Mutharika attends Evangelical Church service in Thyolo: Urges churches to continue complementing govt in development

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has retaliated on the need for churches to continue complementing government in its efforts of accelerating development in the country.

President Mutharika attended prayers at the Evangelical church of Malawi at
Mtambanyama in Thyolo

Mutharika was speaking on Sunday at Mtambanyama Synod of the Evangelical Church of Malawi (ECM) during a church service in Thyolo.

The Malawian leader said the synod has contributed enormously towards the country’s development especially in the education and health sectors.

“People came from different areas like Chikwawa, Nsanje, Chiradzulo and other places to study here at Mtambanyama and I am one of those who studied here.

“I would like, therefore, to urge Mtambanyama Synod to continue with various programmes you have been caring out aimed at uplifting the lives of people in the country and rest be assured of government support,” said Mutharika.

However, Mutharika pointed out that jealous is the major challenge the country is facing, which in the process was pulling back the country’s development.

“I am glad that in his sermon Synod Chairperson Reverend Mawaya has mentioned that we should take out jealousy so that together we should work and develop the nation,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika, therefore, advised people to love one another and work together as a family so that the country prospers.

He said government on its part will continue with programmes meant to uplift people’s social and economic standards citing social protection measures like the decent and affordable housing project.

“It is my intention that in the next fifteen years, Malawi should no longer have grass thatched houses. My government is also committed to improve rural road network. I am glad to see that the works of Thyolo – Thekerani road is progressing very well,” the Malawi leader said.

Member of Parliament for Thyolo – Thava, Mary Thomu Navicha praised the president for taking his time to be part of the congregation at Mtambanyama Synod which is in her constituency.

Navicha said Malawi was blessed to have a God fearing President; “because he is a God fearing President he has managed to run this country for three years without any budgetary support from donors but the country was making strides in progress all the same.”

She pointed out that President Mutharika was geared at developing Malawi regardless of which region in the country.

In his remarks, Traditional Authority Khwethemule thanked the president for supporting the Synod to build two classroom blocks at Mtambanyama Primary School where the Malawi leader attended his standard five and six primary education.

“I would like to urge all of us to emulate what the president has done at Mtambanyama. Everyone who has something little should contribute to where he went for studies. If we can all do that the issue of learners learning under the tree will be a thing of the past. Let’s love our country and contribute whatever we can,” Khwethemule appealed.

Khwetemule said people in the country should strive at brining unity of purpose which the Malawian leader was promoting to enhance development at all levels.

In his sermon, Mtambanyama ECM Synod Chairperson, Charles Mawaya said envy is the main challenge disturbing the growth of development in different set ups of the country.

Mawaya, therefore, asked people to be tolerant with each other and create space to those that have been given mandate to perform various tasks to achieve their aspirations.

“Don’t criticize somebody’s plan because you never know one day such plans will come to fruition. Let’s give chance those who dream to make their dreams come to reality like what our President has done.

“He dreamed of building a Thyolo – Thekerani Muona road, look now the dream has become a reality despite some people saying it will not happen,” Mawaya said.

Formally known as Kabula by a British Missionary Joseph Booth, the Evangelical Church of Malawi was introduced in the country 1893.

The church relocated to Thyolo after the missionaries started cultivating tea and coffee before they stopped to focus on spreading the word of GOD alone.

According to Mawaya, President Peter Mutharika was a Sunday school student of the congregation and no wonder the welfare of people in the area remained at his heart, the core principles of ECM teaching.

Since 1893 the church has been headed by foreign missionaries until 1964 when Pastor Namalika was chosen to be the first Malawian to lead the church.

President Mutharika also visited Herera Oaxley Clinic and also inspected Mtambanyama Maternity Wing which is a subsidiary of the congregation.

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Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD
4 years ago

“However, Mutharika pointed out that jealous is the major challenge the country is facing, which in the process was pulling back the country’s development.” Jealousy is NOT a sin. One of God’s names is “jealous”. Jealousy is righteous! Like, if I don’t want another man looking at my wife, I am jealous and it is righteous. See the second commandment (Catholics, pay attention as your church removes this!) Exodus 20:4-5 – Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that… Read more »

Nganiza Muthulika
4 years ago

Yes churches have contributed so much Since colonial. What could Malawi have done withiout churches when education is concerned? mot of US went to Catholic schools, Anglican or CCAP . To Day is the same. The money is stolen by the same person who is talking. President and his associations. To day government schools are so bad quality and no qualified teachers. To be a teacher to day is not something one want to be especially working for government. One is not paid for many months. During my time it was a respectable job. Apuzisi. We gave them respect.

Generations of vipers
Generations of vipers
4 years ago

If it was John the baptist preaching at this sermon, he could have delivered a cutting message not one to appease a crooked head of state

4 years ago

Its good you said John the Baptist, this is time for Charles Mawaya and that was what God instruct him to preach

Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD
4 years ago

Amen @ Generations of Vipers. Before you go to ANY church, ask what the plan of salvation is. If it is not 100% by faith alone, “once saved always saved” it is a false church. If the minister/pastor is wearing a dress, it is a fake church. Presidents of countries do not go to Independent Baptist countries, they go to fake churches because they will be honoured and lauded. And in today’s world, people do not become presidents unless they are wicked and tow the line of the Zïonists/Illüminati. And as for this church praising him for arriving, and flattering… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Jesus is LORD

I write not to judge you the way you are judging others…. but to condemn you on your evil sentiments which you are making towards your fellow brothers and sisters. How dare do you claim yourself and your only Church to be righteous?? Remember to Remember my dear brother that on that D Day the FIRST will be the LAST and the LAST will be the FIRST. Also if you are a true born again person why are you failing to apply the spiritual words which encourages us to respect our LEADERS? Whether you will like them or not just… Read more »

Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD
4 years ago
Reply to  Jamax

Hi Jamax. Please read the KJV Bible, do not rely on some fake Pentecostal teacher to tell you what to believe. Firstly, Jesus did not die on the cross to “change your life”, He died to save us from the Hellfire we deserve. He is not a lifestyle, He is GOD. If you visit the Resurrection Baptist Church in Chinsapo, you will do well – they will make it their mission to show you how to get saved and go to Heaven, 100% by faith alone + eternal security. Secondly, the Bible TELLS us to judge – see Matthew 7:5,16,20… Read more »

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