Murder most foul: What game is Malawi Police playing?

Robert Chasowa did not commit suicide – that is what pathologist  Dr Charles Dzamalala said. The Police say he committed suicide. They say Dr Charles Dzamalala told them that the lad committed suicide. Dr Dzamalala says he never told the police this and that he never issued any report to that effect. Therefore it follows that the police are telling lies. Why are the police telling lies? Did they murder Robert Chasowa? Or do they know the person who murdered Robert Chasowa and are covering him up?

The police owe the Malawi nation an explanation. They can no longer be trusted to investigate the murder of Robert Chasowa. They are acting like accomplices to a murder. They must tell us why they murdered Robert Chasowa.

This is sickening. The police are supposed to protect us, not murder us. They are supposed to be the office we should run to when threatened with murder, not murderers themselves. But now it is turning out to be contrary to what we believe in. They have murdered the boy. He was a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at the Polytechnic. He was a bright spot in the future of our nation. The police have killed this light.

Police murderers? Led by their IG

This country has been silent for too long. When Dunduzu Chisiza Sr was murdered in 1962 at the Thondwe Bridge, we remained silent. When Aaron Gadama, two other ministers and a Member of Parliament were murdered in Mwanza in 1983, we remained silent. This silence is mistaken for stupidity by the powers that be. They think they can get away with murder simply because they control the army and the police and other instruments of power. They think that if they waved undated and unsigned suicide notes into our face, we would believe it.

I have always believed there is the rule of law in this country, but now I am beginning to believe otherwise. The ‘law enforcers’ have become murderers, breaking the law with impunity. They kill and write undated and unsigned notes, calling them ‘suicide’ notes. They expect us to believe these lies. We will not. We are not so dull.

The police must be taken to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. They must be tried and imprisoned for their actions. We do not have anywhere else to run to, because they, the institution we trusted in, have become murderers or accomplices to murder.

I will conclude my article by paraphrasing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song:

How long shall they kill our people

While we stand aside and look

I have no fear for heartless murderers

Because none of them can stop the Truth.

Yes, none of them can stop the truth. Somebody has to be answerable for this murder. Somebody must be brought to account. Mr Inspector-General of Murderers, do you hear me?

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