Mtambo accuses Malawi President of ‘making noise in silence’ over Nacgate

Malawi’s renowned human rights activist Timothy Mtambo has faulted President Peter Mutharika’s continued silence on the controversy that saw First Lady’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust and Mulhako wa Alhomwe collect money from National Aids Commission (NAC), citing his mute as suspicious.

Mutharika : Mum

Mutharika : Mum

Mtambo:We have exhausted all channels

Mtambo:We have exhausted all channels

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times, the CHRR boss, who is also the spokesperson of the 13th January nationwide demonstrations organized by civil-society groups, indicated that Malawians were still disturbed to-date that President Mutharika and his government [through the Ministry of Health] had decided to remain “silent” on such an important matter like “NACGATE” which was doing more harm than good to his government’s image locally and internationally.

“Why is the President quiet? Does it mean that NACGATE scandal is of no ultimate concern to his government’s professed efforts towards reduction of HIV and AIDS in the country? Why is the President not condemning the act, and calling for swift action in the matter? queried Mtambo.

According to Mtambo, President Mutharika’s continued “silence” may be interpreted by the general public as consent to NACGATE especially considering the media-related propaganda launched by his government against Beam’s refusal to return NAC money and other governance and economic concerns.

“The President’s silence on the matter is making a lot of noise, and to a greater extent his silence may be implied as consent to the malpractice. Yes, such conclusion seems to be well backed up when you see the deep commitment and vigilance Peter Mutharika’s regime has attached to media-related propaganda on both state and its privately controlled media establishments against human rights defenders who have decided to expose NACGATE, and in the process arousing more questions than answers,” argues Mtambo.

State House press office said presidential aides such as Dr Collins Magalasi and Mabvuto Bamusi have been making public comments on the matter and that it did not necessarily need the Head of State to speak himself.

Mtambo also took a swipe to brush off accusations by critics of the street protests.

“Allegations that our planned 13th January 2015 national demonstrations are a rushed one are totally misplaced, and only indicates lack of objectivity on such persons.

“A background of a series of press statements on the subject calling for action, followed by a 7-days ultimatum for the implicated parties to respond and refund the money coupled by a strategic slating of 13th January 2015 (4 weeks after the lapse of the 7-day ultimatum) just to give room for a possible engagement towards the total refunds of the money can never be said to be a rushed idea,” argued Mtambo.

Added Mtambo: “It is beyond reasonable doubt that there was no any political will from the implicated institutions let alone Mutharika’s regime to engage the CSOs concerned with NAC-gate, that is, if the arrogance we have received from NAC, BEAM and Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe is anything to go by. If anything, staging the demonstrations immediately after the lapse of a 7-day ultimatum in mid-December would perhaps arguably be said to have been a rushed idea.”

He said the  CSOs feel they have “exhausted all the necessary channels” on the issue, saying the street protests shall also provide Malawians the platform to air out the prevailing governance and economic concerns apart from NACGATE.

“No government-orchestrated propaganda will stop us from this path of reason,” said the outspoken Mtambo.

He said the activists are “more than determined” to fight their cause to the very end in the interest of all Malawians and human rights for all.

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people both locally and internationally are watching with keen interest what will become of the nacgate.such arrogance by ht eculprits of the nacgate will not take us anywhere.the biggest problem with all malawians these days is that when looking at issues we do not do that objectively, we first of all look at our party colours then see what we can do to make our party up malawians this country is for all of us whether you voted for the party in power or in opposition cause when inflation goes up everybody will be affected.

Koma yes

Koma zinazi. Why should this young man, not given mandate to rule by Malawians challenge the state President in this manner. How clean, moral, educated etc is this a Mr. Mtambo. Please stop giving platform to non entities. This is the downside of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights. Sick and tired of petty issues in Malawi. Everything is too politicised.


Asatitopese a Mtambo wa with his silly accusations towards APM. Had it been Bakili Muluzi bweziso zili chonchi!! The whole time APM is keeping quiet, yeyo Mtambo is making a lot of empty noise. Sometimes tiziganiza tikafuna kunena mfundo zo tsogolotsa dziko lathuli kuti tipite mbali limodzi… I’m surprised that he’s not congratulating the president on the Kwacha gaining some momentum, please criticise our president objectively osati kumangomu crasha and kupezela mistake pena pali ponse… Za ziii!!


Friend, the cosmetic appreciation of the kwacha will cost ur children and entire malawians billions as interests and coverups since the money has bn borrowed unofficially by govt against ur to be back breaking 2015 tobacco. Govt is infact lying to itself coz this will soon catch up on them

J. Manda

Kodi mtambo cimene ukufuna ndiciani kwa pitala? Sukuziwa kuti ukuwonetsa umbuli penapake?


Adada mtambo vitayeni ivyo vikusyuzgeni comene.


Kodi mtambo president acite coment ziti? Iwe mbuli eti? Osamgoyamba ndale bwanji?
Eni ake anac anena kuti sanalakwitse pogwiritsa ncthito ndalama za nac ku msonkhano wamlakho. Ndiye iwe uzikati ai mwalakwa? Cifukwa ciani kodi? MWATUMIDWA ETI?

I am shocked at the blindness and hate most of you have against mtambo and the tumbukas. Nac as I recall has a budget of around K350bn and Goodall Gondwe’s budget for the whole country is about K770bn. Nac’s budget alone is therefore about 50% of the national budget. And the president of the Malawi should be silent when nac money is being abused? That is where your tribalism, corruption and thieving is killing Malawi’s development. When we say the president and his dpp govt are incompetent, corrupt and know nothing about good governance there you have the evidence staring… Read more »

Pitani ku demoko. Koma ziwani kuti sikukakhala anthu ambili bcoz most of malawians knw wat is behind Mtambo & his crew. Kodi campaign yanu ya mathanyula ija mwasiya? Kumangoulukila kwina kulikonse komwe kukupita mphepo. Fotseki Mtambo .

Have these csos engage government in direct discussions over the said issues? I find it very unreasonable to support u because u act like uncivilized family limene limati likayambana onse awiri amatuluka mnyumba ndikumatukwaniza ndi kumenyana panja ena kumaonelera ndi kumakwiizira. I undrestand that u have only used the media on this issue and not direct confrontation. Mukuopa chani kuitanitsa onse okhudzidwa ndikukambirana ndikupeza njira yothetsera nkhaniyi mwabata kapena tinene kuti amene musakuwafunira amalawi zabwino ndinuyo pofuna kuti global fund isiye kuthandiza nac. Komanso anthu ake mukutsogoleranu mmmmmm a sembereka, a kwataine, akuti akuti si pp yokhayokha iyi kuwawidwa mtimatu… Read more »
hidgeman masina

let the demo be done so that we shall see the right thing ok

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