Mutharika attacks Joyce Banda over bad publicity: ‘Too much envy in Malawi’

Malawian President Professor Peter Mutharika has accused his predecessor, Joyce Banda of being responsible for his negative publicity, saying she was paying Malawi journalists to write bad stories about his government.

President Mutharika: Malawi can learn from Mozambique on unity

President Mutharika: Malawi can learn from Mozambique on unity

Joyce Banda: Former Malawi president

Joyce Banda: Former Malawi president

The President was speaking  at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe Thursday on upon his arrival from the 40th anniversary of Mozambique’s independence celebrations.

Mutharika also expressed regret over Banda’s conduct during last year’s Tripartite Elections when she tried to annul Mutharika’s controversial victory. She called for a re-election, saying the election had been marred by widespread fraud.

Banda, he first serving Malawian president to lose an election, however, accepted defeat after the High Court ordered the release of the results.

The Malawi leader also bemoaned that Banda shunned his inauguration ceremony and rejected  an “olive branch” he had offered her.

Mutharika said was impressed with the relationship the current Mozambican President, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi has with former Heads of States, Armando Emilio Guebuza and Joaquim Chissano and, wished the situation is similar in Malawi.

”The three of them (Nyusi, Guebuza and Chissano) were on the same table and seemed to be happy being there together. That’s what is lacking in this country,” said Mutharika.

He added: ”Here (Malawi) there is no cordial relationship among the (political) leaders; you see a predecessor refusing to handover power, paying the media to write bad stories about their successor”.

Mutharika called for unity among political leaders and prayed for Malawi to borrow a leaf from Mozambique in regards to peace and unity.

”We need to learn from Mozambique. In this country there is too much individualism and envy. We need to get rid of that if we are to develop”.

Banda ‘s spokesman could not immediately comment on the comments by Mutharika.

But the Malawi leader came under fire last December for giving envelopes containing $125 to more than 80 media people at a dinner he hosted in Blantyre.

In his column in the Nyasa Times, Malawi professor of law Danwood Mzikenge Chirwa said what President Mutharika did by giving money handouts to journalists at a news event was tantamount to bribery.

Local civil society groups said that “by attempting to bribe the journalists” Mutharika subjected his leadership style to disrepute.

Some journalists donated the money to charity.

And this week, a lawmaker Peter Chakwantha accused the Mutharika government of trying to bribe some journalists not to do probing stories to the K92 billion ‘DPP-era cashgate.’

Maclan Kanyang’wa, who heads the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at the Polytechnic College of the University of Malawi, said a media code of ethics bars journalists from accepting payment on a story.—Additional reporting by Green Muheya, Nyasa Times

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APRM as a person is a good man. He does not seem to have the apparent bad mind of his late brother. He ought to be supported but he must be wary of bad advice from some of his henchmen and opportunists.

The real Ujeni

The Mozambican former Presidents are from the same party. Tatiuzani zanzelu for once


Eish !gogo APM mwaonjeza.Now I believe mumabwebweta za JB in your sleep if at all you sleep.It seems simugona nawo tulo mayiwa.Anakufinyani ma battery heavy.I doubt if you have real masculine balls.Behave like a man.

Moses Makoko

Presidents, l don’t like you both !


Mmati munthu wankazi zimamuvuta

Nanga chichani chikuchitika ??


What I see in Malawi is only bull-shit coz the same bad guys,are given a chance to lead; The best solution to the current rangles is “public mass protest” to over throw the government

This senile ‘president’ is at it again! Blame the opposition for any criticism of your government. Even the ex-president who is not even in the country! Unity? My friend, unity comes from pointing out the flaws which you see in your country, so that we can all work on improving it together. Unity comes from rooting out corruption so that we can all build our country together. ‘Unity’ does not come from blind obedience to the president and unfailing, relentless praise to the ones who ‘rule’ us. ‘Unity’ does not come from having a one party state ( FRELIMO )… Read more »

CORRECTION:For record purposes,the FIRST,sitting president to lose an election in Malawi, was the late Ngwazi Dr.H.Kamuzu Banda(Lion of Malawi),in 1994.When he realised that votes were not going his way,he promptly, congratulated the frontrunner,who happened to be Dr.Bakili Muluzi.


The US Supreme Court has legalizes gay marriages in all 50 states. It’s now cool to be gay in the USA you may consider retrieving your Green Card and going back to where you will be welcomed with open arms,


Remember your election was dented by fraud and you had to be let in by the court to spare Malawi from civil strife. So the going might be worse and we should pray for our country. See you are running a minority govt.


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