Mutharika drums up support for DPP candidate Ngwenya in Lilongwe by-election

President Peter Mutharika says government has a lot of development plans in the pipeline for the Lilongwe City South East Constituency and the country as a whole., urging the constituents to back Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentary candidate, Reuben Ngwenya.

President Mutharika being welcomed by DPP secretary general Wa Jeffrey – Photo by Stanely Makuti, Mana.

President Mutharika introducing DPP hopeful Reuben Ngwenya – Photo by Stanely Makuti, Mana.

State Vice President Saulos Chilima conferes with Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu at the rally– Photo by Stanely Makuti, Mana.

Part of the crowds at primary school ground rally– Photo by Stanely Makuti, Mana.

He was speaking Tuesday during a political  campaign rally held at Kaliyeka primary school ground ahead of the October 17 by elections.

Mutharika said the plans range from construction of roads, a hospital, markets, boosting security and improving the water supply into the area and the rest of the country.

“Firstly let me thank you for the numerous votes including parliamentary seat that you gave us in 2014. This has resulted into several development works that have taken place in this area like construction of water kiosks, and roads among others.

“However, we still have a lot of plans for this constituency. I understand there is only one hospital in Area 23, for that reason we want to put a health unit at Tambalale to protect the lives of people around here,” said Mutharika.

In terms of security, he said Area 23 and surrounding areas have for a long been involved in security lapses which the DPP led government wants to put to rest.

“We want to boost security in this area because there is a big problem here. As such; I have instructed the police to construct a police unit at Area 23.

“To complement this, we have plans to bring electricity to the rest of the constituency so that anyone involved in the acts of disorderly should no longer have a playground here,” said Mutharika.

“On the national level, we are procuring 78 megawatts generators which will end electricity blackouts in the country. We are somehow facing these problems because the last time the country invested in electricity was 40 years ago,” he said.

He said the construction of a national Cancer Centre at the Kamuzu Central hospital would help treat cancer patients in the country.

On water development, Mutharika also said the last time the country heavily invested in the sector was in 1952.

“But, the DPP government will continue developing the water sector including continuing with the Salima-Lilongwe water project because without that, Lilongwe will face serious water challenges in the next ten years,” said Mutharika.

Subsequently, Mutharika urged the constituents to go into large numbers and usher into parliament, the DPP candidate saying Ngwenya is the only bridge between the constituents and development.

Senior Chief Tsabango in his remarks said people from the area are determined to provide the DPP with a member of parliament considering all the developmental works the DPP government and the shadow MP are providing.

DPP Regional governor for the centre, Josiah Banda and district governor for Lilongwe urban Saidi Mussa assured Mutharika of the seat citing the clean campaigns that the camp is doing, unlike that of the opposing parties like the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which they claimed is implementing barbaric campaign tactics.

Ngwenya said he would continue with the developmental works he in conjunction with the DPP is implementing in the area.

“Your Excellency, you have a very strong, good and clear manifesto which Malawians love. On the other hand, I also have a strong manifesto which the people from this constituency love.

“This was witnessed a few days ago when we held a debate at Mloza secondary school organized by Malawi Electoral Commission and National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice). When we were asked to produce our manifestos, only DPP did so. This shows how focused, committed and ready to win we are unlike our opposing candidates who are weak,” said Ngwenya.

Ngwenya said electricity structures are being installed at Gologota and Tambalale and also water kiosks have been installed around.

As the constituency wait for the developments in the pipeline, he said they are providing alternate help to those in critical need.

He cited an example of mobile clinics in the area and a program at Kachere private hospital which allows the elderly and orphans to access medical help for free.

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timadana ndi zopusa

believe you me MCP will carry the day in all constituents

Dr Manga Sc



So what was Namasasu as your MP doing all along? Koma chitsiru ichi? Eish……


APM will collapse after the by-elections results. Am sure miss Jeff Wa Jeff will also be hospitalized for BP


Shaaaaaaaa! Ndikutha kuona chigayo chikukazulidwa chikangotha chisankho ataluza. Kumvetsa chisoni.
Even the Lhomwes have vowed never to vote for dpp again. Mbava izi.


This mbava party and mbava president want to continue staeling from Malawians. Ng’oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ulendo uno simuothera. Munya muona. Un insipiring president like you.


Which pipeline now? For 2 and a half years munali ndi Namasasu wanu wa DPP kuno – simunapange chitukuko mukunenacho bwanji? By the way, who wrote the speech for you Mr Ibu? Does area 23 have a public hospital? Which one? On the other hand, area 23 (ku Thanki) kuli kale police – yet you say you will instruct police to construct a police unit??? OK dzikooooo ilooooo

The worst party in the history of Malawi especially under Peter Mutharika. Which manifesto are you guys talking about? You mean the manifesto that makes you chase opposition members at a rally or cultural function? or the manifesto that promotes corruption or the one that hardly pays civil servants? Mr Peter Mutharika, you keep referring to old plans on the country’s development which according to you, are the cause of electricity blackouts and other public service delivery failures, what was your plan before embarking on a journey to lead Malawians? and what does your manifesto entail? Does it ever touch… Read more »

Same old talk, mupititsa magetsi osayamba mwachita plant source yodalilika. At your age Mr President mungamauze anthu zogula generaror imene ili backup osati power plant?
Apa ndiye zikuonetsa kuti vision mulibe ndithu, izi mudzikauza anzanu akwanu aja ongoganiza za anamapopa!


So Za developing the area you were waiting the elections? Mbatama. Quarry pajaso amawononga reasoning yamunthu. Start another quary regime, Mr IBU

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