MPs Chihana, Nkhosa Kamwendo rant in Malawi Parliament: ‘Corrupt DPP govt in tatters, Clueless, just eating sandwich at State House’

Opposition lawmakers in parliament said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government is now in tatters and President Peter Mutharika has got to get a grip and start facing up to the realities of failed state.

Chihana: Malawi needs strong leadership

Chihana: Malawi needs strong leadership

Member of Parliament for Rumphi Central, Enock Chihana, who is also president of Alliance for Democracy (Aford), first ranted that Mutharika’s government is “‘in tatters beyond reform.”

Chihana was speaking during his contribution to the K17.2 billion African Development Fund Loan Authorisation Bill on Monday.

He accused the DPP government of “bringing projects which they cannot implement.”

Chihana then offered an advice to the DPP government to “get organised.”

Said Chihana in throwing his weight behind the loan for Agriculture infrastructure and youth in agribusiness project: “Two and half years you have been doing nothing.  Get organised, this is a good programme that can create employment in this country.”

Nonetheless, Chihana issued a stern warning to DPP that it is “sitting on a time bomb” with rising unemployment of the youths.

“What is it that you can point that you have done in this country for two and half years that you can point? Nothing!  Just sitting doing nothing from the top to bottom,” Chihana rapped the DPP.

He continued: “As a Malawian, I am worried about this country.  And I am worried about people who are at the top; people we have trusted to run this country.  They just copy things, bring them in the House.  How they are going to implement them, they have no clue.  That is why Honourable Speaker, this country is at its needs at the moment.  Look at how Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique are progressing.”

Chihana, who served as Minister of Youth and Sport during the Joyce Banda reign, further said:  “When we were leaving government during the Joyce Banda’s time; we had programmes and we were well-focused. Well focused.  You can talk of issues of cashgate, it is another matter but in as far as managing the country is concerned, we tried our best not what this government is doing.  Just eating sandwich at State House, you call yourself the government.”

Corrupt govt

Also ranting in the house was opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Ntchisi South MP Nkhosa Kamwendo.

Kamwendo also expressed worry on how government is performing in their activities, especially when it comes to implementation of their projects.

“We have had more money dedicated to some of the projects in Malawi; unfortunately they have not achieved anything,” he said.

Kamwendo said the way the DPP government handles money “it is very inconsiderate.”

He also noted that young men and women are struggling in life as Malawi is facing economic turmoil.

“If you talk of a corrupt government, one of the most corrupt government is the DPP-led government, if we were to give examples I think we would have provided more and more,” said Nkhosa Kamwendo.

He said the House discussed about seven rotten ministers involved in grand corruption and that there were issues that were presented in this House for government to come up with convincing explanations.

“Unfortunately up to now, government has not come forth with whatsoever is required.  Now if they are reluctant to come up with major issues which are affecting our people, our voters in the village, can we trust this government,” said the lawmaker.

He added: “The major challenge which this government is facing is that it promises things which it does not fulfil.  Unfortunately most ministers who are in this cabinet are the ones whose names have already been mentioned that they are corrupt.  How can we trust these ministers? If we cannot trust them.  We cannot trust this government as well.”

Earlier, MP for Lilongwe Msozi South, Vitus Dzoole Mwale said the legislators are still anxious to know the seven rotten Cabinet Ministers “who have siphoned [public tax] money.”

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Anthu amene mukubwebweta-bwebwetanu chifukwa chiyani simukuwasonyeza anthu munthu kapena chipani chanzeru choti anthu adzavotere 2019? Izi zikusonyeza kuti ngakhale ku opposition kulibe woti anthu angamukhulupilire kudzayendetsa dziko lino. Opposition yopanda fundo kuti mwina anthu nkumati mwina awa angadzatipangire zakupsa. Kulankhula ndi kuchita ndi zinthu ziwiri zosiyana. Mukunena kuti DPP inkangolankhula koma sikupanga ma promise awowo, ngati ndi choncho nanga simwayi wa opposition kuti idzawine 2019? Mwina mukudziwa kuti ngakhale mutabwata-bwata bwanji ku opposition kulibe candidate wodzapikisana ndi APM. Komanso DPP ngakhale itayimitsa wina aliyense ngakhale wosatchuka itha kudzawinabe, icho ndiye aliyense akudziwa chifukwa kulibe munthu ku opposition yemwe akusonyeza kuti… Read more »

@Angel of doom, your lame arguments simply shows that you are commenting just to defend your notorious DPP. How can you attribute the failures of APM to Muluzi who left govenment more than 10 years ago? Don’t you know that your DPP promised to transform Malawi during the campaign period in 2014? Don’t be mayopic.

Angel of Doom

You are showing how dull you are. I am not attributing Muthalikas failure to Muluzi, but the countries failure to Muluzi, two different things.

This govt is full of fools……they dont know what they are doing..other than giving false hopes to malawians while siphoning funds through bogus businesses run by dpp gurus or their relatives…they dont care about malawi…it’s about them….”pay to play or sex to play “is the order of business in this admninstration.If you are beautiful lady just be a concubine to one dpp are guaranteed a job….you want contracts?..Pay big bucks …..Yes this is the order of business in this clueless thing called dpp govt….Rotten admintration from top to bottom……. DPP should stop using PP as scapegoat….JB ordered auditing when… Read more »

It is time someone told the truth about Malawi and well done Chihana for speaking out.This is the current state of Malawi. Someone needs to do something.


The truth is DPP has failed and doesn’t have leadership.Malawi Is a ship with no captain it can sink any time.
What have we done to the creator to deserve this ? It’s only God who will fight for us and he can’t let this to keep on happening. All Malawian who wish this country success let’s pray hard and believe me not one day we will be pulled out from this hardships.






Whoever entrusted the DPP thieves to run this country is at fault. The truth should always be told, the DPP didn’t win, they just snatched the reigns of power with the help of the judicially. No wonder, the DPP doesn’t look at it’s manifesto fulfillment but it’s crooks’ satisfaction.

His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery ArchMissile Manthakanjenjemereza
His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery ArchMissile Manthakanjenjemereza

Kulankhula kumeneko ana a a muna


Thumb up honorable Vitus Dzoole Mwale we need to know what is going on with the 7 rotten ministers. If you see it you will realize that they are the ones who campaign to stand for the presidency in their party fokofo.

Samuel Lwara

Malawi is just another rotten state which has no positive comparison…. Its a total mess, more especially with both two led Dpp governments. Where is its Central Inteligency Unit of Focus?? Loss of words engulfs my brains. If simple interest has failed try the compound interest by risking voluntary resignation, otherwise your arm pit sweat under your executive suit will yield nothing after office.

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