Mutharika, Obasanjo for a self reliant Africa: Stop entertaining the ‘we are poor’ attitude

Malawi President Prof. Peter Mutharika, and Nigeria’s former President, Olusegun Obasanjo have challenged Malawians, and Africa at large, to be architects of their own fortune by exploiting their resources for economic development.

President Peter Mutharika confers with Obasanjo in Lilongwe on monday (C)Stanley Makuti

Mutharika sharing a light moment with Obessanjo .-(C)Stanley Makuti

The two leaders made the call at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe where Mutharika hosted the former Nigerian Head of State for talks on investment prospects and economic development.

The state visit follows an invitation the Malawi leader had made to his Nigerian counterpart at the Global Economic Forum which was held in London last December.

In his statement, President Mutharika urged Africans to stop entertaining the “we are poor” attitude saying the continent had a lot of priceless resources which could effect massive economic transformation if fully exploited.

“Africa is not not a poor continent although our people are poor. We have resources and we have opportunities. What we need is to convert our natural assets into capital,” asserted Mutharika.

He added; “for this to happen, we need our people to be equipped with the right skills and above all, we need our people to have the right mindset.”

Mutharika also stated that his Government was working hard to make Malawi an investment friendly environment by, among other initiatives, intervening to make investment application process easier and quicker through establishiment of a one stop center where all processes are handled.

Echoing Malawi’s first citizen, Obasanjo explained that “we first have to realise that we are not powerless because have the power.”

He said what was needed most was to invest more in the abundantly available resources, including human resource through, among others, youth empowerment.

On his visit, Obasanjo has visited the country’s sugar production industry, and has toured some of the country’s villages to appreciate the basic farmers’ production of farm produce like tobacco, beans and maize.

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13 thoughts on “Mutharika, Obasanjo for a self reliant Africa: Stop entertaining the ‘we are poor’ attitude”

  1. winston msowoya says:

    For God’s sake,Africa is not poor but we are extremely poor in leadership and,Iam also extremely delighted to say that,AFRICA is the richest Continent in the Planet and that was the reason why the white people in the beginning of the 15th century,came to Africa enmasse to exploit our resources and devided our Continent amongst themselves and if Africa was poor,the white people could have occupied Asia and Arab world.Peter and Obassanjo in their discussions,did not mind to lay down the word CORRUPTION and TRIBALISM which are the main cause of AFRICA’S unending calamities.Only CONGO AND SOUTH AFRICA,can satisfy the economically needed raw materials or resources.(gold,diamond,coltan,uranium,crude oil,platinum,tin,titanium,iron,gas,copper cobalt and aluminium.Obasanjo could not entangle himself with Peter who has his own weaknesses and blunders.In Nigeria alone,crude oil generate revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars each year,and yet,200 million Nigerians are mostly extremely poor,but their nation is,in one respect at least,fabulously wealthy.So these two multi-million African leaders,have the gut to tell the world that Africa is poor,what a bloody bunkum? Malawians,do not listen to these misguided self-fish people with bursting bellies.Muthalika and his dead corrupt brother Bingu (both are corrupt) are the richest burstards in the country despite the fact that they have been in power for not long.Where did they obtain these funds? In Angola,the daughter of the ex-President Do Santos,is the richest woman in Africa at the age of 35 years,where did she get this fortune? In Zimbabwe,prostitute wife of the dying corrupt President R.Mugabe,is the second richest woman at the age of 37 years is reported to accumulate US$38 million,while she is not working her ass.Do Muthalika and his bed-fellow Abasanjo still maintain that Africa is poor economically?No,I PROTEST THAT!!!! Africa is poor in leadership.

  2. Retarded says:

    Africa is not poor but has incompetent and, retarded leaders, it’s as simple as that

  3. Ayuzy says:

    Peter; you have just landed from begging and now you are saying we not poor

    Akakunyanyalani azunguwo muzililanso??

  4. ozitsa wachinyamata says:

    “Africa is not not a poor continent although our people are poor,….. (mmmmh zooona izi@.) We have resources and we have opportunities. ………..What we need is to convert our natural assets into capital,,,,,,,” akuba achulu kuba capital yomwe yapangidwa convertoooh……..

