Msowoya unmoved with Mia aspirations: ‘Only convention will decide MCP candidates’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president Richard Msowoya has reacted to reports linking  Sidik Mia to join MCP with an intention of being a running mate to party president Lazarous Chakwera.

MCP Vice President. Richard Msowoya : I am unmoved

Mia has openedly expressed interested in contesting for the position of vice president of the country and hinted he is joing MCP.

But Msowoya, who is Speaker of Parliament, and was picked by Chakwera as his runningmate in 2014, said he is unmoved with Mia’s ambitions.

He said “only convention decides on candidates”, saying it is not wrong to aspire but caution should be exercised “to avoid disappointments.”

“My fellow MCP diehards, a coin like K5 makes a lot of noise when it is thrown into the plate but a banknore like K2 000 will never make noise. Now which one would you opt to receive if given a chance to do so,” said Msowoya at Chintheche in Nkhatabay at a political rally.

Msowoya said MCP has an open door policy and the party is welcoming them.

He, however, said “you can be big and dream in colour, it is good but no one elects himself or herself its the party structures.”

Msowoya said he has served Chakwera and the party well with dedication and loyalty.

MCP is the largest opposition party in Malawi and its president Lazarous Chakwera is the leader of the opposition in parliament.

Mia is the Shire Valley king pin, therefore, he is expected to bring lots of votes and MPs to MCP come the 2019 elections.

But political commentator Emily Mkamanga warns that  MCP would lose a lot by abandoning Msowoya.

Mkamnga said what  Chakwera should know is that “in the Northern Region people vote as a cohesive block. Due to the very poor performance of the DPP led government, the people in the North are likely to vote for MCP. This can be more so if Msowoya remains as the running mate and Veep for the party.Failing which MCP will lose the support from the regions.!

Meanwhile,  Mkamanga said if  Mia is putting MCP to ramson that he can only join the party as a running mate, it will  weaken the party as members start dancing to the tune of individuals.

“Furthermore, it gives bad precedence. Next time it might be another person wanting to join MCP only as a party treasurer then the list goes on.”

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23 thoughts on “Msowoya unmoved with Mia aspirations: ‘Only convention will decide MCP candidates’”

  1. Kingsley Jika says:

    MCP are the only party that were formed on a truly national mat as successor of the Nyasaland African Congress. In fact, MCP is NAC disguised (since was formed when NAC was banned). The MCP have a national DNA & this is a greatest opportunity not availed to any other party in the country. The North can more readily accept a changed MCP; it’s their baby (Orton’s ingenuity to fill the void during the Emmergency). To think that Mia can give you better South votes puzzles me. If you look for a Moslem & Yao vote, that has been taken to DPP by Atupele unless you eye some hedge funds. Suppose you walk with Mia & just at the door he thinks twice & take the undergrowth home, what will you do? Mia once described anti-DPP as faeces, but later joined it (PP) only to quit towards elections. This is where I find sense in Gustav who refused allowing any entering with ‘position conditions’ though many think him mad. If you can strike a better deal with the North through a system that will defend a repeat of terror, that should not use North as pawn or mere bait, I assure you Msowoya is a formidable foe. Unfortunately, the MCP I know have their own strategies & will go all the way, get beaten, flock to court, wait & wait & then quit. End of story, beginning of another long sojourn on the opposition bench, whiling away the time, waiting for another election, with another President perhaps. Rebrand you people & give the DPP a good run for their money, otherwise, let’s wait & get beaten again.

  2. Bruno Mchawi says:

    Once voted as VP, clearly S. Mia will bring Islamic religious agenda, this will bring in confusion. If muslims are minority, they say its a religion of peace, if they are in majority, they bring sharia law

  3. Chikutumbwe says:

    Mr Msowoya must indeed demostrate that he can now bring some votes from the north to MCP-a thing he miserably failed during the last elections. If you check the results for the 2014 elections, Mr Msowoya was even struggling to win a sit as a member of parliament. The main problem is that northerners are very jealousy of each other and they don’t support one another. MCP gave them a chance to have a vice president from their region but they did not utilise it. W e need to win the coming elections at all costs and thats why we have to bring on board every one with potential to help us win. On top of serving the Chakwera and the party well Mr Speakers sir, you need to demostrate that you are now a political king maker of the north-we need more than just loyalty.

  4. Rift Valley says:

    It is said you should not take a front seat when invited to a function lest you may be moved to a lesser position should a VIP arrive.

