are not stupid they want change of gvt not succession like wat you are doing. wakalamba bwana ukapume.

Tenzi Mzungu

They are other candidates vote for them. DPP cannot be led by person from central region it will be Chakwera central v Chilima central as if we don’t have people in the south. Other parties are featuring candidates from their region why not DPP? I know some of you want DPP dead through Chilima. The so called crocodiles are pillars of our party. No big team has one great player. Big teams are composed of many great players. In short take your Chilima away from our party


That is the stupidity we have been talking.Besides all,i don’t think your brain is working.We are not talking about tribalism or regionalism here but the of the matter is who can lead us for the better Malawi regardless of which region is he/she coming from.With your nepotism and tribalism you shall never win the election.STOP SANKHO LAKO !!!!!!!

Kwaipa alonwe

Abale talakwanji alonwe akutiloza ndani. Here comes another Wandale. This is mental illness. By 2019 Alomwe ambilili tipenga.please we need prayers

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