Muluzi ‘engineering’ to destroy PP: Uladi, Maulidi roped in scheme

The recent cosiness between President Peter Mutharika and former President, Bakili Muluzi -him of the political engineer fame – is more than just a quest for political correctness by the DPP as it seems ‘Atcheya’ is in for some form of ‘consultancy’ to use his ‘engineering’ to help prop up the seemingly ‘dull’ politics of Peter Mutharika and his governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Bakili Muluz iengeneering political move to destroy  PP

Bakili Muluz iengeneering political move to destroy PP

According to sources who spoke to Nyasa Times anonymously, the two are said to have entered into a secret pact where the former President (1994-2004) has promised to deal and finish off the opposition People’s Party (PP) and its leadership, in exchange for the Second Vice Presidency position for his son, Atupele Muluzi. Banda is former Head of State and Mutharika’s predecessor.

Atupele, who is leader of the opposition United Democratic Front (UDF), is currently Minister of Energy and Natural Resources in an informal DPP/UDF alliance.

“Bakili Muluzi informed Peter Mutharika that he knows PP and that almost all the people at the helm of its drive, including Joyce Banda, are students of his political school of thought.

“He promised to devise a master plan to ensure that the party is finished before the next elections in 2019,” said the source.

Mutharika, in turn, promised the former president that should things work out as Bakili Muluzi promises, Muluzi’s son would be offered the second vice  presidency, for the time being.

According to the source, Bakili Muluzi recently met, secretly, two PP estranged officials, Paul Maulidi and Hophmally Makande to strategize the PP destabilization process. UDF Secretary General, Kandi Padambo was also present at the meeting held recently at Muluzi’s suburban BCA Hill residence in Blantyre.

Maulidi and Makande are former PP Secretary General and Publicity Secretary, respectively.

“These people are part of the motley crew that the ‘political engineer’ is assembling to start doing the damage. There will also be other recruitments from the UDF, DPP, as well as from within the People’s Party. The taskforce will deploy divide-and-rule tactics where PP members will be impressed upon to jump ship and publicly demonize the party and its leadership.

“There will also be a mudslinging and smear campaign, which will involve creating all sorts of false allegations against the entire PP leadership, including Joyce Banda using money from government through, Bakili Muluzi,” claimed the source.

According to the PP constitution, the party is scheduled to hold a national convention in 2016 where new national position bearers, including the party president, will be elected. The one elected as leader at the national convention shall be automatic presidential candidate for the party in the 2019 general elections.

According to the source, Bakili Muluzi and President Mutharika want to ensure that some of the people recruited for ‘the project’ from within the PP must gun for top party positions and that they are adequately funded to ensure their triumph.

“After they are elected, these people will dump the party at some point before the 2019 General Elections or agitate for a working alliance with the DPP. The strategy is to make the PP appear like it is disintegrating; there is internal chaos; and therefore reduce its chances of winning the elections in 2019,” he added.

According to the source, PP Vice President responsible for the Central Region, Uladi Mussa, though not at the said meeting, has also been roped in, specifically tasked with recruiting PP Members of Parliament (MP) to become part of the ‘project’.

“When parliament was meeting in Lilongwe for the Budget Session and at the instigation of Bakili Muluzi, Mussa invited PP MPs under the guise of a bonding cocktail party held at his private residence in Area 43, New Project.

“The subject was not broached at that meeting, but the party was organized to savor the mood of the legislators and to gauge their level of compliance to the scheme,” said an MP who attended the ‘huge do’ in corroboration of the Bakili Muluzi scheme revelations.

He said apart from ‘winning and dining” Mussa gave each MP MK50,000 “for fuel” and ‘promised’ them that he will be calling them for such ‘get-together’ meetings “more regularly”.

PP’s Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda said the PP leadership is aware of such high-handed machinations by the DPP and UDF.

“We are aware that some people are losing sleep over the PP and its capabilities. You must, however, be assured that a few greedy people cannot and will not stand in the way of God’s plans.

“PP is a big national institution and it is more than just a few greedy individuals,” he said.

Recently, Bakili Muluzi and Peter Mutharika have been privately and publicly cozying up.  Mulizi trips to Sanjika Palace have frequented.

President Mutharika also delegated Bakili Muluzi as Malawi Government’s representative at the Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary celebrations a few weeks ago.

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mwayamba kuthozana inu a zipani chimene muyenera kudziwa kuti mwamuna nzako pa chulu kulinga utakwerapo. chipani cha PP sichingathe chifukwa cha zolankhula za anthu opanda nzeru. Ife a PP tikudziwa chimene Atcheya akufuna kuchita koma alephera ndithu chifukwa chipani amathetsa ndi mwini wake Mulungu. A satana inu muzikhulupirira kuti kuja kuno kuli mulungu mwini zonse.


Next story please.


a msonda at this time who can have sleepless with pp may be mcp .ure gone for good and forever

Vincent phiri

I thought big threat is mcp. Who is feeding you these lies. Changes may take place yes when time is ripe. Republican party woyee


once gay, always gay!

Emmanuel Mofolo

Anthu enanu mukamakhala busy ndikukamba za pp ndimadabwa nanu bwanji, you are wasting time talking about a political party that is completely dead. Even if God is from Malawi that PP can not resurrect, find another party.

Imraan Sadick

Ndikati muluzi alibe nzeru ndidzimenedzi. What atcheya is looking at is za Atupele basi and nothing else


so much to say kuti atcheya alibe nzeru koma anakupusisa iweyo mpaka 10years mu boma!!! anthu a nzeru wo kumamlemekeza iyeyo muntu wa form 2 yokha!! insha alah!


A Ochavo musanamizidwe. Davide anapha Goliati. Kumene zikupita zinthu ndi DPP nkwabwino? Kwacha ndi imeneyo kumene ikupita kaya and the prices are souring everyday. The end result will be people’s frustration, dissatisfaction and loss of trust in DPP. A APM kwawo ndi ku school/college azikaphunzitsa not kuyendetsa boma.

Walhelha ochavo

kodi PP idakalipo?ndipo olo akanandiuza ineyo kuti ndithane nayo,zikanatheka,a chair musataye nthawi tipatseni ife, that task is very very small


PP already destabilized itself when they lost the elections you found most people leaving the party unknown to the president and its VP, the biggest threat now is MCP towards DPP.. This is just bogus and cheap politics!!! PP can do better than that, sheish!!

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