    It is wrong and suspicious for Mia to demand a top position as a condition for joining MCP. Is his aim to serve the people or after selfish objectives?

    Besides, reading through the lines, one suspects he is out to advance the Muslim faith more than general development of the country. By all means build mosques but I would take Mia seriously if he assured us he would support education and health services, among other country’s pressing needs.

  5. mtete says:

    It is said you should not take a front seat when invited to a function lest you may be moved to a lesser position should a VIP arrive.

    It is wrong and suspicious for Mia to demand a top position as a condition for joining MCP. Is his aim to serve the people or after selfish objectives?

    Besides, reading through the lines, one suspects he is out to advance the Muslim faith more than general development of the country. By all means build mosques but I would take Mia seriously if he assured us he would support education and health services, among other country’s pressing needs.

  6. Owen says:

    i like it,,,,, that Mia should be the running mate to Chakwera even if people think other way round but i welcome that suggestion

  7. yosefe mateyu says:

    anyway even in 2014 Chakwera wanted Mia only that he Chakwera was knew and had to listen to MCP diehards not to chose an outsider even though Chakwera was an outsider himself. As it is now Chakwera might be shocked seeing Msowoya becoming party president at the next convention. While Mia is campaigning in Mosques, Msowoya in meeting the rank and file of the party.

  8. Nya Zimba says:

    MCP is MCP and In MCP there is no change or new blood. DPP to me as a man from the North might be a better devil than The so called Chewa Party. Malawi Congress Party killed southands of Tumbukas and deported teachers in their own Country from South and Central to Northern Region.
    Malawi Congress Party killed Orton Chirwa the Founder of The same Party. Malawi Congress Party abused pregnant women to access to Medication because of party cards.
    Malawi Congress Party had dens of crocodiles in the lower shire for feeding fellow citizens… Malawi Congress Party is a Chewa Party which will never help any tribe in this Nation. Kamuzu Banda and his Chewa team killed many citizens in this Nation.
    If Speaker Msowoya thought he will be safe with MCP he made mistake for his life… better APM than Chakwela. Let Speaker Msowoya become the roughing stock for The nation… but God is to his side.
    I can see that in MCP there is no any hope and Malawi Congress will never win the hearts of Malawians again.
    Inside MCP there are camps for example Some people are calling for the Conversation and Chakwela camp is refusing it.
    I’m the same MCP there are injunctions going around. In the same MCP Dezda boys have been sidelined because they are taken as JZU people. In the same MCP in Kasungu there are division some members want to bring the family of Kamuzu Banda out of equation for example They don’t want MP Kazombo, MP Khumbize Kandodo… this is the group of MP Nkhata from Kasungu Central who would like to bring Kamuzu family down.
    There are people in that party who are full of themselves. Kuzikonda and God forbid MCP chonde isazawineso boma la Malawi. God hear from the voice from the wilderness.

    1. Come on with your past. Has DDP not done bad things? Past is past. We should look forward not past. We are not moving forward with past. What about 20 young people Who died in hands of DDP/Bingu? Have u forgotten. It was time of Kamuzu not Chakwela. U dont like Democratic MCP just stick to your party. Its called DEMOCRACY. DDP killed Chasowa and Nyaunji. Why? DDP is killing people with lack of medicines and stealing money for food. There were NO hunger in Malawi during Kamuzu. I never liked the way he ruled Malawi but nothing has changed Its worse with Chashgate of those after Kamuzu. Especially DDP whose method is stealing to enrich themselves. Bingu and his family has stolen more than any leader in short time. So dont talk about past when nothing has changed.

      1. Addition. Mia is just a big mouth because of his Mother. Do Malawians want a rich muslim bustet? Malawians need a loving father. Mia made a big noise in UDF once. I will never forget that. This man is not good for any party. It will be a mistake to take him into MCP. Its not about Nsanje or region but a person Who want to join the party. Why can he not join again UDF? Its a party for most business muslims. We had a muslim leader What happened? Malawi is a Christian nation. We dont want charia law or divide our black Malawians muslims from our nation. We dont want ISIS or religion war. Mia is talking about muslims hospitals etc. Where is he goding to get the money for hospital,nurses and doctors? All Malawians should live under the same law and rules. Its not easy to find women doctors. She is a dangerous man to have in party. Please MCP dont let This man in MCP. U loose North votes Where u have a big chance.

