Mulli can now release his maize to Malawi prisons?

Leston Mulli, or whatever his first name may be, is one interesting businessman. He has the potential to ‘rule’ the entire Malawian business empire as he has already demonstrated before, despite that his prowess rightly needed a homeboy at the country’s driving seat. Which, for some, have still failed to manage.

So yes, Mulli was given that chance on a silver platter by the late powers that were, and he made positive use of that, no doubt about it. Under the then ruling United Democratic Front (UDF) of Atcheya, the likes of Matumula and Makhumula tried their luck, worked for some time, but both lost the plot along the way when Bakili Muluzi lost the hot seat at State House.

Before them, there were others of this world working in the armpits of the nearly defunct Malawi Congress Party (MCP) of the late true Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. The only difference being these did not have a direct ‘support’ from the ‘Big Small Man of Africa’ in ensuring that all business goes through their accounts.

All the Ngwazi did was creating some condusive environment for the business people, in particular those from his home area – the rest was their knack and skill. Very unlike Mulli who had the full political and homeboy backing of the late fake Ngwazi, Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika, now also known as ‘Daniel Phiri’ but earlier in his youth known as Ryson Webster Thom. Without this industrious man pitting the banks to give Mulli loans (still unpaid?) and favours abound, Mulli still seems to have some streak of business acumen left in him.

So much for that, he is suffering loudly for his politically motivated riches, and the current Peoples Party (PP), as it is busy trying to create its own Mulli’s through Vice President Khumbo Kachali and other business people of the orange lineage, is also head strong on pressing the Mulli Brothers group of companies for the ills it enjoyed.

And that serves him right – rightly so that we must be experiencing a corporate transformed into a Munalli Brother group of companies struggling for its bread and butter.

But that has not swept the Lomwe Belt kid off the reigns that are left with him in the trade.

As the Malawi Prisons department knelt before him for maize supplies, Mulli the business magnate thinks that is not his deal. He has put down his foot and will not be supplying those miserable inmates with the maize that formulates their poor diet once or twice a day as they pay for their range of crimes.

Mulli is stuck at his decision – unless you pay me cash, there is no maize for the prisons in Malawi! Ahem… damn right! He has a business to run, and after all, government instead of paying for what it owes him, is busy making him pay for what he owes government and various other parastatals, private and individual entities. The man needs to survive and that is not the best way he can be treated!

Nobody should treat him that way! Not a man of his calibre…

Blue Inmates

…but wait a minute!

Mulli might be thinking over his business survival all over again. What with the 11 or minus some DPP officials now breathing on the sides of the cooler? What will happen to those dear party comrades if he does not supply the much needed maize to the correction facility and they, like what happened to Symon Vuwa-Kaunda happens, for one reason or another are picked up again? What would they eat?

Well, the answers may be abound. For starters, DPP presidential candidate and national presidential aspirant, Prof. Peter wa Mutharika has nothing to worry – and Mulli can keep his rotting maize, anyway.

The American-Malawian professor is not want of any of it – as he was busy munching at his British breakfast in prison in Kanengo. Am sure Mama JB’s breakfast is not any better than young Mutharika’s in prison, save for a few missing necessities that come with it like a glass of warm milk followed by that glass of cold guava juice, some savvies, and perhaps some neat gold-trimmed plates and cups.

For all we have lately been introduced to, Peter Mutharika can also make good with bonya and mgaiwa. He had the strong urge for the cheapest and most popular Malawian little fish that he dumped the comfort of his cosy vehicles to jump onto a minibus, drive out of town just to get his hands on the little fish that is now a common dish for most Malawians, rural or urban, rich or poor!

“Amadya bonya amene uja…” – we now all trust. What political comedy and untrustworthiness? “Bwanji akudya soseji osati bonya ku cell ya Kanengoko nanga? Shupiti!” argued one passerby when a group of DPP toughies closed the road with stones and tree branches at the Area 18A/Area 10 junction robots during the arrests week.

Surely so, that bonya did not get any nearer to his home – perhaps offered for free to his garden boy or whoever may have been nearby for the ‘gift’.

Still Mulli may as well start rethinking if Peter can indeed swallow those sausages throughout the case that is probably going to be one of Malawi’s longest, craziest, funniest, highly political cases after the Mwanza Case that saw old boy John Zenus Ungapange Tembo nearly lose his leadership grip of the once mighty MCP.

From the look of things, after the bail granted, Malawians may be blessed for a long treason case when the prosecution finally puts together its act and starts hearing the case. Treason, am told, is not an easy thing as people may lose their lives if found guilty. That hangman could as well get his hands working after a long time – should Mama JB decide clemency is not any near her vocabulary.

But what is in Peter’s plate now serves the Professor just as good as he were spending good old lively days with his late brother, Bingu (or Daniel or Ryson Webster) during the hay days at State House. And to think that the Prof. was in the cooler for helping break his brother’s ribs and rotting him to hell is so body shaking. I can’t imagine the dude peacefully eating that sausage with such a heinous act on his ‘bloody’ hands.

And why Mulli cannot release that maize to the prisons in advance, is perhaps in his bid to enforce government to curtail the ‘culprits’ case on the premise of a poor or no good diet situation in the prisons.

That will not work for Peter just as we were all not sure about Goodal Gondwe’s meal in the clinic where he was rushed after some BP risk, but we can well be assured that even foul-mouthed Patricia Kaliati, my namesake, alongside Henry Mussa, Bright Msaka, Duncan Mwapasa, and the rest of the rounded-up fellows including ex-health minister Dr. Jean Kalilani, warped intelligence Nicholas Dausi and of course Nankhumwa were also doing their best at getting a better meal.

You can never tell should they get unlucky once again and spend nights at Lumbadzi or wherever, they may be going for the true inmate dishes that Malawian prisons are well loathed for, and as it stands, Mulli must be preparing truckloads of maize prison bound to help with the little nutrition that his party cronies may need in the near future.

The treason or the other multiple cases that the fellows have been charged with may take longer than expected. Unless house-arrests and long-standing bails will take the order of the day, am deeply convinced Mulli or Munalli Brothers should start to re-strategise their business direction.

Like it or not, that maize will soon be urgently required for the well-being of all inmates in the country – alongside those Blue Inmates.

Politically motivated or not, Mulli should release that maize for the inmates!Masinga column banner ha ha ha!

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