Malawi President condemn ‘blood-sucking vampire’ scare lynchings

President Peter Mutharika on Tuesday condemned the vigilante mobs summarily executing people suspected of being “blood-sucking” vampires in the southern districts of Mulanje, Phalombe and Thyolo, saying it is affecting development in the concerned districts.

Mutharika says reports on violence emanating from bloodsuckers’ myth are distressing and agonizing – Photo by Stanely Makuti, Mana.

Mutharika broke his silence on the matter in Tuesday during a political rally held at Kaliyeka primary school ground ahead of the October 17 by elections, as he canvassed votes for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentary candidate, Dr Reuben Ngwenya.

The Head of State said the reports were ‘distressing and agonizing’.

“I am deeply concern with the development, I don’t know who started [the rumour] it here in our country but I understand that it originated from Mozambique,” he said.

Mutharika disclosed that he will be visiting the hotspot districts from 13 to 17 of October to address the issue.

“After sending some delegates, [to sensitise the villagers] the rumours of vampirism and mob justice is slowly dying down. But I will be there to address the community too,” he added.

Chiefs and their subjects in the ‘bloodsuckers’ hotspot districts of Mulanje, Phalombe and Chiradzulu said they want Mutharika and senior government officials to address meetings to clear the mist.

Taxpayer-funded Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC)  also issued a ststament asking  Mutharika to come out strongly and condemn incidents of violence emanating from bloodsuckers’ myth.

At least seven people now have been killed by violent mobs over ‘vampires myth’.

On issues of  politically-motivated violence, Mutharika asked DPP Youth Cadets to stop and refrain from violence despite being attacked by opposition parties.

According to him, DPP reputation has been affected by such issue.

Mutharika said he is aware that some opposition party supporters are the one responsible for the cause of violence but put a blame of DPP cadets.

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Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
APM is applauded for taking the initiative to visit those districts with the purpose of dispelling “bloodsuckers” rumours. A plea is that APM should use all the available information on vampires and “bloodsuckers” he may lay his hands on and educate the people. In Nyasaland during the 1930s health campaigns, surveys, and vaccination efforts were often stymied by similar rumours but colonial officials dismissed them as “African superstition”. Myths about vampires and tales of bloodsuckers in the night are found in every culture across the globe with different variations, and date back to centuries. The belief in vampires stems from… Read more »

Chinjoka, your name tells the whole story. The devil, who is the father of all liars is represented by an old snake in the Bible. So the lies which you are peddling here simply shows you are related to Chinjoka chokalamba cha Mbaibulo. Why bringing in opposition party is this sage? What is your motive? Obviously you are harboring evil motive against the opposition.

Those of you who know Malawi’s post independence political history will recall that in the late 1960’s , a group of people opposed to Dr Banda’s regime organized a murder and terror campaign against the people of Blantyre and other Southern region districts. During that time , people would be found murdered in cold blood in their houses. The anti-government terrorists were also at the centre of spreading rumours to the effect that Dr Banda’s regime was collecting blood from the murdered victims in order to pay back a loan to the South African government which Malawi had obtained from… Read more »

No. or you think so?




Koma ichi Kkkkkkkk sichidzathekaso Kkkkkkkk so Mr Ibu you think violence is being perpetrated by opposition? You have shown your idiocy. Answer me, who started violence in Rumphi at Gonapamuhanya ceremony, who are brandishing pangas? Who was showing piston tacked onto his trouser?

DPP a party of thugs, mahule, mbava, nepotists, tribalists, agulugunyinda etc plz step down hounarably mukutitayitsa nthawi.


Phideria asshole, you’re just against my DPP. Your name should change now to Malaria.



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