Mutharika refuses to budge on Lake Malawi: Talks of ‘amicable solution’ with Tanzania

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has maintained his position that  the  entire Lake Malawi, Tanzania calls Lake Nyasa,  which is potentially rich in oil and gas is owned  by Malawi,  but has made concessions from  his earlier declaration that there is no need to negotiate the issue but telling parliament on Friday that the two countries continue to work on “an amicable solution” to lake boundary dispute.

President Mutharika: Amicable solutions

President Mutharika: Amicable solutions

Mutharika – a  law professor who also taught law in Tanzania –  made his position known to former president of Mozambique Joaquim Chissano and former president of Botswana Festus Mogae, who are members of Forum of Former African Heads of State and Government mediating in the Lake Malawi border dispute with neighbouring Tanzania, that whole lake belongs to Malawi emphasizing that not even an inch belongs to Tanzania.

But Tanzania has recently maintained its owenership claim and reportedly will be sending ships to the disputed lake.

However, in his State of the nation address when he opened budget session of parliament on Friday, Mutharika said nothing has changed on lake wrangle with Tanzania.

“I say so clear because the issue of the boundary has been so clear for 126 years,” President Mutharika told Malawi Parliament.

Mutharika insisted that the whole lake belongs to Malawi emphasizing that not even an inch belongs to Tanzania.

He however said his position does not mean Malawi is ready to go to war with Tanzania, saying “an amicable solution” will be reached to resolve the lake wrangle.

The Malawi leader, who told parliament that he is “indebted to the Almighty God for the peace and stability” that people continue to enjoy in this country,  assured of his personal and government’s commitment to return to discussions with Tanzania for peaceful resolution.

Malawi government previously  hinted that if not resolved, it will got to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Revered British judge Professor Rosalyn Higgins, QC,  former ICJ head  also gave a legal opinion which concludes that Malawi owns the entire lake.

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leave the country to LlomweYao group
leave the country to LlomweYao group
How I would wish all Northerners could supported this wonderful idea of parting from Malawi. And in fact kupita ku Zambia, Tanzania is my 2nd choice Otherwise it’s by far much better than being in that country called Malawi. That country should be called Llomeyao. Why? it belongs to lomwes and yao. Even eni ake even pa social media amatelo, ati koma iwowo ndiye anzeru koma. Basileni kadziko ako manje Tiwasiyile dziko lawolo anthu awo, otherwise ku north tidzavutika mpakana kalekale???? Anthuwo amadzitenga ngati kuti ndi anzelu, okongola (my foot Chaponda?), okhawo koma ati kulamulama dziko mpakana muyaya. Isiyileni dziko… Read more »

Northeners, is it true you will be on” Tanzanian side ” as claimed by @Nyasulu? tidziwe nao….

bozwell makaranga
All emotion and little reasoning here. The very lake which we say we own 100% and yet the southern half is split equally with Mozambique. What is so different to do the same with Tanzania? We do not own every inch of it as we have already negotiated and accepted that Mozambique owns a quarter portion of the south eaof the lake. Remember even the so called AGREEMENT that is supposed to have given the whole lake to Malawi can, in legal parlance, be defective. The fact that there is a contract does not mean that it automatically becomes enforceable.… Read more »
Winston Msowoya
Muthalika and your running dogs stop playing with fire,you have failed miserably to revamp the national economy and now you want to start unnecessary war with far superior Tanzanian armed Forces is one of the largest in the Continet.Try on you will see kilocho mnyonyoa kanga manyoya.If the war starts,forget about the North because Northerners will find an opportunity to align itself with Tanzania under NYIKALAND GOVERNMENT from oppressive regimes of Southern and Central Malawi that took almost 52 years.In the first place,Muthalika must thank Tanzanians for keeping him all that long after he refused to return to Malawi after… Read more »
My very good advice to peter is that all sadc presidents current or past will never support Malawi on the lake issue even when they know that legally the whole north lake in Karonga belongs to Malawi. They have been comrades in arms for too long. I don’t know why we even agreed to this stupid mediation knowing very well that the mediators will never support Malawi position. Just take the matter to ICJ and once for all settle it. Don’t forget however that Tanzanians use the lake daily as if it is theirs. Tanzania villagers don’t even think a… Read more »
Gerald mapanga Phiri

To way I see Joyce Banda administration was close to solve lake wrangle with Tanzania than Peter administration. The way Peter taking it is not to solve it but but he is just cooling it and come back for future generations

King Solomon

If the two governments went to the Wolrd Court, the case would be Tanzania’s favour.I actually it will be a win-win situation for both countries.
What the mediators need to do is to recomend a determination by the World Court on the matter.


Man, you Malawians really underestimate us. Anyways I will sleep safely knowing that should it come to war, JWTZ is way superior than MDF.

peter,the lake that side is for republic of malawi north.Umatikana anthu akumpoto iwe peter.Ungakambe chani zanyanja?Nanga qoata system?Uzingokhala uko ku sanjika,kumadya kumakhuta waiting day u wil be out.Kunali ngwazi ankatumbwa,pano ali kuti?Inu ndani inu a mutharika?Wait,that is malawi.Ngati akufuna nyanja ayikepo masitima,asiye,iwe pita sindiwe wolephela.Tamakambani zanzeru,njala,umbanda,qoata system etc.Anthu amadya nyanja?Koma iwe pita,mumaganiza koma?Or tanzania yitafuna kutenga the whole republic of north,no pulobulemu.Iwe ndiwe wolephera both sides,yes up and down.What do i mean,ask getrude on the down side and malawians on the up side.Your excellency the state president of thyolo and mulanje,Mwamva?I wish u a long life so that u see… Read more »
Arkie dá Prince

The name of the lake is….LAKE MALAWI!! MALAWI! not tanzania

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