  5. nkhalamba izi zingatiwuze chani chatsopano????

  6. genuine poor says:

    Trying to split hair. Differentiating between Africa and Africans. Africa is rich, Africans are poor. Europe is rich, Europeans are rich. America is rich, Americans are rich. How does this talk benefit Africa or Africans? I don’t think we are worried about a continent (the land mass) being rich or poor. We’re concerned about the people’s status. I’m beginning to feel that the reason Africans are poor is their presidents. These people are time-wasters. They are themselves rich, very rich, mostly out of stealing. And they want us the poor Africans to sing the song only them should sing: the “we are rich” song. We Africans, Malawians, Nigerians, etc reject to label ourselves “rich” because in fact we’re POOR. We don’t care (and we don’t even know) whether Africa is “rich” – WE ARE POOR. One of the ways presidents make us poor is by making us fail to accept that WE’RE POOR. If we think we’re rich we’ll not take steps to remove ourselves from poverty. And the reason they want us to remain poor is so that they can dominate and manipulate us for their advantage. They want us to depend on them and dance to their tunes, while they get more and more rich. If I had my way I would simply eliminate obstacles to Africans’ economic emancipation. Enough is enough. These cicadas have urinated on our heads for far too long.

  7. mchisala says:

    In the two years plus he has been in office Mutharika has not put in place any serious programmes that would make it possible for the country to not believe in the ‘we are poor attitude.’

  8. Otate hater says:

    Otate zikugwirizana chiani ndi Kasakula? Nkhani ili apa ndi ya Obasanjo visiting Pitala alerting pitala that Africa is not poor despite being many Nigerians are labouring in foreign lands not benefiting from the abundant oil left in Ogoniland likewise with Malawi not benefiting from Uranium in Kayelekera.Why are Africans so poor with all the resources under their feet while the two are living in palaces and the rest of people are living in thatched houses in 2017 apart from a few cronies of theirs who are building mansions.Leave kasakula alone please…We are no longer voting for a failed party in 2019.

  9. ade says:

    ife anthu akuda tilibe nzeru. a good example is the professor himself. He is highly educated koma alibe nzeru. For Africa to develop it needs anthu a nzeru osati Ma Professor. Many European nations do not have professors as presidents koma amakhala ndi anthu a nzeru.

  10. OTATE says:


    1. gwenyethe says:

      The issue here is not about votes. It is about stinking poverty that has been aggravated by the stinking corruption of DPP leadership. Even if he was to amass more that the 36% he got in 2014 or even 100% of the votes, if the trend of corruption and poverty remains as it is now it does not make any difference. One thing APM needs to get it right is to stop giving a lip service to fight against corruption because the small gains that we make gets wiped out by the greedy few party zealots. And as long as he keeps on shielding thieves, citizens have every right to think that he is party to it. By the way be assured that the maizegate is going to be an election issue in 2019. So Otate stop clapping for thieves.

  11. Patriot weniweni says:

    The caucasian behind them are laughing at them.This useless talk has all along been there but Africa has never changed.Nigeria is endowed with oil.Where is Nigeria now?It is a few elite who benefits the oil resources and the mass are in abject poverty and many all scattered all over the world including Malawi where they are selling some cheap perfume in the devil street of Lilongwe. Nigeria, Congo, and other heavily resource endowed African are never at peace with their resources.They are endless wars.
    Malawi has uranium.It is Australians who are benefiting from it.Malawi hasn’t changed an ounce.It is still as poor as it.
    We have heard about this saying that “Africa is not poor but the people are poor”So what remedy has been taken out of this?Nothing..Africa still remains poor with its selfish leaders who want to amass everything for themselves and the caucasians who have been stealing African resources to build their countries. Africa will start to change when the Africans become Patriotic,start working together and stop some useless wars and some fueled by the west.Africa has abundant resources but it the way how they are utilised and very few greedy people who wants everything for themselves.That is the major problem in Africa.

  12. Rift Valley says:

    If only we made sure taxpayers money is efficiently utilized; if only we ensured there is no plunder of natural resources such as minerals; if only corruption watchdogs freely did what best they know; if only qualified staff were employed in various ministries and departments, African countries would definitely make strides in development and become completely economic independent.

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