Mutharika lauds the power of peace and unity

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has touted peace, order, justice, security and unity as cornerstones that can help the country achieve rapid national development.

President Peter Mutharika Officially Launching the Malawi National Defence and Security Prayers held at Malawi National Police Headquarters

Launch of Malawi National Defence and Security Prayers

The President made the remarks on Saturday during the launch of the Malawi National Defence and Security Prayers at the National Police Headquarters in Area 30, Lilongwe which were held under the theme ‘Praying for peace, integrity, unity and hard work’.

The prayers, which were initiated by the International Prayer Warriors General Centre Africa (IPWGCA), brought together all security agencies in the country like Malawi Police, Malawi Prison, Malawi Defence Force and the Immigration Department.

Professor Mutharika said if the country’s citizenry is accorded the opportunity to live in a peaceful and just environment, they will be in a position to give birth to innovative ideas which will translate into national development.

“Every one of us has a role to play to ensure that there is peace and security in this country. Let us promote co-existence as neighbours and friends towards promoting national unity and together we can achieve more,” he said.

He further asked officers from all the security organs in the country to trust in the power of God considering that the work they do is risky at times.

“We have to acknowledge the hand and power of God in our work. As we are serving the people, we should bear in mind that we are serving God as well. If we will depend on God beyond our human capacity, we will always prosper,” he said.

In her remarks, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Grace Obama Chiumia, said all security institutions in the country have a common goal of providing security to Malawian citizens and that is a goal they must stick to.

“The security prayers marks a new chapter in the country in the promotion of peace and security. We want to seek guidance from God for the good of our nation as we explore ways of ensuring that we have a peaceful nation, which is only focusing on working for development and not otherwise,” said Chiumia.

Inspector General for Malawi Police, Dr Lexten Kachama, praised the cooperation and good working relationship that exists among the country’s security agencies which he said has often times lessened the burden of their work.

“It is my prayer that we will continue to work together in discharge our duties. The cooperation that we have is priceless and our excellence is down to that fact,” said Dr Kachama.

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UNGWELU,it seems to me you did not comprehend what Winston expressed in his narration.Secondly,your comments are just rubbish indicating that you are living in a fourth world.You are not a Northerner of stable minds but a traitor to the Northerners who have suffered intensively since independence 53 years ago.Ungwelu,do you support what Muthalika’s SG said in Karonga recently and I quote thus: a Northerner will not rule Malawi until Jesus comes back.Hitherto,Muthalika has not displined his confused SG indicating that he is in the same path.You are very right Mr.Ungwelu that you did not read Winston’s views rightly,wash your face… Read more »
nsanai kugwe

tikutaya ndlama zambili kukongolesa kugula nsalu olo kupangitsa manyaqdo. gulani ma gown a ma patient olo ma bedsheet, ma bulangete muponye mu zipatalamu odwala azionekako ngakhale mulibe mankhwala.too much waste ffor too much show off/ prestige

nsanai kugwe

MAPEMPHERO?????????????????// for what??????????????? my foot. mmalo moti mukagwila nchito zoyenerera za ndziko, mulungu adzakuonjezerani nzeru. koma ndi mmene zililimu mukuonongaso ndalama ndi ma allowance.,nde mupemphera ndi usiku omwetu. mlungu sangakuvereni. wa sekulite CHIUMIA ka ndipsi kena dzana kanakhumtitsidwa ndi nkhani ya ma paspoti. lelo ku mapemphero. YOU GUYZ ARE MESSING AROUND WITH OUR GOD,SINTHANI

winston msowoya
President Muthalika,whom are you deluding? 32 years under most brutal rule by Hastiings Banda,Malawians will never again accept being cheated,oppressed and divided.Mr.President,since you and your crooked brother Bingu have tried to divide Malawians on tribal basis and rule them,unfortunately it did not work despite the fact that there are some misguided supporters of yours who have become die-hard tribalists and,you know them but,you turn a blind-eye.You can cheat us but,you cannot cheat God therefore,your bunkum prayers to God,is just a feign.You and your brother Bingu are the worst leaders we have ever had since independence 53 years ago.Who does not… Read more »

Eeèeeeissh hatred all around..such hatred just for Bingu and Peter probably by extension their tribes people even though they (people) have all not done bad to ur people…Koma ziliko


As a genuine Northerner, I do not agree with you, Winston, on this posting . To me your posting does not talk to the objective of the gathering. May be I am not reading between the lines!!!!!

Nganiza Muthulika
Good Malawians are now seeing what these two thieves brothers came to do In Malawi. Those Who believed they were doing good because of their region and tribe have waked and seen The truth. Some lost their land. Majority have not gained on tribalism and regionalism. United Malawi is the answer for us. Peter brought America style of North/Democratic and South/Republican. What Malawians did not know it was America way of voting. Untill now when Trump won. If u Malawians had listned to JB. Things could not have been the way it is tog day. But because u hated her… Read more »

Mr. Msowoya you must read the BIBLE again JESUS did not come on earth for the righteous people like YOU he came for the SINNERS like the MUNTHALIKAS whom you claim are brutal sinners. If you are righteous yourself then why not pray for your country to be served? why do you put yourself in the shoes of a Pharisee HYPOCRITS …. the Bible says do not judge!!!!! no matter how good you make yourself in condenming others just know that oneday GOD will judge you also. Please watch your MOUTH.

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