Mutharika has ‘no regrets’ over Malawi ’varsity remarks: Nankhumwa puts a spin on research remarks

After President Peter Mutharika’s call for university lecturers to “concentrate on research [and] not commenting on public trivia” attracted a barrage of criticism from the academia, Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa has clarified that in making the remarks, Mutharika was simply underlining “the contribution that research universities brings to the socioeconomic development of a country.”

President Mutharika: Has no regrets over his research remarks

President Mutharika: Has no regrets over his research remarks

The President said good universities are known by their research; hence, he asked University of Malawi (Unima) lecturers to raise the profile of the institution with research.

The remarks were made during Unima fundraising dinner and dance at the Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe on Saturday night.

However, the statement attracted a wrath of the academia and human rights activists, calling them “gagging”.

In a statement on Tuesday, Nankhumwa said many similar observations have been made by other accomplished scholars world over and have never been misunderstood as an attempt to curtail freedom of speech among university lecturers or regulate academic freedoms in places of higher learning.

Nankhumwa, who is government spokesman, highlighted the importance of research in universities by quoting Philip G Altbach, research professor and director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College in the United States, that “Research universities in low- and middle-income countries have crucial roles to play in developing differentiated and effective academic systems, and in making it possible for their countries to join the global knowledge society and compete in sophisticated knowledge economies.”

He said Mutharika remarks were meant to underscore that research universities in developing countries are at the top of the academic hierarchy and are central to the success of any modern knowledge-based economy.

Nankhumwa said Mutharika was only giving his “encouragement” to the university lectures in Malawi.

“And it is in that context that he has to be understood. Understanding him differently can only be regrettable,” said Nankhumwa.

In one of the attacks Mutharika received, Danwood Chirwa, a professor of law at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, labelled the Malawi leader a dubious scholar.

“By the way Peter published very little, less than 10 recognised articles in a career spanning about 40 years. What he lists as books are compilations of instruments. He was awarded the professorship somewhere in 1977 not based on research output or excellence but confirmation of tenure, which is common in the US,” Chirwa posted on Facebook.

Chirwa stated that Mutharika had no research output worth talking about by that time.

“It’s a pity Malawians have been fooled and believe he is professorial material. He isn’t and cannot be based on his academic outputs, both teaching and research. He also held no notable academic leadership post, eg Head of Department, Deputy Dean or Dean. It is thus understandable that he speaks as if he knows nothing about higher education, for he’s always been a dubious scholar,” Chirwa said of Mutharika.

Nankhumwa downplayed the criticism by touting Mutharika as “an accomplished scholar.”

He said the President does not regret making the research remarks.

Presidential press secretary Gerald Viola also said the President has been misunderstood in his remarks.

According to Viola, President Mutharika “does not feel offended” with the wrath he has received from the university dons.

In 2011 when he was serving as minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mutharika was accused of indecisiveness after lecturers at Unima downed tools, demanding academic freedom after a spy was allegedly planted in a political science class and reported lecture examples to authorities.


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Welcome to Muntharika dynasty. Home of academic impediment

gota chita


ndagoma ndidziko

I now see that Mutharika is right. These learned people are indeed commenting on trivia. Dont they have something more meaningful or beneficial to do. The reaction and comments show how shallow they are. Very disappointing.


Koma ma lecturer audzu ali ku malawi kuno! Bwana wanu akukulimbikisani kupanga kafukufuku mu ma university inu mukumunyoza! Eeeee ayi ndithu. Kodi danwood chirwa nde ndaninso? Anafukulidwa kuti nthakatiyu… The president simply encourages universities to do research and help economic growth of Malawi full stop. Omly a few lecturers speak sense…the likes of Kanyongolo but the rest ndi atombolombo onunkha tudzi

The Objective Person
Mr Kampalapata i feel like consultancy is what is the problem currently. Most media houses do that with an aim of getting the analysis from the lecturers. So if consultancy is there on the mission statement of the Unima then why cripple that and allow research, teaching and outreach as the lesser evils? For them to comment on something it means someone is consulting them for independent opinions. Consultancy ndi imeyo baba/ mbuya/mjomba/sibweni. Let us not glorify wrongs. Lecturers are people just as you and i . Selecting on what they should vomit or eat is bad. Wagenda kolakwika anzake… Read more »

The lectures have defended the criticism made by Mutharika by uncovering the president’s doubtful professorship.
Is it the battle of showing who is a real professor?
You the wise Malawians
Are these peoples’ defenses contest?
Wina akuti muzipanga ma reseach
Wina ali ndi professor okaikisa

1. I would ask you to fully research yourself on just how much research is done by the lecturers that you say comment on trivial issues. how many articles they have in international journals. How much research they do everyday not just for publication but for their lesson so that their content remains relevant to today’s society. Also, mind you that they achieve all this despite the difficult circumstances under which they have to do this. 2. The lecturers just like you have the right to voice their opinion, unless I have missed something and citizens in Malawi no longer… Read more »
Munthu Wankulu

APM, your brother dis not live after he started this mess. So please take care. You are not ‘Jesus’.


The president should also concentrate on doing his job rather than castigating lecturers at the University which does not adequate funding.


I think nachisale together ndi achisale osatha kuyankhula are the ones who are dull and arrogant. Lectures should really comment on the national issues including politics

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