Msowoya snubs MCP indaba, joins Chilima at Catholic seminary fund launch

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Saturday joined Vice President Salous Chilima who was guest of honour at the launch of the Seminary Fund for the Karonga Diocese of the Catholic Church in Chitipa.

Vice President Chilima joined by Speaker Msowoya at the function

Bishop Mtumbuka addressing the gathering

Chilima making his address

The Seminary Fund was officially launced at Mubanga Outstation in Chitipa under the theme “Living and Praying Together – a condition set by Jesus Christ for the Apostles to receive the Holy Spirit – and a call for unity”.

The fund is meant to be the financial backbone of the Seminary aimed at alleviating the various financial challenges that seminaries for the catholic church are facing.

Speaking at the launch, Chilima said the fund was a commitment by the church in ensuring that its seminaries are financially self-reliant and well supported.

” The Seminary Fund being launched today will be the financial backbone of the Seminary. It will provide necessary funding for every operational cost at the Seminary. I am sure that each year, the Seminary Fund will cover the operational budget for what tuition revenue does not cover,” he said.

Chilima, who delivered his speech in Tumbuka throughout, said excellent and financially stable seminaries are important for the spread of the gospel and also help the church to produce desired priests.

” The Seminary Fund is to the Seminary as the Sunday offering is to a church. Without it, we simply cannot accomplish our mission and help students (priests) be prepared for lives of service,” he emphasized.

The Veep cited a case in the Bible In Mark 12: verse 44 regarding an inspiring story of a widow who gave all what she had with joy to God.

The verse reads “They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Chilima therefore urged church members to continue giving freely and cheerfully for the growth of the church but most importantly as a neccessity and investment for eternity.

The Veep said the church and Malawians in general should pratice love as well as live and pray together as children of one God despite political, religious cultural beliefs.

” In places where love is in abundance, socio-economic inequalities disappear; corruption, greed,nepotism, arrogance, pride and bribery have no room; theft and robbery are uncommon and antagonism, violence and wars are not part of life,” he said.

He implored the Catholic faithful, the youth and every Malawian to live a life of love and prayer and believe in brain power as opposed to physical power.

Speaking Earlier, Bishop of the Karonga Diocese Reverend Mathews Mtumbuka bemoaned increase in levels of violence and lawlessness in the country.

He said there are unprecedented cases of evil acts in the country as well as in Koronga and Chitipa where houses are being torched, the elderly are being killed and chased from their houses.

Mtumbuka said these cases of lawleness are unacceptable and should not be tolerated in this era.

The Bishop said he was saddened that government is failing to curb violence and lawlesness in the country.

Mtumbuka urged Chilima and Msowoya to impress upon government to take swift action on all forms of violence and lawlesness saying the incidences are destroying society and the country.

Th launch was also attended by government officials, Vicar Generals , Reverends and  Fathers from the Catholic church as well members of ruling Democractic Progressive Party that accompanied Chilima.


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Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani

Chililima is causing trouble in dpp and Richard Msowoya was causing trouble in MCP. They are together here. Confunists. Ife Msowoya athana naye. Dpp deal with Chilima before it is too late. Komanso deal with Nkhalamba Pitala, Goodall, Chaponda and Ntaba.


Did Msowoya ‘snub’ MCP convention? Isn’t the use of the word ‘snub’ inappropriate here?.
The fact is Msowoya had pretty well known that he had done really bad things against MCP recently that have really annoyed MCP royalists. Attending MCP convention would not have been a wise idea for him and indeed not without risks.
Msowoya had nothing more to loose this time, he did not SNUB MCP convention.


Palibe vuto apa, Dziko lino limudziwe Yesu.


Msowoya’s allegiances have been laid bare. As for Saulos, why does he visibly support Catholic causes only. A potential President should be seen to embrace all faiths and denominations.
A one trick pony isn’t exactly what the country needs.
My two cents..


We can say all the adjectives about Bishop Mtumbuka, Msowoya , Chilima. That is democracy . The same same democracy that allows them to associate. The same democracy that allows MCP to hold a PP convection and elect PP rejects to its senior positions.
Chilima should not be underestimated.
Mia money is ngongole to MCP. Mia money is for him to get the presidency.
Open your eyes. It’s not for free. The meat that people are at the convention.
MCP you haven’t won the elections yet!

winston msowoya

CONGRATS Richard Msowoya.You have shown your true sentiments by joining Chilima the STAR!!!!!! We Malawians i diaspora strongly support Chilima for his far-sighted political calculations. You have our blessings and support and we refuse to be ruled by an Arab Muslim whose ambitions are to convert Malawi and Southern Africa into a killing-machine Islam.Once again,CONGRATULATIONS,you loose nothing but,the chains of slavery.Mia and his wife,have upper hands on Chakwela,they control the fake man of GOD POLITICALLY AND ECONOMICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

It pains you to see that MCP is not dead.

Charlie Brown

A big old have used the slave masters resources .You have been on welfare support,supported by the slave masters ..Open your eyes ,you have inherited a slave masters name “Winston”..Mufela moyenda mbuzi iwe

Nox Nthambi

Winston Msowoya when did left Malawi for Canada? Have you ever voted since the country moved into multi party politics? Come home and help your relatives in Rumphi

peace k

Bravo Msowoya ! Choosing the right side thus the way to be wise. .

kotakota mtalamo

Shame on Richard msowoya,

Apao Kugola

Msowoya snubbing his party convention and opting to joinChilima? Nkholokolo yeni yeni. Tinkadziwa kuti anthuwa anagulidwa. Ayambapo kuonekera ng’amba. Amaganiza kuti MCP Convention ikanika. Shame on them. Look at the Liar oooops Lawyer.


DAILY AMAKWERA YAKUPHWA. MCP failed last time because of him.He thinks Chilima azabela mavoti .wagwa nayo.

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