  9. youna says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Aliyense akupanga campaign and when the right person is chosen MCP will carry the day in 2019. A DPP panopa akufunitsitsa kusokoneza koma akuchepera.

  10. self centred says:

    A China mbwenu mbwenu wakwithu won’t help,msowoya sibambo wanu chihana failed to rule the country because of the attitude of you northerner, it’s true north will never rule Malawi love your party not a person shame

  11. faoe37 says:

    sorry MCP for political uncertainties you have on how you will win elections, but remember Malawians are those who decide, ,,So if you assure Malawians that you’re a party who can deliver once ushured into power, am sure you will win general elections like the way Dr Banda won in 1961 general elections and 2009 General elections when Dr Bingu wa Muthalika won with landslide victory,,,,,, even if both Bingu And Joice Banda Came from south…….. Mind you, such theories of running mate brings votes, are useless and tribalist,,,,,,,Malawians wants leaders who can deliver, regardless of whether someone is from central, north or south,,,,,,Kamuzu and aBingu are evidence who got the national support.

  12. koma o chakwerawo oganiza bwanji kumakambilana ndi terrorist(Boko Haram) agent kukgala mnzao? ko ofuna udzatjphulitse ni mabomba kuti phuuu? osatero ozao tifuna tilele onawa. osankhe wina osati o Mia.

  13. Njoka saweta. vice president chilima said.

  14. kalulu says:

    From Malawi history kakhala koyamba mu mbiri ya Malawi vice president kubwereza ndi president wake. Ambiri amene mukufuna Msowoya munavotera dpp. And pakanthawi kapitaka mwadziwa kuti Chakwera and Msowoya are good combination. Koma nthawi yatha kale. Lets see at convention who wins takes it all. Palibe Nyachusa, mchawa, mtumbuka or msilamu pa Malawi. Tonse ndi amodzi

    1. Mkondiwa says:

      Bodza ili, a Malewezi anabwereza kawiri ndi Muluzi.

  15. With or without Mia MCP will rule Malawi believe it or not! Winatu amwa tameki shuwa Ine nde or ataikapo Nkhumba ndikhoza kuivotera Bolani ikhale MCP Basi

  16. phiri says:

    Emily Kamanga are you serious north votes as a block? did the 2014 elections reflect the same? are you sure north will bring massive votes for Mcp? what strategy do you think Mcp can employ to get more votes from the South and East? dont you see that zathuzathu syndrome is what is ķilling Mcp? somewhere you
    people confuse me

  17. winston msowoya says:

    Mr.Msowoya,MCP is a party that victimised your own people from the North,did you think that they will treat you differently? These people from the South and Central are bent on destroying the people of the North politically and economically.How would your President choose the Arab Islamic terrorist and leave you a brilliant and a true son of our land? It could be a nice thing for you to join your brothers and sisters of AFORD no matter even if,AFORD will not win the 2019 elections.Any Northerner,will not hold crucial position in a Party led by a Southerner or Central Malawian in the sense that,he/she won’t feel secured of the position.You have been in politics for a number of years and,you might have learnt a good lesson.If you are working with them,they will work to supress you so that you remain where you are in other words,they fear for their positions.LOOKOUT BROTHER!!!!!!!

    1. Daan Sato says:

      That is not true. Be open and loving of every Malawian. Let history rest. MCP hasn’t decided on anything yet. Msowoya knows that very well. Nobody is victimising anybody here. And as a matter of fact, we MCP diehards love Mr Msowoya so much. Mia is coming into a party that has structures, nobody does what they want in MCP, our beloved Msowoya knows, so Mia will have to follow what the party says, otherwise if he is so powerful, he can run on his own.

      Msowoya is not going anywhere.

    2. Gome says:

      wake up my friend its not the name MCP but people who victimized you mention them. Leave our rebranded Malawi Congress Party MCP out of it. Go and look for those people who victimized you either in DPP or UDF.

      Well done Mr. President Chakwera, sofar so good.

  18. Aphiri says:

    Mia is wrong by proposing to join a party with conditions attached. He must not think he is bigger than himself. Msowoya also must accept the challenge if he is a real democrat. He must accept he failed to bring votes from North for MCP during election which DPP did better than mcp now how sure are u that he will bring votes. Politics is dynamic . It’s a well calculated move . By the way who said chakwera is guaranteed presidency of the party . They will be good number of them. Chakwera was forced to hv msowoya towards election coz mcp told him not to take someone not chosen on the convention

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