Mutharika hits back at Chakwera, rejects ‘liar’ tag: ‘Proffessor from unaccredited Bible school is liar’

President Peter Mutharika has hit back at leader  of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera who branded him as a “pathological liar”,  saying he tells the truth projected Chakwera as a big liar.

Mutharika :A liar claims to have earned a PhD yet  he  received an honorary degree from an unaccredited Bible school and calls himself a professor

Chakwera accused President Mutharika of being “clueless, directionless and insensitive” to the people’s misery and suffering inflicted by power blackouts and that  he lied to the nation on the issue of generators that are being hired to ease power outages the country is currently experiencing.

However, speaking  in Lilongwe during the official opening of  the 2017 Ijtmah at Mama Khadija Orphanage Centre in Lilongwe whose theme was ‘The Role of Muslims in Economical and Educational Development in Malawi said he did not lie on generators as their are currently on their way to the country  to add 78 megawatts (MW) to the national grid to ease power supply woes effective October this year.

“I never said they were in the country. I said they were coming. I am told they are being shipped. That is the information I have from the technical people,” said Mutharika.

The President then started to take swipe at Chakwera: “But as I have said earlier, Islam and Christianity talk about respect for each other. The behaviour, therefore, of somebody who wants to be a leader of this country, talking about the president being a pathological liar, I think it is very, very pathetic.”

Mutharika insisted he is not a liar, insinuating that it is Chakwera, who is also opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, a shameless liar.

“The president is not a liar. A liar is somebody, who claims to have earned a degree in America, a PhD, when he actually received an honorary degree from an unaccredited Bible school and calls himself a professor. That’s a liar. That’s a pathological liar. Not me,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said Chakwera is provoking him for political gains.

”I know to call the president a liar is a violation of the law. He is pushing me to arrest him so that he becomes a martyr,” he said.

He added: “I am not going to bite the bait. All I am asking him, if he wants to be president is to behave responsibly and maybe he needs to go to Bwaila [Hospital] for examination of his head. I think there is something wrong with his brain.”

Chakwera called for a public enquiry into the foiled generators deal, saying the generators could have eased the energy crisis, saying  as a result of the blackouts, hospitals have turned into death zones, as operating theatres cannot carry out surgery and vaccines cannot be stored in deep freezers.

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If Chakwera were to go to Bwaila Hospital, as per APM’s suggestion, he would find it almost as bare of medication as the hospitals Mugabe has bled dry. Muthalika’s response sounds like the tit for tat arguments young children have. Why doesn’t he just look at the DPP’s track record in this term?


kkkkkkk asiyeni ma Professor amenyane ndi ma DEGREES awo tione amene ali wa bodza eti!!!! Surely I like this type of competition & debate kkkkkk mabolera nawonso ali mbalimu kuponya tima comment ….. It’s PETER vs LAZAROUS therefore amene alibe tsamba la u Professor asalowe nawo mu ring chifukwa alandila RED CARD.

No one can be a professor in Theology as per my thinking. If that was so there wouldn’t be different interpretations on the same verses of the bible. Some churches with their DDs say that there is no trinity, while others say Mary, the mother of Jesus went to heaven with body and soul quoting verses in the bible while other DDs from a different church say there is no such a verse in the bible. Other professors of the bible BELIEVE IN INFANT BAPTISM WHILE other churches say no to this. So there is no bible professor who can… Read more »

Santana, you talk like a medical doctor

Bozwell Makaranga

I would have thought that the President would confront the serious issues Chakwera raised head on. Chakwera raised serious issues about fraudulent activities at Escom, malpractice with Mhara and at the Procurement Office amongst others. What does the President focus on? That Chakwera obtained his doctorate at a less than worthy University. Do Malawians really care where one obtained their qualification? What they want to hear from Mutharika is what is he doing about the serious problems they are experiencing and the malpractices unearthed by Chakwera

End times

Thus a briliant comment Bozwell.Its not about degrees here but issues of National importance

Professor wathu wayankhula bwino. Ife tonse timamukonda ndipo iyeyo ndi anyama ake akhala BOMA in 2019 pa zifukwa izi: (a) Kukondera Allhomwe mosapsyatira ndikumawaika mu maudindo akulu akulu kuti tiziba bwino; (b) Kubweretsa ma black out ku Malawi chifukwa choba Ndalama ku ESCOM; (c) Kukonza Njauju; (d) Kupanga promote Corruption mwakathitthi; (e) Kukonza CHASOWA; (f) Kuba ndalama ku ADMARC; (g) Kuphetsa ana athu achichepere pa Bingu Stadium; (h) Kugona pantchito kulephera kukoza ndondomeko yotukulira dziko lino; (i) Kubweretsa ma drug ku Malawi; (j) Kuphetsa anthu osalakwa muzipatala chifukwa chosowa mankhwala chifukwa choba ndalama; (k) Kupereka contract ya matabwa kwa Muli… Read more »
Mario pei

What is the meaning of martyr Professor pathologic liar?does that mean he will be arrested then killed..Fodya?Kapena mwapusa chifukwa chomabvera zokonda amai pa radio..

Gogodasi you are right, but let me start by saying mdala ameneyu akukakamila mtunda wopanda madzi ndiponso ali stubborn kwambiri. Agogo Mutharika, mwalephera ntchito, give it up… mwayamba kungobwebweta tsapano. Bwaila mental is non-existent, don’t you know that as president? matter of fact, you deserve mental evaluation more than Chakwera. Mutu wanu susewenza a-mdala..wadaivila mu nyanja. Indeed, a professor is a person who teaches at a university having at least passed masters degree level in university education. The moment one ceases to teach at a university, his professorship title ends. Such recognition is known in the USA. However, in the… Read more »
End times

I wonder what kind of Professor he is.Instead of confroting the issues raised by chakwera he is busy looking at academics.I would rather vote for someone who has an MSCE and approach issues of National importance.Other than vote for a darrow professor who cant even use his brain to address issues.Wandale thinks better than Muntharika


Here we go again – argumentum ad hominem!

Komatu pulezident wanuyu ngwamsala basi. Akanene za Chakwera munthu woti anaphunzira ukachenjede wa Baibulo. I reckon this president is in his own World. He cant see that Malawians are crying. Relationships are crumbling because fones cant be charged hence no communication. He is indeed a pathological liar. Liar to the core. He thinks Malawians are stupid. Am waiting for 2019 when he will pack up and go back to US coz thats where he belongs. All these stories of money laundering and corruption makes me quiver and tremble. It is also surprising that Malawians haven’t yet learnt to demand that… Read more »



Which university?


That’s besides the point. why not respond to the issues raised by Chakwera? Muluzi was uneducated but Kamuzu never run away from what was being raised by him to talk about his lowly educational standards.

chamwini Kwawo

just check the university, it is accredited


You will find Chakwera and on the list of notable alumni there and you will also see it is accredited.

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