Mutharika discusses Malawi growth strategy at London think-tank Chatham House

Proper diversification of the predominantly agro-based economy is going to make Malawi a vibrant and strategic economy in view of regional, continental and global trade, says President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika in his speech at the Chatham House  think-tank in London on Monday.

APM addressing members of Chatham House flanked by McConnel former First Minister of Scotland

APM addressing members of Chatham House flanked by McConnel former First Minister of Scotland

Mutharika at Chatham House

Mutharika at Chatham House

APM interacts with some members of Chatham House

APM interacts with some members of Chatham House

Some of the Chatam House that attended APM's address

Some of the Chatam House that attended APM’s address

Pitted as one of Africa’s most educated leaders, Mutharika addressed Chatham House, a respected global think-tank in a presentation titled “Malawi’s Priorities and Partnerships: Diversification For Development”

The President , who is on an official tour to UK, noted that for many decades Malawi’s economic priorities have weighed heavily towards agriculture just as a subsistence endeavor, a situation that has seen minimal growth of real income among farmers themselves.

“As a new government, we are now moving on a path for economic diversification away from the commodity based economy, in order to increase the export base. We strongly believe that trade and investment are key drivers for inclusive economic growth and sustainable development,” noted President Mutharika.

The Malawi leader said his government is doing all it can to reverse the economic anomalies so as to punch the right peg in the right hole.

“My government is pro-actively addressing market failures by among other things prioritizing; energy, tourism and infrastructure development, through the public private partnerships, including government own financing,” he said.

The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangement has been one of President Mutharika’s priority areas in view of his commitment to foreign direct investment. As a result of the said commitment, President Mutharika instituted the Malawi Investment Trade Centre (MITC) which within two years of existence convened the first Malawi Investment Forum, a gathering that brought together more than 300 investors from across the world.

The President repeatedly called upon global investors, leaders and thinkers to consider Malawi as a hub of development for her many positive attributes.

“Malawi has a stable social, political and economic environment; liberal trade policies; and strategic geographical proximity with SADC countries.Despite being a land-locked country, Malawi’s strategic positioning in the region centres on provision of opportunities for development partnerships with other countries in the region,” said President Mutharika.

The Malawi leader prominently identified Malawi as a “ land-linked country” in view of many opportunities especially in areas like agriculture where 85 percent of the economy’s exports come from.

Sustaining Malawi’s economic growth, which resurged largely due to development in the agricultural sector, will require a diversification of the country’s international relations.

Since his election in May 2014, Mutharika has sought to rebuild trust in public institutions and to improve relations with traditional donors. Malawi is also reaching out to emerging partners, with India and China presenting potential sources of investment.

Chatham House also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs was founded in 1920 and continues to engage governments, the private sector, civil society in analysing and brainstorming on world affairs.

Chairperson of the event Lord Jack Mc Connel, Scottish First Minister urged Chatam House members to support Malawi’s prime mission so as to build a sustainable, secure and prosperous nation.

He was delighted that Mutharika availed himself to discuss his government’s strategy for growth and development, priorities for institutional reform and his approach to working with international partners.

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go on abwana,, little by little we will go further

Blunt Truth

Peter Mutharika is failing to grow the economy. Since he became president in May 2014 the economy has gone down with inflation and interest rates skyrocketing and the Kwacha losing value. Peter Mutharika is failing to investigate the K92billion that was misused during his brother’s rule of Bingu wa Mutharika. The average Malawian is facing serious economic hardship because Mutharika has scanty understanding of the Malawi economy.

Fly On the Wall

Full of self-contradiction: we want to move away from a commodity based economy, yet he still talks of agriculture as a priority and doesn’t identify a single non agricultural sector for diversification. He says he will address market failures through investments in energy. Does he really understand the meaning of market failure? Did the audience pose any questions or was this a one way sermon? If so, what’s the purpose? Can someone post an audio clip please. I wonder if the audience were able to understand his mumblings


even if peter travels the whole world and preaching to investors they won’t come.which investor invests where raw materials are scarce,where the ruling party expects to be palm oiled,where electricity is erratic,where water is a problem,where politicians are childish.peter better stay home and solve the problems starting with corruption then investors will come not going arround seeking their attention.

Dolo weni weni

How I wish if Malawi had an action oriented or high performing leader like Kagame and Magufuli and not those who claim to be highly educated on paper!

choka phiri
APM says his government is new government is DDP new government? Its only two years it was not ruling du to his brottet, s sudden death. Hej Thinks these People have forgotten The problem with him he is The brother of Bing and he was in DDP. Being prof means nothing to Them. Its a pity. Hej is right Malawi need investors but Who dare to investors in a country NO elektricit? And also APM showed his arrogant way when he answered the way he did when he returned from US. I myself working with internationella organisation knops what was… Read more »
kal akwen

More thnking, less action is muthalika’s way in action

Bodza la n'nanu

APM should have been in Paris and not in London. Ill-advised!


Britain was a colonial power in Malawi and has assisted Malawi for all of it’s dismal 51 years of independence so they know Malawi in and out.. Asking Britons for investments in Malawi is a pure non-starter!!! It is akin to trying to SEDUCE YOUR WIFE AFTER 51 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!! What do you tell her that she doesn’t know!!??? what amorous activity will you do that she doesn’t know!!?? what money will you try to impress her with that she doesn’t know??? This UK trip is a complete waste of time and money!!!!


Please ask the british to give us free visas, ife tifuna gwira ntchito mu UK, Tikagwira pa uk tipeza 1 pound ndi Mk1000, apa economy ya pita pa madzi

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